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SEO CompetitionA WebmasterWorld thread has a common SEO question. Should you have the same keyword phrase that you use on an internal page, placed also on the home page?

The example given in this case was:

  • Example Home Page Title = "Blue Widgets and Widgety Items For Your Foo Bars"
  • Internal Page Title = "Blue Widgets and [widget synonym] products and accessories"

Worse case scenario is that one of the two pages doesn't rank for the keyword. I guess the worse case is none of them rank, but if one ranks, you want the internal page to rank. If not, then more clicks are required by the consumer.

Best case scenario, you get those wonder indented results, which Google is doing less of these days.

Tedster replied to the concern in the thread saying:

I've definitely seen this kind of thing be a challenge for the internal page's ranking - especially if it is reinforced with internal anchor text on the home page pointing to the internal page.

In one case, I was working with a home page that used the title "[Business name] offers widget books, widget software and widget courses" - and the actual landing page for "widget software" didn't rank well until it accumulated a number of good backlinks. Until then, only the home page ranked.

Do you worry about these things?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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01/05/2012 08:39 pm

I've seen it happen in reverse where a strong internal page with phrase match of the title tag outranks the homepage.

Juanne Coetzee

01/06/2012 07:02 am


Dirty seagull

01/06/2012 09:20 am

I have tried to make sure all mine are different, but on a big website with a lot of pages, it does prove a problem 

Mohammad Sanchez

01/06/2012 10:17 am

Personally I wouldn't worry too much if the homepage ranks over the more targeted homepage as it's sometimes easier to get it to rank, and whilst the landing page may not be ideal, providing you have good clear navigation it isn't the end of the world.

Jonny Ross

01/08/2012 08:25 pm

I don't think this a bad thing, but can be easily solved with extra internal anchor text to the deep link @jrconsultancy:twitter

Pervez Alam

01/09/2012 04:41 am

 If we are targeting inner page now for any keywords, but previously if we ware targeting home page for that, as par previous work... linking is going on home page for the particular keywords now work is going on for targetied inner page, according to new Google updates priority should be go for inner page???

David Carley

01/09/2012 08:53 am

Every page of a website should ideally act as a homepage, because it should have its own unique identity; so yes it is hard work and yes it's tricky to get an internal page to rank as well in SERPs as the homepage - but whilst Google concentrates on link count this is naturally going to be a tough call. 

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