Glasshole Printed On Bar Receipt

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Glasshole Printed On Bar Receipt

Mason Rothman, a Google Glass Explorer, took his Glass to a local bar and when he got the receipt for his purchases, the bartender added a bit of a cute note. Yea, it does say "Glasshole" on the receipt.

It reads:


I guess no charge for being a Glasshole.

Truthfully, I got a free set of appetizers when I went out recently with Glass. I rarely wear them while I am eating in restaurants but there are some perks. This not being one of them.

Mason shared this on Google+.

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Harsh Wardhan Singh

01/03/2014 12:54 pm

@Barry: Seems there is a mistake in a sentence - "I rarely where (should be wear) them while I am eating in restaurants but there are some perks." Hope you haven't just returned from the bar along with Mason. Cheers! :)

Barry Schwartz

01/03/2014 12:54 pm

oopps, thanks.

Kyle Risley

01/03/2014 01:01 pm

Somewhere, Michael Gray is smiling.

James McNulty

01/03/2014 02:50 pm

$19 for a french dip! I hope it was worth it!


01/03/2014 10:30 pm

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, +Mason Rothman is a friend and neighbor, as is the bartender. I walked into the bar and called out "Hey Glasshole", as a term of endearment. The bartender picked up on it and added it to my tab as a joke. $19 is a bit much for french dip. What the sandwich really is is fresh prime rib thin sliced and layered on thick.

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