Matt Cutts Doing The Google Dance

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Matt Cutts Google Dance

At SMX Advanced in Seattle just a couple weeks ago, Danny Sullivan snapped pictures of Google's Matt Cutts doing the Google Dance. This may be the first time anyone has ever captured Cutts doing the real Google Dance.

As you know, the Google Dance is two fold:

(1) A party Google use to host for SEOs and SEMs back in the earlier days (no longer).

(2) A monthly Google update cycle where SEOs watched the Google data centers update and see their PageRank and rankings change over a few day period.

Now, we have the official Google Dance by Matt Cutts in an animated GIF.

You can see the full size image on Google+.

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06/26/2013 12:15 pm

Matt enjoying himself and smiling? What's that I hear? Ah, it's the hate train, coming down the tracks.


06/26/2013 12:47 pm

Looks like he's wet himself.


06/26/2013 12:55 pm

Stick to your dinosaur impression instead...


06/26/2013 04:52 pm

kid with big red button. Him will go down to history as killer of google.

Jim Christian

06/26/2013 08:35 pm

Is it just me or does it look like he pee'd his pants in a couple of those frames?


06/26/2013 11:40 pm

Why don't you just suck him off and be done with it.

Barry Schwartz

06/26/2013 11:41 pm

Ha, I love you.

Justin Clark

06/27/2013 07:01 am

there is no surprise here if cutts is dancing. monster always dance after destroying human life and source of their bread and butter.

Justin Clark

06/27/2013 07:03 am

not wet, he piss himself.


06/27/2013 08:09 am

Photo Caption "I just killed your traffic, You're welcome!"

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