Hitwise: Google Share Declines While Bing Gains Market Share

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Hitwise Bing vs Google Market ShareHitwise published their March 2011 search market share report.

This time Bing has reached 30% market share, while Google's share dropped to under 65%. Google is still leading, but Bing continues to grow in market share. From February to March, Bing jumped 5% in share while Google declined 3%.

Here is the chart:

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What I also found interesting is that people are searching more for one word keywords than in the previous month. Take a look at this next chart.

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Are searchers getting dumber or are search engines getting smarter?

And if so, is Google getting dumber because they are losing share?

A WebmasterWorld thread blames Google for Google's decline. Brett Tabke of WebmasterWorld said:

Google has so screwed around with their serps this last year, that any alternative dependable and reliable that users can count on is going to gain share. Google has done something I didn't think possible - they have broken the trust of the end user. While Bing has been busy showing that they are in it for the long haul and staying-the-course with a user experience that people are coming to trust.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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04/12/2011 01:08 pm

Looks like Instant is working driving one and two word searches higher. Would also love to know how some of Bing's new partnerships (Conduit) are helping them gain market share. Honestly I don't think it's a trust issue as most users don't know the difference, we SEO people live in a bubble.


04/12/2011 01:42 pm

Why would anyone use bing and support Microsoft when they dont do ANYTHING for us in return... Google has given us SO MUCH and its all free, things we use every day like Google Voice, Street View Android, Maps and the list goes on...

Remi Turcotte

04/12/2011 02:39 pm

I think a part of this market share increase is due to mobile OS penetration. Windows Mobile has a stronger reach than the Android.

Nick Stamoulis

04/12/2011 02:51 pm

I could see how Google Instant could be effecting the number of one and two word searches, but that might not be the only contributing factor. But Bing has been doing a very good job of chipping away at Google's market share. It'll be interesting to see if their growth continues or starts to plateau.


04/12/2011 02:58 pm

Given us? They are both public companies, they don't do anything unless it benefits them. They are simply monetizing or in the process of prepping to monetize everything you mentioned.


04/12/2011 03:26 pm

I think this milestone has more to do with what Bing does right than what Google does wrong. If anything, Google's recent fiddling with its serps shows a desire to mimic or compete with Bing features. Google recognizes that Bing search provides added value, and is trying to match that while it still has market dominance.


04/12/2011 03:42 pm

Still don't understand why 99% of the SE referrals are from Google and not Bing. This happens in my sites and in all the site I work for. If the 30% market share is real I would expect much more non-Google referrals. Or maybe Google just loves my sites? :-)

Michael Martinez

04/12/2011 05:01 pm

Actually, I think the decline reflects an improvement in the quality of Google's search results. It's easier for people to find satisfactory content now. At least, I believe that is part of the reason. I myself am finding it easier to use Google to find new but useful information since January, especially since Panda I. Haven't had time to evaluate Panda II (which just rolled out yesterday).


04/12/2011 05:31 pm

Face it Google has never had a sterling silver reputation. Instead the media reporting continues to have this anything Google says must be true gospel. Reporting continues to give Google a pass when they ought to be slapping Google around. Media control mASSES. In many ways Google seems to have abandoned the concepts of equal playing field and everyone has a voice. Google is heavily ranking the same old boring media as if they are offering value add on everything. They aren't and that's part of why people abandoned these dinosaurs offline. Panda algorithm has tons of deficiencies. One I encountered was researching the Viacom vs. Youtube four year ongoing lawsuit: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=viacom+vs.+youtube What gets returned? Blogs posing as news mainly. Traditional media is strongly in there: Zdnet, PBS, Businessweek, The Daily Show, YouTube video, NBC and finally HuffPo. Is that a good representation of what someone typing this in wants? Mostly opinion bantering from the establishment? No, first and foremost, one would be looking for legal citations, such as the Court where the case is (Courts do have websites and make case details available and that ought to show in the first page of results). Does Google not return the case law because it doesn't want people to read the case materials or because the algorithm is deficient/broken? Google wanted webmasters input via it's own forums and Google got just that. Not a single response from Google other than business as usual. In those weeks since Panda Google has put it's fingers in all sorts of other non search industries, launched tons of products to devalue content down to free - a model where publisher struggle to find two dimes for their hard work and where Google operates the world's biggest content plantation and makes all the money. People are taking note of Google's ugly intentions now in a number of places where Google could just months ago do no wrong. I'm sorry, why do we need to make Brin, Page and Schmidt additional BILLIONS for their personal wealth collections? Where are those billions going? Certainly aren't offsetting the destruction left in their path. How can Google for instance make green the idea of their search using over 450,000 servers, enough to power and 80k person city supposedly? Google only does what is entirely beneficial to Google's own wealth hording. There's no doubt that Google is the greediest company in the world. No one likes such behavior. So it's Google's turn to be put down. If the regulators who Google is in bed with won't regulate Google then Main Street eventually will by using their feet and walking out, leaving the Google plantation empty. Is Bing / Microsoft the solution to Google's monopoly? Not really, but it shows how strange times have become. Bing should capitalize on being different in a BECAUSE IT'S NOT GOOGLE ad campaign. Bing should launch an AdWords competitor to small publishers. If Bing were to do that, Google would start losing market share at a faster pace and it would deprive Google of it's nearly single revenue source.


04/12/2011 08:30 pm

Could the search using one-word be affected by Google suggest?


04/12/2011 09:14 pm

(1 bing is staying around the %30 for so long thats not an improvement at all, i believe they still have a mile to go. (2 people do understand the keywording concept and thats why this increased the 2 keywords margin.


04/12/2011 10:36 pm

Well, here's a different thought. These statistics seem to be based on searches, not visits. What if people searching on Google are finding exactly what they want first time - counts as one search. However, on Bing/Yahoo, maybe the results aren't as good and people end up typing two or three searches to get relevant results - counts as 2 or 3 searches. Hence, the Bing/Yahoo search statistics increase. I may be way off the mark here. I'm a bit of a dinosaur that tends not to move from whatever I'm familiar with. However, I always view statistics with some skepticism.

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04/13/2011 08:13 am

In the next coming years bing will give tough time to the google.Bing is being popular with the time and improving their algorithm with the time.So it will be wonderful to see bing as a competitor of google.


04/14/2011 03:29 pm

I think its standard Microsoft over inflation. New computers are coming with Firefox using Bing rather than Google, seen 2 this week. Most users just let it be and do not really care or think about what engine is being used as long as the results get them where they want to go. This might long term be a success for Bing or people will switch over to Google if they do not like their results.


04/15/2011 12:15 am

I don't believe any of this. My site stats show 96% of searches coming from Google, 2% from Bing and 2% from the rest. On the other hand my site stats are from Google Analytics, so perhaps something even more sinister is happening???

Christina Gregoire

04/16/2011 08:23 am

I am a writer for one of Google's beloved content farms so I live by my wits and my googling skills. That aside, I tried to look up something (today) that was health-related (for my husband) and I couldn't find the answer. His health issue is possibly related to diet and google kept going for "query intent"...it was crazy. I tried to google various combos of these words. Diverticulitis diet soda pop carbonic acid. I tried various phrasing using quotation marks, too. I'm a search pro. And, the results kept going squirrely. Pop was constantly changed to popcorn. Soda was constantly changed to baking soda. carbonic acid was changed to acid reflux. If a computer can't read those squiggly words that weed out spammers, computers most certainly can't read my mind. Google is slowly imploding.

Christina Gregoire

04/16/2011 08:35 am

PS I do hope that Google can undo some of the problems that I have been seeing in searches within the last week. Yes, I'm a content farm serf, but the money is no biggie either way. The thing I would hate is if Google were to never go back to being my old reliable search engine. I have used Google since the beginning and I love and know the ins and outs of finding anything on Google. I want my old Google back. I don't know if I can live without it.


12/28/2012 11:06 am

I hope Bing and Yahoo drive those wads at google out of business. They started off ok but now have become a chaotic clusterf***. Not user friendly at all, jaded and over thought.. They can take their little NAZI algorythms and stick them where the Sun don't shine. Nerd Jerks Use Bing Use Yahoo, Dogpile, Yippy. Don't get scroogled, plus if that's not enough they cheat on their taxes 2 billion they cheated America out of last year. Don't get Scroogled!

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