Obama Doesn't Get Special Treatment By Google

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Obama at Google PicturePolitico ran a story the other day named Google denies special deal for Barack Obama. The story starts off explaining how Google gives Obama and the democratic campaign special access to features that the republicans do not get. Truth be told, it does not work that way.

Pam Parket dug into this at Search Engine Land and explained:

In fact, Google says, the salesperson wasn’t aware that the ad in question was a Google ad, and just assumed it was part of an early test — because teams selling to Republicans and Democrats are kept separate and information is not shared between them. A Google spokesperson, talking to POLITICO, went so far as to say that the salesperson had engaged in inaccurate “puffery.”

“As our clients know, when we experiment with new products like this, our sales teams always has, and always will, offer the exact same opportunity to both sides of politics, at the same time,” Google spokesperson Rob Shilkin told me. “Our Democratic and Republican sales teams are strictly separated from each other and are charged with offering the absolutely best online ad solution for their respective clients.”

But we have people coming into the Google Web Search Help forums telling Google they are switching to Google because:

You are giving special ads for Obama... I highly resent this. As an American that is directly unemployed due to this idiots policies and his SOCIALIST programs I will drop GOOGLE like a bad case of diarrhea.

Got to love politics!

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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06/17/2011 01:00 pm

Perhaps the commenter above is unemployed because s/he doesn't know how to properly use an apostrophe and not the SOCIALIST programs s/he speaks of.

Ian Lockwood

06/17/2011 02:22 pm

Heheh, unemployed because neo-conservative free market-trumps-all idiots let the banks run wild more like! I seem to recall Obama was elected AFTER the banks collapsed?


06/18/2011 04:16 am

Yeah, Obama didn't receive most of his campaign cash from Goldman Sachs.  Didn't happen.  TLDR: I feel sorry for you if you're still locked inside of the D/R paradigm.

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