Get Google Maps Lite, 3D Or Classic With These URLs

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Pegman Google MapsThe new Google Maps fully launched a couple weeks ago and some users want to be able to go back and forth between the new and the old version.

Daniel the Google Maps Community Manager shared special URLs that let you either go to the lite version, 3D version or back to the classic version.

Google tries to automate which version you see based on your computer's specifications. If you think Google has it wrong, you can submit feedback to Google about the issue.

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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03/22/2014 04:34 pm

Thank you generously. The new G-maps is clearly for mobile users, and a far cry from the functionality and options of the Classic design.


04/07/2014 12:02 am

"some users want to be able to go back and forth" No, not really. Much prefer to stay with classic.


04/18/2014 01:08 pm

THANKS TO CLASSIC GOOGLE MAPS! because a few hour ago i have been posted a comment for bring back Google map old version.Now the Lord of the ring return of the i can see Google street view with full screen by clicking "Revert to classic Google Maps".i think it will be great idea that the Google old version and new version will exist side by a result user can choice which one he will follow.

Gary K

05/05/2014 04:00 am

Even when I follow the link you provide, I'm redirected to the old version. I can see that the URL I supply is actually changed to a different URL including the phrase "output=classic".


05/06/2014 10:56 am,-4.2667876&z=17&output=classic&dg=opt Just click on this link and bookmark it so that you dont have to change everytimg

Dhimas Kirana

05/10/2014 10:58 pm

thanks :D I will bookmark it.


06/17/2014 04:38 pm

"some users want to be able to go back and forth" NOT "Michael_J_Walsh want to be able to go back and forth"


06/26/2014 08:43 pm

Ignore this! If you add .uk in any urls it will direct you to sites that are not any different but every URL will have the annoying "UK" in it... happened to me years ago... VERY annoying... as if the website was any different that it needed UK in the URL... a website is a website is website... stop the UK crap.


07/08/2014 12:14 am

They couldn't have screwed up Google Map any more if they tried. The new version is beyond horrible.


07/14/2014 03:46 pm

None of them ever seem to learn. If it ain't broke.. Can only assume that nobody at Google bothered to actually try using the new version. Or it was a joke on their users..

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