Most SEOs Report Hacked Sites To Google

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hacked sites pollA few months ago we polled our readers asking Do You Report Malware In Search Results To Google?

The results are in with 70% of those who replied saying they would report hacked or malicious results to Google.

However, a large 15% said they would not. I am a bit surprised anyone wouldn't want to report malicious or hacked stuff to Google, if it could protect others from being infected with a virus. But those are the numbers.

Another 10% or so said they are not sure.

Forum discussion continued at Sphinn.

Note: This story was written earlier this week and scheduled to be published today.

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Nick Stamoulis

10/13/2011 02:10 pm

I wonder if those 15% don't report hacks to Google because they don't think Google will do anything about it. Plenty of site owners have complained to Google about one thing or another and not heard anything back.


10/14/2011 12:13 pm

I think those 15% who don't report hacked or malicious results to Google are probably suspected hackers :)

Waqas Lakhani

10/16/2011 07:14 pm

Majority is Authority :)

Wangolo joel

10/27/2011 02:48 pm

This shows the great need of security experts to work for corporation and even enhance the work of antivirus, which realy need careful research

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