Google Dance 2004

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Of course I decided to pull out my Apple PowerBook at the Google Dance to write on this excellent event. The sun has set and you see these neon green, pink and green objects moving through the crowd of people. I can't get over how nice it is to see SEMs and the SEs together, let alone at the Google Plex.

People I had time to chat with: - Matt Cutt from Google (rumored to be the GoogleGuy, but he would not provide a confirmation). - Kevin Lee (, we talked SEMPO scandal) - Brett Tabke (WebmasterWorld, talked SEMPO, forums and the WMW Pub Conference) - Bruce Clay (he thought I moved or pruned his post at SEW forums on the site, I did not) - Danny Sullivan (we talked SEMPO and forum) - Elisabeth (we talked forum) - Nacho (we talked a bunch, fun and good guy) - Jim from WeBuildPages (talked a lot as well) - Joseph Morien (sew forums), David Wallace (sew forums), EGOL (seo chat forum), SEO Guy (seo chat forum)

So what did I get from my conversations with Kevin Lee, Brett Tabke and Danny Sullivan on SEMPO. It seems like most of the board want to stay out of "industry standards" but Danny is pushing SEMPO to get involved. In addition, Kevin strongly believes that Google and the engines should set the standards, not the SEOs. He then said that he is happy he is out of the SEO industry.

I had some forum lurkers and posters stop me to say hello. No one yet checked me into a wall, like I requested in my blog post earlier, but there are a couple more days left in the conference. I'll be posting pictures at my blog ( because for some reason I am having problems posting images here (I know how to, believe me - I spend a ton of time in forums).

Forum coverage at Search Engine Watch.

Want more? Visit the pictures section of the Google Dance 2004 google-dance-2004-ballonman.jpg google-dance-2004-blowup.jpg google-dance-2004-dance1.jpg google-dance-2004-dancing.jpg google-dance-2004-dancing2.jpg google-dance-2004-dunk1.jpg google-dance-2004-dunk2.jpg google-dance-2004-flameguy.jpg google-dance-2004-plex.jpg google-dance-2004-plex2.jpg google-dance-2004-stage.jpg google-dance-2004-volleybal.jpg google-dance-2004-wreckroom.jpg

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