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One staple of search engine optimization forums is the perennial discussion of SEO guarantees. It is a discussion that is often more divisive than needs be.

The Opposing View Often, those opposed to search engine optimization ranking guarantees state the obvious:

Everyone knows that there is no sure way for top rankings and still they give all types of alluring guarantees.

And sometimes go so far as to say:

This is fraud.

Granted, SEO professionals do not control organic rankings. But many times we do guarantee rankings, and deliver on those guarantees. I personally am of the opinion that I could get top ten ranking on any keyword I chose to, given enough time, money and resources.

My View My opinion is that anybody paying for any service ought to be guaranteed results. When I pay for my car to be fixed, I don't want the mechanic to make a good faith effort. I want it fixed. Period.

In the web services industries, credibility is at an all time low. I personally look to guarantees to differentiate the credible from the incredible.

I think Phil Craven stated it beautifully when he said:

Nobody can guarantee to achieve a top 10 ranking for a specific searchterm except in PPC engines, and then the client has to pay for clicks. What *can* be guaranteed is a top 10 ranking or your money back.

In the end, a guarantee does not imply the absolute ability to control rankings. It simply means that in case of failure, the SEO will refund the monies paid.

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