Google Labeling Employees In Caste System?

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Over the weekend a somewhat shocking and confusing video was released by recently fired Googler Andrew Normal Wilson. The video was named Workers Leaving The Googleplex.

It basically shows how Googlers are given different color badges. Each color determines the level of access and privileges they are given. The video documents how Yellow badge workers are treated compared to others.

The thing is, yellow badge workers may not officially be Googlers. They are hired not just only by Google but also by Transvideo Studios. They do the book scanning work in a separate Google building and od not get Googleer privileges, like free food and access to Google shuttles.

Workers Leaving the Googleplex from Andrew Norman Wilson on Vimeo.

Personally, I am not sure what to make of this. Just seems very weird.

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05/02/2011 03:30 pm

Google does the same thing to web publishers. Punishing authors and sites because they look down their long noses at them! Let's all go on strike against Google:

Chris Kirkham

05/02/2011 04:02 pm

The weird class system exists at every workplace. HR people are privileged to information that interns aren't. The VP of the company I work for has a lot more privileges and responsibilities than I do. If my company did things like Google, or was constantly getting sued by everyone and their cat like Google, I bet my company would take every precaution to prevent corporate espionage and disruption. Google's a fine company. They treat their employees well, they treat their communities well and they respect the earth. If I went snooping about my office looking for some sort of conspiracy, I'd likely also get reprimanded. It's a business, not a government. Nobody's equal.


05/02/2011 04:10 pm

Microsoft has same system - the priveledged are called "blue badges"

Michael Martinez

05/02/2011 05:14 pm

They badly mishandled this situation.


05/02/2011 09:37 pm

Seems like it's an overly conspiratorial tone for a pretty mundane story.


05/03/2011 03:24 am

And that makes it right..

05/03/2011 03:54 pm

It sounded to me like he is trying to find a correlation between "persons of color" and "no privileges" but I think he is reaching on that one. I think anyone would have an opportunity to work their way into Google for the "best badge."

Rick Vidallon

05/03/2011 04:24 pm

I feel your pain my yellow brother.


05/04/2011 10:52 am

The fact that the employee filming people in a parking lot got him fire, there is something evil afoot. "Do no Evil" has become: "Do a little evil". It's not blatant segregation because it isn't country-wide, you can always quit the caste system and no longer be bonded to the rules. It is an ethical grey area.


05/07/2011 01:47 am

that is disgusting and UnAmerican, wish google investigates this and fix such damn practices, may be too many hindus are spoiling the google I guess, allow one hindu he or she will bring the whole bunch of caste system into our society.

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