Googlers Working On New Years Day Also

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Google New Years 2014 LogoJust like on Christmas, Googlers were working throughout New Years Day.

Truth is, I don't think any were working publicly in the support forums New Years Eve, I may be wrong. But we had Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes both active New Years day in the forums. They posted several times, answering webmaster questions on both spam and technical issues.

Here are two of many threads:

Of course, the Top Contributors are very active all throughout the year and basically 24/7. Google does do this often, i.e. work on New Years.

No, Google did not pay me to write this post, thanks.

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Alexander Hemedinger

01/02/2014 02:19 pm

I like the last statement at the end for those salty people....


01/02/2014 07:26 pm

this googlers trying to protect google from amazon spam (50 footer dofollow links)? or just to "Save google face" on Christmas night? Latest seoroundtable poll show us what more than 85% of webmasters don't trust google. What about contributors, they are self-fish, arrogant, and looks like work only for own pleasure as contributors (at least at search quality forums)

Gracious Store

01/04/2014 03:39 am

If webmaster are working hard trying to find answers to their questions, it is good if Googlers are available to respond to those questions. It is a good sign that they care about the concerns of webmasters

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