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While doing some testing (and playing around I might add) this week with some of the "backdoor" and free submission url's for Inktomi. I managed to succeed in getting a brand new site spidered by Inktomi within 5 days of my initial submission. Now while I used to use these free submission forms before, back in the days when $39 was way to much money to spend to SEO for Inktomi, 5 days for getting Slurp to find a site was unheard of! Whether it was a fluke or not, I figured that it was would be benefical to post some of these urls, and let other SEO's and webmasters test them out.

Submit to Inktomi for Free - The problem: Its unreliable, no guarantees, and does not update within 48 hours. While this method is surely not as effective as pay for inclusion, who can beat the price? If you are strapped for cash then this might be a temporary option to get your pages into Inktomi until you can pay for more reliable methods.

Submit to Inktomi through one of its Web Search Partners - This is one of the Inktomi backdoors many are not aware of and all it takes is a little searching to find them. I have used these on multiple occasions in order to test how effective they are and as well get pages into the Inktomi index for free. One of things I discovered was that taking a look at a list of Inktomi partners ( was not only good to get a feel of where their search engine results would appear, but also where I could find submit fields for inclusion into the Inktomi database. Note: These pages do not stay up for long, so do not be surprised if you find they no longer exist.

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