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Branded Kippahs

Martin Gordon took a picture of a street vendor in Israel who is selling Kippahs, male Jewish head coverings, with the logos from our favorite internet companies. The logos include Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Apple and others.

He posted the picture on Flickr which ironically does not have a branded kippah (yarmulke) on display here.

Yes, I doubt they have license rights but these types of things are typically available for purchase in Israel.

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02/13/2012 01:00 pm

almost seems sacralegious 

Barry Schwartz

02/13/2012 01:01 pm

Well, yea - some would say that. Some would also say whatever encourages the kids to participate. Or some may just find it a cool way to geek out their Jewish geek pride.


02/13/2012 04:20 pm

Great one, seen all kinds of funny merchandise in Jerusalem during SMX Israel but not this, where exactly do they sell them?

Bruce Tahoe

02/14/2012 05:15 pm



05/10/2012 09:39 pm

These may draw interest from the young ones, and eventually learn the real meaning of kippah and its significance. Best Kippah

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