Google Webmaster Team: How Can We Do Better?

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Google Webmaster HangoutLooking back at the years, it is really amazing how far Google has come in terms of webmaster communication. Yea, they have a pretty good search engine, mobile OS platform, ad system and a few other cool products like self-driving cars - but when you look at their webmaster communication - it has grown tremendously from GoogleGuy to where it is now.

Google has a ton of products and services for webmasters. From Webmaster Tools, help content, YouTube videos, XML Sitemaps, Rich Snippets, tons of Google + Hangouts, forum support, Twitter support, third-party support, email support and so much more.

But that won't stop the folks on the Google Webmaster team to try to even do better.

John Mueller from Google said in a Google+ post, how can we do better in 2012? He said:

Google has tried a lot of new things this year when it comes to webmaster support -- such as the hangouts in a variety of languages. Which parts do you all think we should work on next year? How can we make it easier for you all to make awesome websites, which are easily findable in web-search?

More hangouts? videos? more documentation? more detailed examples? Let us know here!

If you have ideas, go to the Google+ post and share.

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12/21/2011 02:14 am

Barry, I know you can do it! Take your nose off Google's @ss once before writing. Nothing makes a difference when Google is on a Jihad to keep clicks instead of sending them to websites.

Barry Schwartz

12/21/2011 02:16 am

Please point out what I said that was factual wrong in this post? I constantly give Google a hard time. The one time I thank them, you comment?


12/21/2011 04:55 pm

Barry, Google is a BUSINESS that generates $38 billion a year. The fact that they provide a few  tools and one person to fool people it's smart business. Have you looked at SERPs lately with 4-5 ads that are identical to content on top, local, news, images etc etc? Their support is nothing, you can get penalized, pandalised or go to page 90 in a heartbeat so let's not get fooled. It's easy to give tell you one thing when the other that screwed you but is making Google money goes unanswered. Google is fooling webmasters with tricks, as they try to keep all clicks to ads and Google services. Wake up or you will lose any credibility you have /had.

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