Google Webmaster Blog Redesigned

Jul 10, 2014 • 8:32 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Google has redesigned the Google Webmaster Central Blog yesterday to give it an updated and cleaner look and make it work better on mobile devices.

Here is the old version:

click for full size

Here is the new version:

click for full size

Sadly, the mobile version still appends a mobile URL parameter to the end.

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Yo Mamma

07/10/2014 01:59 pm

I am so impressed! This new look will drastically improve the quality of advise on these forums. You would think that G$$gle is wealthy enough now, years after riding on the coattails of the university, that they can afford to actually hire people for their help forums, instead of relying on narcissistic, pimple faced, geeky, rude, jealous, volunteers. Yes, the new design is impressive. But I have little hope that it will change anything google is doing wrong. But thats just google.

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