The Meaning of Engagability

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I categorized this entry under the usability section of this site because (1) Cre8asite's forum has the thread growing in their Usability Forum and (2) by improving the usability of your Web site, I feel, he "engagability" of your site is improved.

So what is "Engagability"? Let me pull out a few quotes from the thread at Cre8asite.

The first attempt in the forum was "Desirability = Engageability?", well that response made it clear that you need to place the term within some context in order to define its true meaning. So that is what they did.

Then they pulled out the dictionary and defined "engage" as "To attract and hold the attention of; engross." So let's say "Engageability" in the context of Web design is the ability a page has to hold one's attention. I would classify the Subservient Chicken campaign as a 'high' level of Engageability. (I will follow this entry up with an other entry on measuring Engageability next week.)

The thread then moves on to cover "how engagability can be used ethically." There are just so many goodies in Engagability? thread at Cre8asite. It's a must read!

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