Poll: How Much Of The Marketing Budget Should SEO Get?

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marketing budgetA HighRanking Forum thread has a site owner asking overall what should one allocate of the marketing budget towards SEO?

Specifically, what percent of the overall marketing budget should go towards SEO versus other marketing efforts.

Jill Whalen responds quickly and short but saying, it depends. She wrote, "0 - 100% depending on the business and the marketing plan."

The thing is, what should most businesses in general, who have a web site, spend on SEO versus other marketing efforts?

Take our poll:

I am sure many of you think 90% or more but be realistic and use values your customers actually use.

Forum discussion at HighRanking Forum.

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07/24/2013 02:25 pm

It's a tough question. What is the money actually going toward? Paying article writers? It's not like companies can employ some scummy service like TextLinkAds and spend $xxxx/mo with paid links anymore. Most companies have in-house internet marketers doing SEO, so a $0 budget isn't too surprising.

Josh Zehtabchi

07/24/2013 02:48 pm

Too open ended with too many variables. Each niche and industry should have different numbers.


07/24/2013 03:07 pm

But that don't make a $0 budget, it just means this companies are paying differently.


07/24/2013 03:33 pm

For an industry dominated by Google, who can flip a switch and turn off your organic traffic, I would vote 30% or less. It's too potentially unstable - Google pushes out an update which could disagree with something you or your SEO company has been doing for the last 6months+ and BOOM, if you spend 90% of your budget relying on that traffic and it accounts for the majority of traffic and revenue - You've just gone bankrupt. I think SEO should be a small part of your overall plan - focus on several things to keep a reliable stream of traffic and revenue, but just keep the SEO to the first third or less of the pie.


07/24/2013 03:36 pm

I could pay a company $2000 a month and get maybe 15 hours worth of work, or pay a member of staff $2,000 a month and get 140 hours of work - but as Rcarabelli said, that doesn't make it a $0 budget.

the coon

07/24/2013 04:20 pm

I say 90% how many people still use the phone book? Everything is online, and google is the ticket. If you can't figure out how to rank sites for the long term and keep a clean page one, then pick another industry.

Russell Jensen

07/24/2013 05:15 pm

This is a hard question to answer because some companies have different definitions of what SEO is. For example, Social media falls under the umbrella of SEO in some organizations while in others social media is it's own channel.


07/25/2013 02:05 am

LOL Barry you are asking SEO's how much money clients should throw at them?


07/26/2013 09:49 pm

Different question being asked here than on the forum- that's about developing a website business. In terms of SEO- I guess as much as is needed to get a web presence where it needs to be to generate business..


07/29/2013 05:40 am

If you want to generate a web presence you require SEO technique. SEO technique can be of great help especially to those who want to grow their business online. Social Media is also a part of SEO. So I would say somewhere around 90% of the marketing budget SEO should get.

Emily Woods

08/03/2013 06:52 am

You should try SoGoSurvey Polls rather than Poll Daddy.

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