Daily Search Forum Recap: March 28, 2013

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google News Gets Serious About Quality Guidelines
    The Google News Blog announced they have updated their news quality guidelines to make it crystal clear that if you violate their guidelines they can boot you out of the Google News index...
  • Actor Noobs Like Me: Google Play Movies Shows You Actor Info
    When it comes to knowing anything about movies or the actors or actresses in those movies, you don't want to ask me. I am the last person who knows the name of a movie star, what other movies they were in or even what the name of the movie I might be watching on a flight to San Jose...
  • Google AdWords Updates Search Ads Trademark Policy
    It has been hard for Google to find the right balance on dealing with trademarks and their search ads...
  • Google's Common Mistakes In Smartphone Web Sites
    Google has published a document on the most common mistakes webmasters, developers...
  • Google AdSense Optimization Tips Get Graphical
    Google has been sending AdSense publishers optimization tips since 2007. Most publisher I know ignore them because they are mostly automated and don't really share that much detail...
  • Google Solar Car
    Travis Wise from Google posted a picture of the UC Berkeley Solar Car Project car on site at Google's Mountain View, California campus. What is it doing there? I have no idea but I can make assumptio
  • Google Publishers Question AdSense Case Study
    Google published a case study on their AdSense blog showing how a web site named MakeupAlley.com was able to increase their clicks on affiliate links by over 20% and realize a 50% lift in AdSense revenue...
  • 54% Say Google Indexes New Sites Within A Week
    A few months ago we asked you how long does it typically take Google to index a new site? Google is all about speed, from their index to their crawlers, they want new, relevant and unique content in their index immediately...
  • Most SEOs Dislike Yahoo's New Home Page
    About a month ago...
  • Weaving A Google Puzzle Pattern
    Ana Ulin seems to have nicely stitched together a cool looking Puzzle Play pattern that takes on the Googlely colors. I don't know much about stitching or sowing but this looks neat. Ana has been wi
  • 60% Of SEOs Not Worried About Using Mass No Index
    A few months ago, I polled you guys asking how concerned you are about too many no index tags hurting your search rankings. Well...
  • Does Google Filter Out Religious Content
    There is an interesting thread at DigitalPoint Forums which I've never seen before. It is an SEO question on how Google handles duplicate content due to religious content. This webmaster runs a religion blog on Buddhism and he often quotes a lot of religious texts that are all over the...
  • 12% Say Social Has No Influence On Google Rankings
    A few months ago, we asked if social signals influence Google rankings...
  • Google Sun Glasses & Ball
    Google is handing out glasses, not Google Glass, but plastic sun glasses at Google Apps Certified Training Bootcamp. The bootcamp was at Sheraton Chicago Northbrook Hotel yesterday. You can see the

Other Great Search Forum Threads:

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