Bizarre Video: How Much Wood Can A Matt Cutts Cut

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woodchuckIf you are bored and want to get your head out of the SEO space just for about 49 seconds, watch the latest video by Matt Cutts, where he answers the question:

How much wood could a Matt Cutts cut if a Matt Cutts could cut wood?

Yea, I kid you not and Matt even finds the question funny - or maybe the funny part is that he answered it. Even more so, it was the 65th most popular question on the moderator panel.

Here is the video:

Okay, time to move on.

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05/15/2014 01:21 pm

check title - should be wood not would

Barry Schwartz

05/15/2014 01:41 pm



05/15/2014 01:48 pm

The more essential question: "How many mats can Matt Cutts cut if Matt Cutts could cut mats?"


05/15/2014 04:19 pm

Thank you for posting this Barry. This made my afternoon.

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