Where's Mini-Matt (Cutts) Adam Lasnik Now?

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Adam Lasnik Singapore Airlines premium cabin

Back in 2006, Google's Matt Cutts was basically the only Googler interfacing with Webmasters. That all changed when Matt hired Adam Lasnik, aka Mini-Matt (at least back then). But Adam didn't last in the Google to Webmaster communication department for all that long (4 years). He did become beloved by the SEO community but eventually he went on to work on other projects at Google, less on the webmaster side.

What is he up to now? Well, he travels a lot and he is also working as a program manager at Google working on projects I have no clue about.

That being said, I spotted this picture posted publicly on his Google+ page showing him flying in style Singapore Airlines premium cabin and if you check out those pictures, you will go "wow." Thanks Adam for sharing that experience with us. I don't think I'd see that on United ever.

After dealing with the SEO community for four years, you deserve at least one trip via Singapore Airlines premium cabin.

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Adam Lasnik

02/25/2013 06:01 pm

Heh! It's like "where are they now?" for child actors, minus the really scary mug shots. And while I do indeed miss getting to hang out with y'all in an official capacity, I am still thankfully having fun at Google... currently working on the Geo side of things. I've been helping out a little bit with the Photo sphere project, but my main project hasn't yet been released to the world ;). Lastly, to our Google investor friends: I want to reassure you that that not a single dime of Google money was spent on the flight pictured above. Not a single dime of mine, either, aside from taxes+fees. To learn more, check out the Google+ link https://plus.google.com/+AdamLasnik/posts/Kwczowbn7bt -- lots of fun discussion there about airlines and Singapore and more. P.S. -- Thanks for the kind words, Barry :)

Barry Schwartz

02/25/2013 06:02 pm

That is great. So nice to see you enjoying and yea, you made it clear that you used hard earn miles which you collected over the years for the flight of a life time.

Adam Joseph Rowles

02/27/2013 07:08 am

I would love one of those drinks right now

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