Wikipedia Still Supreme In Google Results?

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Google Wikipedia LogoWe've covered the topic of Wikipedia ranking too well in Google many many times. But it has actually been a while since we covered a thread on it.

EGOL, a moderator and a highly respected personality in the SEO forum space, started a thread at Cre8asite Forums saying he feels Wikipedia has been given a boost again in the Google search results. He said, Wikipedia has "made a big jump in the past few weeks."

He added they rank despite:

1) Stub pages with zero content often rank #1 above other fantastic content

2) Mediocre articles on wikipedia often outrank websites that have a virtual Bible on the same topic

EGOL is/was a professor, by the way.

Michael Martinez, a well known personality, disagreed saying:

I don't question what either of you are seeing, but my impression of Wikipedia's search visibility is almost the exact opposite. I am seeing it move down below other sites for many keywords I monitor. I don't have an explanation for that, unless Google's algorithm is finally going to crack down on the crap content published there because of all the broken English in some articles.

So is Wikipedia stronger today in the Google results than it was 6 months ago?

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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12/05/2011 04:05 pm

Barry, I've answered your question here: Yes, Wikipedia is far stronger than six month ago. Worryingly so, in fact.

Lewis Warren

12/05/2011 05:22 pm

I have noticed a lot of Wiki result creeping their way back up the SERP's for certain keywords i have been searching recently. So i would agree that yes, they are getting stronger.

Kelly Marsh

12/05/2011 09:03 pm

I have noticed Wikipedia moving up in the search results also. It's number 1 for a keyword phrase I am targeting and it never used to be up there before.

Thomas Zacchi

12/06/2011 12:49 am

I have also noticed that Wikipedia generally moved up in the results for Danish searches and with Google's focus on local results I can understand why, as Wikipedia often has good local content.

Luis Galarza

12/20/2011 11:48 pm

Is just insane how a simple site with OK content can outrank better sites full of top notch content in high traffic key-phrase...

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