Google: Reporting Catching Up In Google Webmaster Tools

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Google Webmaster SEO ReportEarlier this week, we reported about widespread reports of mass impression drops within Google Webmaster Tools. It was so widespread that it had to be a Google bug.

The weird part was, no Google response. Nothing from them saying, we know, we are working on it. Google's reports within Webmaster Tools often has issues and slowness. So I was not alarmed.

But since it has been going on for a while, I decided to email Google to find out what is up.

Google said it should be back to normal within a few days. A Google spokesperson told me:

It should be caught up again soon -- hopefully in a few days.

So hang tight, the reports should be back to normal shortly.

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02/15/2014 12:22 pm

all the chatter over the past few days - any updates on the possible update?


02/16/2014 06:45 pm

Great, Now I can see the "Good Old Panda" working :(


02/17/2014 04:33 pm

less quality, more money, isn't it? More penalties, matt cutts can buy new island. why they need to care about webmaster tools which not bring them money directly?


02/24/2014 06:38 pm

Hi, is there any update for this issue? Thanks ahead for the reply.


02/25/2014 01:34 pm

It's fixed. It was related to an internal Google.. thing... and that has now finished.

John Carter

03/20/2014 08:09 am

As a Google PPC ninja once told me, it is important to constantly split-test new ads so that messaging is consistently being refined in a competitive marketplace. That happens on at least two levels: 1) The ads themselves, inside Adwords. It has easy split testing for ads and reports optimal performance. 2) On your landing page itself. That's where a lot of people miss the boat on conversions. They blame the ads but don't split test elements or versions of their landing pages. There are lots of ways to do this, but it's kind of technical and as a business owner I couldn't really be bothered with learning the details, but I can refer you to Simon. Call him - 219-733-4687.

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