Lexus With Google Self Driving Technology

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Lexus With Google Self Driving Technology

Google's Brandon Badget posted a picture of a Google self driving car on the road, but not just any self driving car, a Lexus. He wrote on his Google+ page "Self driving Google Lexus on the right. #thefuture."

Not sure if he took the picture from the drivers seat or back seat, I'll assume the back seat.

Wonder how many other brands Google is testing self driving technology within?

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Daniel Carlyon

04/03/2013 02:22 pm

Looks more like he was trying to show off his Google Glass' ^_^

Bruce Simmons

04/04/2013 01:28 pm

I've been seeing those white Lexus' on the highway and local roads around the Google campus for a few months. There's big 'ol print on the back bumper declaring what the vehicle is. It's a bit odd and funny to see the passengers enjoying their day while supervising the car.

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