Marissa Mayer Cleans Up Home Page & Drops Purple Logo?

Oct 15, 2012 • 8:39 am | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine & Yahoo SEO

Yahoo Logo ChageBusiness Insider some how, some way, claims to have received an early copy of a redesigned Yahoo home page, supposedly Marissa Mayer's doing (as new CEO).

The new home page is a lot cleaner, tighter, but missing one glaring thing to me. The purple in the Yahoo! logo. They have purple in the search button but it seems like Yahoo's branded purple color may be going out?

Here are screen shots (click to enlarge them):

The Yahoo Home Page Test (Not Live Yet):

Yahoo Home Page Test - click for full size

The Existing Yahoo Home Page (Old One):

Existing Yahoo Home Page - click for full size

I covered this on Marketing Land on Friday and then posted it on Google+. Here is some reaction:

FINALLY! Every time I landed on Yahoo! page in the past I wanted to throw up.Great job, Marissa! :) Keep fixing...

Forum discussion at Google+.

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10/15/2012 12:59 pm

I love previous one !!!

Osse Cutler™

10/15/2012 01:02 pm

I love previous one :)


10/15/2012 02:51 pm

i guess the answer is pretty easy: a purple logo and dark grey background would'nt be ideal lol


10/15/2012 04:05 pm

Do you seriously see much differences between the two versions ?? When you know Mayer was in charge of of

Muzzammil Bambot - Convonix

10/16/2012 06:09 pm

It seems that the Marissa is going full throttle on this one. It will definitely help many consumers in usability. But the interesting part will be to see whether will it incorporate new age tech like HTML5 and CSS3 to be 4 screen(TV Display Mobile Tablet) portable. Another thing that Marissa might be thinking would be to make this page a cash machine for Yahoo like the SERPs pages which is quintessentially the biggest rental free ad space for Google. Looks like a similar turn of events are happening here


10/22/2012 02:37 am

This new page went live on Thursday for me. I'm not a big fan. Less customization and more junk that I don't care about cluttering my page.


10/23/2012 10:33 am

I now have it on Google Chrome. Not IE9 or Firefox. Looking for local news....not there. Tighter? Scrolled forever to find it. I don't know about others but I want compact. A scroll or two and I have it. I seriously thought there was no end to the page. Reminds me of NetFlix. Don't get the consumers feedback first. Just do it because your the new boss. Its your way or the highway. I don't NEED Yahoo as a homepage. Was just convenient for my email. Time to switch.


02/28/2013 03:17 am

I flicking HATE the purple - If I can't change it soon I'll have a new home page... Foolish to force me have to look at purple all over the dang page IF you want me to view it! Makes it very hard to read and is ugly... You ever read a bright yellow newspaper? What the heck were you thinking?... It sucks.


02/28/2013 03:19 am

Oh yes THE best............Ugh............

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