Types Of Google Webmaster Notifications

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panda stampMatt Cutts of Google posted an interested video on YouTube that shared the types of Google Webmaster Tools notifications they send out.

Google sends out hundreds of thousands of notifications each month and 90% of those are black hat related, which we knew already. But how about the rest?

  • Black hat notifications is ~90%
  • Low or no quality content is ~4%
  • Hacking is ~3%
  • Buying links is ~2%
  • Selling links is ~1%

Here is the video:

It is funny because I call out a Googler for the 4% on Google+ and then he calls me out for the 2% for dropping the link to the source. Good times.

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02/15/2013 02:44 pm

This is really interesting. Only 3% because of links. Thought almost every mail they send out is because of bad links...


02/15/2013 03:41 pm

Hey Barry, Are you using Dragon Dictate or something? "...posted an interested video..." On to the topic though, Since when does Google cite Blekko as a source for Internet statistics such as how much content is created every hour? Should I start to regard Blekko as sometimes having higher authority on some topics?

David DuVal

02/15/2013 06:32 pm

Four people that I know about have been reporting a Pakistani Hacker group placing hidden links on high PR sites like Columbia University and the United Nations. We contacted the sites and got the links removed, but Google still is awarding the the hacker sites the high PageRank prize and they are selling it for well over $5000/day. Sure would love to see better response from Google since they have affirmed Toolbar PageRank is important.

Marie Haynes

02/15/2013 07:25 pm

Here's the thing that I don't understand. If only 2% of the messages are for unnatural links, then what are all of these black hat messages? Unless he means that the 90% of messages are actually for unnatural links (that aren't necessarily paid) and he just didn't call it a linking message. The forums are littered with messages from people who have unnatural links warnings. But you don't see too many "I got a black hat warning" messages do you?


02/15/2013 11:45 pm

Matt is just babbling again. I don't think Matt has made any sense since 2010. he keeps talking about being more transparent but the more he talks about the more he seems to put out mixed messages.


02/16/2013 11:31 am

I still waiting when google start penalize sites for usage of words 'hello' and 'and' and it will funny to see how mr cutts will explain us it.


02/16/2013 01:05 pm

This is very funny, my site got tanked one year ago, every day I'm trying to get out of this, but nothing seems to help. Now here is the funny part, I NEVER got any of these messages in my WMT. Explain this.

Marie Haynes

02/16/2013 04:28 pm

Haha. I personally think that Google really enjoys messing with webmasters. I think they carefully craft the wording of each webmaster video and then they sit and watch as we try to decipher what was and wasn't said.

Marie Haynes

02/16/2013 04:29 pm

It certainly could be an algorithmic issue like Penguin or Panda. Well, not Penguin if it happened before April 24. Google doesn't send messages for those.

ignore matt the liar

02/17/2013 01:49 am

Matt has gone nuts. Larry Page has made a fool of his court clown, every time Matt tries to spin something, Larry Page orders more changes. Google is out to manipulate serps to increase clicks on ads. Every update does that more and more. Nothing Matt says or does matter, what Google's bean counters do does.


02/17/2013 01:52 am

Google wants you and me and others to buy ads. Google is rigged and is trying to rig harder each day.

Rank Watch

02/17/2013 09:19 am

Matt has to be certainly thanked for letting us know the different kinds of notifications sent to the webmasters. These Google webmaster notifications have helped us webmasters a lot. People who ignore these notifications and continue doing it the spam way will face the Google's music soon i.e., an algorithmic or a manual penalty is on the way for them which will even see their site being dropped from Google's index. Webmasters who are able to distinguish between good and the spam, mainly stop spam after getting these notifications does survive the test of the time.

Colin Dolly

02/20/2013 07:31 am

Same here... :( I also didn't get any message form Google through WMT. I have lost my ranking but still waiting for a single message from Google that whats going wrong on my side.

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