Google's 2011 Martin Luther King Doodle

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Today is the day the United States commemorates Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday. Two days ago, January 15th, was his 82nd birthday. Martin Luther King, Jr. died on April 4, 1968 and I am sure everyone knows about his life. If for some reason you have not, please read his Wikipedia page.

Today, on there is a special logo for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Martin Luther King, Jr Google Logo 2011

Clicking on the logo takes you to a set of search results for [Martin Luther King, Jr.].

Google is not the only place you can find a special logo for MLK. You can also see them on Yahoo, Bing and Dogpile:

Yahoo (animated):

Yahoo (static):

Yahoo MLK Day


Bing MLK Day


Martin Luther King Day Logo '09 Dogpile

You can see the past logos for MLK day used in 2010, 2009 and 2008.

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01/17/2011 08:20 pm Happy MLK day people have a peacefull day

Christina Matherne

01/17/2011 08:26 pm

Andrew Davis II - "My Dream (MLK Tribute)" Song: Video: “Today the nation acknowledges the birth, life, and legend of Martin Luther King Jr. As you all know, one of the most prevalent themes in my music, namely my lead single is that I’m Living My Dream. I’m living my dream today, ALL OF US ARE, because Martin Luther King Jr. had his, lived for his, and DIED for his. In tribute of the great legacy of Martin Luther King Jr, here is a song I recorded called “My Dream (MLK)”. Enjoy. Remember. Respect. Dream.”

CPAlead Guide

01/18/2011 12:49 pm

I liked the MLK theme for google. I proves that people still do care about MLK day

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