When To Admit Defeat - When Another Company Steals Your Thunder

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Ever had a client change their mind in the middle of a project and decide to use someone else for their SEO services, and not you? Sometimes without knowing clients can get better or wilder ideas on who can help best serve them. Sometimes they are right, and this hindsight can help reward them for more successful results. Yet, getting this news can seem like a kick in the face should you work your butt off to get them top rankings. Is it right for another SEO company to approach a client, even if they currently already have a consultant? What's the best way to deal with this?

There is a thread over at Highrankings, that details this situation. One of the members had this happen to him. While the member had provided excellent service and several top rankings for the client, they decided someone else could help the situation better. Informative thread, that newer small business owners should probably read. One of the questions raised, was if can you optimize for more than 80 phrases on one site? Jill Whalen concluded that yes you can, and there was no reason why you wouldn't in the first place. Having done so myself on many occasions, a lot of times this is really the value of a good SEO. Are they able to achieve a large number of relevant rankings for keyphrases on your site? Is 4 top placements better than 80 top placements?Ultimately the answer is 80, and without knowing the client could have helped make themselves more successful in the long run deciding to change providers. Luckily the member she is still involved and understands the situation. But some additional good point were raised.

Chirshirst, point out "what's wrong with 25 targeted visitors every day if many of those turn out to be buyers/clients." Very true, I once worked with a website that was catering exclusively to investors with over 1 million dollars in capital to use towards elite investments. Slim market? Yes, but if successful they could convert just one visitor a month and be a very happy firm. Chris also continues to say "vast numbers of sites/businesses don't need dozens of sales a day to be profitable and many small business ventures couldn't care less about the volume of visitor traffic." This is true, but one side of the coin. What if you are selling .50 cent party supplies and favors, then volume is a factor.

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