Search Theories No More Then Urban Myths

Oct 11, 2004 • 2:35 pm | comments (1) by twitter mastodon | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

How often do you find different search theories being discussed at the forums or at conferences? If I knew better, I would have made a category at this site just for search theories. A post by Mikkel deMib Svendsen in a thread discussing the Florida theories, Mikkel writes "It kind of reminds me of the way people used to look at our universe back in the middle ages - with the earth as the center."

I never thought about these search theories from that perspective. In fact, as we learn more and find more clues from research and studies - we can better understand which theories were right and wrong. I thought I would share my own analogy, because I always found the whole Sea Monster theory in the old ages interesting. It is always funny looking at the theories now and saying, how could they have thought something so crazy?


That picture was taken from the book named The Book of Sea Monsters. People once thought that the fish and creatures in the sea were monsters. I can see how people thought that, but as we research and conduct studies to those fish, we learned the truth.

Anyway, I just never thought of the SEO theories in this way.

More reading on Sea Monsters at The Shadow Lands and MSNBC.

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