Study: Stopping SEO Leads To 30% Drop In Top Rankings

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SEO StudyA Cre8asite Forum thread has someone who conducted a small study where he claimed that those who stop maintaining their SEO campaigns saw a 30% drop in top rankings, while those who continue the campaign saw a 18% increase in top rankings.

The study was done with two groups of 10 clients. One group that continued to maintain their SEO and another group that stopped maintaining their SEO. So it was a really small sample and it was conducted by an SEO company - got that?

Here are the results:

 SEO Rankings: June 2011-2012 Group A* Group B**

 Increase in #1 SEO rankings on Google



 Increase in Top 10 SEO rankings on Google



 Increase in Top 30 SEO rankings on Google



 Increase in Top 30 SEO rankings on Yahoo



 Increase in Top 30 SEO rankings on Bing



*Group A: Companies that continued SEO marketing on their websites after initial optimization

**Group B: Companies that discontinued SEO marketing on their websites after initial optimization

Would you agree that this is the case? You stop maintaining your SEO, you drop? What is maintaining your SEO really mean anyway?

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Masood Sabir

07/12/2012 12:52 pm

the continuation of the process is adding quality content and building strong links.

Ingo Bousa

07/12/2012 01:16 pm

"What is maintaining your SEO really mean anyway?" is probably the important bit of this post. Keep creating additional links and social mentions? What links? What number and quality? What timespan? Were both client groups in exactly the same niche, going for the same keyphrases? Did all of the sites have exactly the same authority, age and backlink profile? Of course not. not. I don't think that any of these figures above mean anything if not put in a much more informed context and even then it will be hard to actually define and find correlations. So you can't compare anything. What has been proven is that if you invest more [in a clever way] you can achieve more. We knew that before, no? ps: If I'd pay for a off-site SEO campaign and didn't get any additional page one listings as a result of that campaign [see your 0% figure above], I'd be very worried. But that also depends on the timespan. Great blog post headline though ; )

Reshav Singh

07/12/2012 01:37 pm

I agree! Stopping SEO can lead to drop in ranking as well as organic traffic


07/12/2012 04:00 pm

#1 - what "SEO" company is it? I guarantee if it's one of the no-name SMB type SEOs, they are just trying to generate "authority" for themselves. #2 - what kind of clients are they talking about? if the clients are small fish, well any drop in momentum is gonna kill the small guy. #3 - "rankings" - more talk of "rankings"? for what keywords??? #4 - as someone already said, what is "maintaining SEO"??? very dubious statement because SEO agencies' idea of "maintaining SEO" is either keep paying them for consulting or keep paying them for links - rarely do they mean much of anything else.

Ketan Raval

07/12/2012 04:08 pm

depends on plenty of things this is rough idea.. seo is continuous process of Internet Marketing... but cant agree that regular seo is must for all customers..

Praveen Sharma

07/12/2012 04:41 pm

Of course it will lead to drop in rankings. Nowadays, SEO has become a race of rankings, and if you stop, doesn't mean your competitors as well. Actually your rankings are not dropping here, but your competitors are replacing you from the front and pushing you down the stairs.


07/13/2012 05:31 am

Its really nice post .Even SEO Campinas d'not know how to do SEO,they are just doing link building.SEO is on going process.

google pet lovers

07/13/2012 07:40 am

nowadays, google is blackhat seo company. Them totally hidden for webmasters, constantly cheat us and changing rules of game on the way. Now them have only $$$ in eyes.


07/13/2012 11:29 am

SEO is on going process. if stop seo ^||^ otherwise drop ranking..........

Red Alien

07/13/2012 11:44 pm

You can only compare when 2 websites are like for like in the same industry for the same keywords, also because some keywords have lots of people gunning for them and others are pointless. So the reason you lose position is others continue their seo not because you stop. If you are in a non competitive niche you may be able to put your feet up but your keyword probably gets no traffic in the first place.


07/14/2012 01:43 pm

Useful analysis - thanks

Webstats Art

07/16/2012 10:05 am

But how can SEO be organic? In fact, how can Google algorithm's detect what is organic and what is not?

07/17/2012 12:10 pm

SEO is not one time activity its an ongoing process for example when your site getting top ranking & achieve targeted traffic most of the people stop doing seo fpr their site which is wrong...there is a cut throat competition everywhere & the day you stop seo soon Your competitor get that top most rankings by building strong links & lead you back in the race..So one should not stop seo for their domain.

Internet Marketing Consultant

10/22/2012 11:10 am

The analysis was done with two groups of 10 clients. One group that continuous to maintain their SEO and another group that stopped maintaining their SEO.

Internet Marketing Consultant

12/05/2012 01:12 pm

What is keeping your SEO really mean anyway?

malaysia seo

12/20/2012 05:42 pm

The analysis was done with two groups of 10 clients. One group that continuous to maintain their SEO and another group that stopped maintaining their SEO.

Aaron Benjamin

02/28/2013 07:36 pm

I believe this article to be true. Search engine optimization leads are golden. It is a great market to get in to.


10/04/2013 04:18 pm

Sites are almost guaranteed drops at some point from the slew of algorithmic and other types of updates. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird anyone?

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