Poll: Are There Risk Free Paid Links?

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Old chainIn light of Forbes being penalized for selling links and Google sending out link warnings to link sellers and buyers - a new topic arose at WebmasterWorld where one SEO asks if there is such a thing as a "penalty-proof paid link."

Can you buy certain links and not run any risk in being penalized for that link?

Of course, many SEOs know there are some links - paid - that won't get you banned. Links like the Yahoo Directory or Open Directory Project. Links from non-profit organizations that you are a member of. There are many cases where you can "buy" a link and not get penalized for it.

But are there ways to buy mass links and not get caught. Or better yet, are there ways to buy links specifically for Google ranking purposes and never ever run the risk of getting caught?

Take my poll below:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Kris Turkaly

02/17/2011 03:22 pm

Risk Free? SER homepage "sponsored links" ;)


02/17/2011 03:56 pm

I don't think there is a way to buy links en masse and not get caught (eventually). But there is a way to do it individually, one link at a time. There is no reason you can't buy a link in the content of an article or a blog post and have it appear completely natural. You can't then buy a hundred duplicates of that link. But so long as you get the links from different places in different ways and have the links not always be identical to each other, they will look natural.


02/17/2011 04:21 pm

I think it's pretty safe to buy links if you don't buy from the usual suspects.


02/17/2011 04:22 pm

Sorry, double post.


02/17/2011 04:42 pm

Where can I buy ODP links from? ;-)

anderson silva

02/17/2011 04:59 pm

I don't know but adwords makes you buy link space on their SERPS. Background Color is very pale lately. used to be yellow background color for ad(s) above the organic listings, vs. the pale purple background in the 2011 results page. And, more recently, we are seeing a peach color background for some of the search results. Some monitor contrast settings show these background colors as practically invisible, making these PPC ads look like top organic listings. Pretty tricky/black hatty, google.

Ross Hudgens

02/17/2011 05:27 pm

My thought is yes, RE: this post I just wrote up. http://www.rosshudgens.com/google-penalties/

Scott Jenkins

02/18/2011 12:29 am

You can minimize your risk but you'll never be able to completely eliminate it.

Carlos Andrade Jr

02/18/2011 06:18 am

Well, seeing how some people still get away with the selling of links. I'm sure there's still ways to get away with it. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/tdn/advertise/ they sell links for $90/mnth and are still high in the rankings, so I'm pretty sure you can get away with it, especially when people aren't aware.

Stephen Frick

02/18/2011 12:11 pm

If Google sees this as such an issue, why don't they just change to algorithm?


02/18/2011 06:29 pm

Marketing is investing money, more money you spend you can make your site popular, on other words ranking. If the google is so fair why they are running a section called sponsored links?


02/21/2011 11:19 am

Buying link should only be for Online Branding & improve the Traffic. The concept of passing link juice should be avoided, this way Google will also have no problem.

Jared Stevens

03/14/2011 12:28 am

Once you're worried about getting "caught" for doing something, you're already losing the battle. If you want long term visibility in the search engines you want to build a site with integrity. I think paying for a link just for seo purposes is like putting cheap piping in your house. It may work for a while, but at some point it will break. At some point google is going to get to the point where they take those factors into account when raking. Ultimately it's just cheating. Plus the best thing about the webs is that is equalizes things out; in every other medium the one with the most money wins. It's great that on the web it still isn't the ones with the deepest pockets that get the most traffic all the time.

Luxury Hotel Accommodation

04/21/2011 12:04 pm

If you by links you will always run the risk of being penalized. I try to stay away from paid links and will only use them if like the article states it's for a non profit organisation.

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