Googled and Law Suit - My Own Little Tale

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There has always been news on companies/people suing others for documents and information they found on search engines. Today, I received a phone call from Symantec (I would link to their site but I am mad at them so, no PR for you). Before I go into the nature of the call, let me give you some historical background.

We purchased the Symantec VPN 200R device, I have been very happy with it. Problem was that the VPN was not supported by Symantec. So some of my guys at my company put their heads together and figured out a solution. We worked with Symantec a bit over the phone but then ultimately got the VaporSec software working with the Symantec VPN 200R device. So I published the method at the RustyBrick Technology Blog (which I admit needs to be updated more often) for all those to see. I then sent my findings to the technician who gave us a hand early on at Symantec. Who then wrote back to us with a more formal method of setting it up. What I posted at the blog is under the title of Setting up Symantec VPN 200R On Mac OS 10.3 with VaporSec. It was my original verbiage. I even had images with screen shots of how to set up the screens. He used my screen shots in his document and then added more content, above of what I had.

I get a phone call today from that technician saying that Symantec might sue me for copyright infringement. He said someone at Symantec 'Googled' and found this information. I told him - I wrote it and not you. I showed him the text and said this is my copy. I then said, I linked to your document. So I told him I would remove the link to his document. He didn't care either way, he just said he wanted to warn me that its a possibility.

This is the thanks I get from Symantec. Now they can support Apple platforms and they want to sue me. Google, you did it again! ;)

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