Google PageRank Update: May 2012

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Google PageRank UpdateHold on to your seats - there is a Google PageRank Toolbar update happening right now!

Twitter is going wild about it and we have some threads at DigitalPoint Forums on the topic - of course.

The last PageRank Toolbar update we had was about 3 months ago in February. Before that was three months before February in November. See a pattern here?

In any event, ranking changes have no direct correlation to a new toolbar PageRank update. Google's PageRank numbers are constantly being updated internally and Google gives us a sampling of it from one point in time every few months or so, just to keep their *PR* wheels moving.

That being said, PageRank is a pride for many web sites and I do hope your PageRank increased so you can wear that badge with honor.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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05/03/2012 12:21 pm

I witnessed a 20% fall in PageRank today! Luckily traffic remained exactly as it was before. Phew!


05/03/2012 12:59 pm

 Jon how to check how muck % i lost ?? is there any tool to check the % ??


05/03/2012 01:12 pm

 Try calculator.

Tom B.

05/03/2012 01:31 pm

I own a couple sites that were all registered at the same time, all have had the same/similar work done to them 2 of them have had pr updates and are now pr 4 and my other one which had just as much work done to it is still a pr 0, does that mean anything?


05/03/2012 01:31 pm

How are you defining a 20% fall in PR?????


05/03/2012 01:44 pm

I haven't  seen any significant change in the PR on the front end (Toolbar). I think this in not a major update as people are discussing on DP.

Syed Noman Ali

05/03/2012 01:45 pm

SO is that completed or still in the process?

Offshore Software Development

05/03/2012 02:24 pm

I think it is still in progress, as i haven't seen any update on sites which i regularly access.

Raquel Johnson

05/03/2012 03:49 pm

I am too much happy to see my Google Page Rank is PR 4 in one and half month huuray !


05/03/2012 04:49 pm

Google Pagerank  updated in May 2012 my blog got pagerank 2 from 1 :)

Ahmad Wali

05/03/2012 04:51 pm

No change in PR of any of my and clients websites. I guess it is minor update!


05/03/2012 05:09 pm

Barry, Seroundtable in PR 3 !?? strange 

Barry Schwartz

05/03/2012 05:12 pm

Not strange, see

Dawn Conklin

05/03/2012 05:34 pm

Mine was a 3 I think before February, but it was hosted on a free domain.  I purchased a domain (right after the update) and now it is a 2.  All is good tho, there are some links that may need to be changed for mine.  It is at least better to see a 2 now after a couple months of 0 - after purchasing the domain it went to 0!!

SEO Catalysts

05/03/2012 06:12 pm

Not noticed yet

Santosh Yadav

05/03/2012 06:49 pm

No change in my clients website


05/03/2012 06:50 pm

I get pr3 from pr0 domain age 1 moth is this good?


05/03/2012 06:57 pm

Barry, your strength to the sponsor is awesome, your sponsor should proud whatever they are getting..  I can see, your all sponsor are safe even your PR drop slightly.

Christopher Box

05/03/2012 07:07 pm

Up from a PR 2 to a PR 3. No change on 6 other sites I run. Hopefully they are not done yet!

Christopher Box

05/03/2012 07:07 pm

Yes.. share your strategy! Have been working super hard to get my site to a PR3 after a couple of years! 

Mike Kalil

05/03/2012 07:16 pm

Last year, I put up a simple WordPress site for my cousin as a favor. I charged him nothing, did no SEO, did no link-building. A few weeks later, there was a PageRank update and suddenly it was a PR4. It literally had zero links pointing to it. Its PR has remained stagnant. My only guess is that the site inherited some of the juice of sites that were on its shared server. But it goes to show how meaningless PR is.

Michał Kalinowski

05/03/2012 09:27 pm

Two of my fairly new blogs les than 6 months old gained PR from 0 to 3 and from 0 to 4 and I'm kind of worried now :) I don't know what I've done to get there and if it's going to stay this way.


05/03/2012 09:32 pm

my own website has page rank 2... how many days this page rank update will continue???

Thiết Kế Web

05/03/2012 09:45 pm

 thanks for post ! my website have pr= 0 to 3 , i don't think pr is problem of Seo


05/03/2012 11:55 pm

Our website dropped from a 3 to a 4 today


05/04/2012 01:10 am

Dont understand a Google. An one month website without content obtain PR2. Other old sites with good content follow with PR0 or PR1.


05/04/2012 01:14 am

I don't see any changes on my sites... still in PR 2, 3 and 1 :((

Jon Loomer

05/04/2012 02:54 am

I honestly wonder if this even matters. I've had a PR of 2 for as long as I've checked (probably four months), yet I get a ton of Google referrals. I'll take the referrals over the rank any day.

liang xiao

05/04/2012 03:21 am

I honestly wonder if this even matters. I've had a PR of 2 for as long as I've checked (probably four months), yet I get a ton of Google referrals. I'll take the referrals over the rank any day.

Mac Mendiz

05/04/2012 03:26 am

My site has dropped from PR3 to PR1...Is it right or....


05/04/2012 03:27 am

i got pagerank 2 


05/04/2012 03:30 am

My site has dropped from PR5 to PR1...Is it right or..

Abdulsalam Khan

05/04/2012 04:12 am

I got pr1 yohhooo! for my new site

Abdulsalam Khan

05/04/2012 04:14 am

your site is pr3 not pr1 :P checkout my site i got pr1


05/04/2012 04:19 am

We are waiting for google pagerank for my website


05/04/2012 04:35 am

my website page rank (2PR) not changed but max.  inner page page rank changed to 1 PR. May home page page rank changed after 7-10 days or not? 


05/04/2012 06:36 am

my site has not changed... do all websites change at the same time or with little difference of time?

Thomas Vaultonburg

05/04/2012 06:36 am

Nope, still a 2, but getting indexed rather well because I have killer content.


05/04/2012 06:41 am

my pr has not changed... it's still  pr3 although i noticed my website serp increased with some keywords from 8th to 10th place at the google 1st page to number 1 result... i love that, although i would have expected my website pr to increase too.

Manjul Singh

05/04/2012 06:57 am

No PR change for too? Disappointing for me.

Logo Design

05/04/2012 07:00 am

I m Happy I got PR.

vijay balaji

05/04/2012 07:25 am

My PR got dropped from 3 to 2

Stainless Steel Bolts

05/04/2012 08:02 am

No change in my PR :-(


05/04/2012 08:25 am No change in my PR


05/04/2012 08:44 am

No change on my sites.

andria john

05/04/2012 08:45 am

Good to know about the  Google PageRank Updated

Inbound Marketing Expert

05/04/2012 08:46 am

No change on my to, is thus this update is rolled out really


05/04/2012 09:48 am

we went from zero to two :)

Lorelei Layford

05/04/2012 09:52 am

Most of sites loose their rank but i did'nt see any major update of ranking this time.


05/04/2012 10:25 am

Yay! My PR jumped from 0 to 2 :-)

Carlos Fernandes

05/04/2012 11:22 am

I am seeing you as a PR3


05/04/2012 12:22 pm

I have't seen any changes 


05/04/2012 12:34 pm

My Pagerank In Not Changes Yet, Any Chances To I Get Any Pagerank Please Reply Friends.....


05/04/2012 12:51 pm

Yes, I got a pretty interesting Page Rank update - up to 2 from 0 to one of my blogs. Pretty excited about this, even though the PR didn't change for my other blogs. Probably no change is better than a change to worse :)

Mohammad Shadab

05/04/2012 02:11 pm

Yeah! we have seen our Pagerank update. However, my blog home page's pagerank remain unchanged but our internal pages got new pagerank from 2 to 3. Cheers you! Best Regards!

Paul Keene

05/04/2012 03:57 pm

Went from 5 to 4 - was hoping for a 6...


05/04/2012 08:11 pm

waiting for PR3 for my


05/05/2012 06:17 am

My blogs PR  is not changed  When will be the next PR update

Download Movies

05/05/2012 08:10 pm

My Pr of dropped to 0 :(


05/07/2012 01:30 am pr=4


05/07/2012 02:06 am

my blog pr went down from 4 to 3

XeBii Mj

05/07/2012 03:24 am

Seems Like My BLOG's PR didn't Rise :/


05/07/2012 09:15 am

 It's good news but my PR is not updated

Rebecca Patterson

05/07/2012 06:06 pm

My site is very new and jumped to PR2: Didn't see a change in traffic though. 


05/07/2012 06:15 pm

Just notice it today.  A blog post I wrote on April 16th ( is  PR3!  Pretty nice :-)   Other blog posts are now PR2.  Why that one got PR3?  Because it is a longer post (976 words).  The rest of them are about 400 - 500 words long.  I think Google now likes longer posts.


05/07/2012 06:30 pm

My traffic has increased a lot since February but as of today my PR rank is still a 1.  Perhaps Google doesn't update all websites exactly at the same time? I will check back daily...


05/07/2012 07:44 pm

My site went from 0 to pagerank 2!!! But my blog did not change and it has much more fresh content? Could Google be doing it ob a site by site basis?


05/07/2012 11:51 pm ?


05/08/2012 08:22 am

The websites and didn't have any effect from this PR update. I still wondering if Google has updated the page rank of websites across the World.


05/08/2012 08:33 am

Hey Great. My few website gain Page Ranks... got upgrade in PR from 2 to 3 now :) got a fresh PR now from 0 to 1. Though i thought it would be 2 this time for this website. but this website PR is unbelievable, it got 2 PR from 0. Though there is no SEO work done on this website. Do google gives PR to normal websites as well? This portal has already a page rank of 2 and we thought it would have atleast 4 this time, becauase of alot of work done by us. But surprised to see no update in this :) Same happened for which has already PR 2 and it should have 3 or 4 in this update, but nothing :( Hope google will update PR soon and will get all of us new Page Ranks. Anyways Cheers guys who got ranks and best of luck for next update who did not got PR this time :) Thanks

Jennifer carver

05/12/2012 01:25 am

Thanks for the update am very excited - looking forward to get a pagerank for my site this time .

Daniel Irimia

05/18/2012 03:59 am

I do not know how exactely the PR works because one of my sites kept his pr3 for about one year. nothing changed, either up or down


05/22/2012 05:47 am

My pagerank for Handmade Reviews Lifestyle Blog remains a three but the internal pages are now all 2 or lower. Are all internal pageranks now lower than the index?


05/31/2012 11:34 am

Hi admin my page rank is 1.I want to increase my page rank please tell me what to do

rare poetry

06/02/2012 03:20 am

my website is about Attitude SMS i want to ask how can i improve my page rank and when


06/06/2012 08:33 am

My website still retained page rank 0 after four months. It seems harder nowadays to even get to page rank 1. SMH


06/06/2012 08:40 am

My site still retains a solid PR 2, maybe next time it will get a shiny new PR 4 or 5 :)

Tittu Thomas

06/07/2012 01:34 am

My pagerank still remains 0........

lalithambal vijayakumar

06/08/2012 01:33 pm

my site got PAGE RANK 1 after 18 months. However Thanks

Barry Schwartz

06/10/2012 04:24 pm



06/15/2012 02:30 pm

oh thats good news.iam waiting for pr update.i want to go pr2.thanks.this is my site.


06/18/2012 05:39 am

My website is still a PRO its six months old how long does it take to get a PR.


06/20/2012 02:30 pm

i hope the next update will be in august, 2012 as per this frequency.

Herman Mak

06/21/2012 02:11 pm

Man this is crazy, my site are 2/10 for so long and I now just so want it to update asap!!!

Rohan Shankar

06/21/2012 06:50 pm This website of mine doesn't have the page ranking. What to do?


06/23/2012 04:06 pm

The pr of my website is still zero, can you tell me the exact time when it will be updated.

nishant srivastava

06/26/2012 09:06 pm

Really Strange thing happens on my new Domain, I have a Domain it has PR 3 , few days before I purchased another Domain, Now both domain have PR3, what is this? is there any relation in same name?

Lori-Lee Craig

06/26/2012 11:52 pm

Years ago my site had a page rank of 4.Then an update came and my page rank went to 0 and has never changed since. I want to know if this is because it is on blogspot? Could blogspot be restricted to a rank of 0 no matter the content and number of hits?

Muhammad Usman

06/27/2012 11:52 am

the pr of my site does not change remain same pr2.. but another site of mine got decrease by 3 to 2 which is


07/01/2012 05:31 pm

Some days ago the page rank of my site was 3 but today I check it and got 0! How come!

Sankalptech Mlmsoftware

07/05/2012 10:30 am

When next page rank will be update.


07/05/2012 03:48 pm

If the pagerank is a measure of the success of your site or blog, whether it will greatly affect the SERP? please your analysis.


07/13/2012 06:46 am



07/17/2012 01:05 pm

When do you expect next update? I hope that my site would be at least PR2 :)

Live Roulette

07/17/2012 03:58 pm

Based on previous PR updates, the next one should be around August, 2012-if the three months interval remains the same. I noticed that the last PR update gave some of my secondary pages a PR1 while my main page: remained at PR 0. Anyone has any feedback on this issue? Thank you.

Mehwish Khalid

07/22/2012 03:57 am

I registered a new domain and its about 15 days old by now. I have created a lot of social bookmarking links till yet. But i can not see any increase in google PR,, its still PR 0. :( My blog is


07/24/2012 05:13 pm

I really hope to see my PR move from 0. Zombie Survival Gear


08/07/2012 03:57 am

Hello, I just wanted to confirm that PR update is done for one of my website on either 5th or 6th August 2012.


08/07/2012 08:04 pm

Yes I have noticed a slight pattern here ah its so annoying changes every few months, I guess we will all just have to pay close attention and play safe my site still page rank 3 so fingers crossed.


08/09/2012 07:10 am

Yes I have notice my website PR ranking is also decreases. What can I do now??


08/09/2012 08:36 am

I think there was a page rank update happened last week , my site. got a page rank 1 :) . I started it just 2 months back and it didnt have any page rank till 2 weeks back

Kundan Bhardwaj

08/11/2012 04:40 am

We already had one on 2nd of August and the next one is expected to be in November.

Franklin Awodiya

08/27/2012 05:04 pm

I am waiting to see if I'll pick up a reasonable page rank when the next update occurs.


09/13/2012 02:10 am

Looking forward to the update in November. I'd love to see go up some.

Chee Hean

09/20/2012 09:12 pm

I can check updated page rank using without having to wait for google update to happen.

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