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Ok, this originally was a comment ( was pretty long heh), but I realized that it's length and content would be better suited for a regular blog. I guess this is a follow up to the last entry regarding getting back your listing in Inktomi. So how does one get back their rankings in Inktomi if blacklisted? Well I talked with a Positiontech rep. today, and he and I went over some of the details to stuff that can be tried to get back your rankings.

Basically there are two approaches that people can take in order to get back their ranking in Inktomi if by chance you have been blacklisted. Honestly from what I can tell there is some grey area as to what blacklisted or banned means (despite a lot of research into this). But it comes down to you were penalized for bad techniques or code, which means you are still in Inktomi index but not ranking anywhere, meaning this can also be blacklisted. Or for some reason you get completely blacklisted from the Ink database for doing something really bad, meaning your site does not appear in the results at all. Hence, permanantly banned for eternity. Alright, back to what you should do to get your rankings back.

1. If you use Positiontech or similar company to submit your urls to Inktomi and you find yourself blacklisted, RE-OPTIMIZE the page with clean new html, get rid of anything that could be hindering you. Go to the Positiontech interface and "de-activate" your url. Wait about 1 week, and then go back and "re-activate" your urls. This way your site gets out of the original submission process and once re-activated it can be feed back into the results.

2. Get a new domain and put your content elsewhere. I have to say this is probably the easiest of the bunch. Sometimes its more of a pain to try to get relisted then to use a new domain and hosting account for under 10 bucks you could pick up at enom.

3. Pray that your site will get a periodic review by the Inktomi people and get resubmited back into the database.

Its not secret that Inktomi keep a large record of all the sites that it deems "blacklisted" or spam. They do go back and check these, but there is no time frame as to when this might happen.

I hope this answers most of the questions. :-)

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