No Google! I Said I Want This!

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google search by voiceGoogle highlighted a Google voice search feature on Google+ the other day, which demonstrates how you can correct mistakes when Google doesn't understand what you are saying.

In the demonstration, the searches said they want artists "Baroque" but Google came back with broke artists instead. The searcher went back to Google and said "no, I said Baroque" in his voice and it figured it out on the second try.

Here is a picture, following by a video:

Google Voice Search Corrections

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Michael Martinez

07/09/2014 01:30 pm

Google has broken some insurance-related searches, too. I suspect they tweaked something in their relevance algorithms recently, probably trying to interpret queries better and getting confused.

Yo Mamma

07/09/2014 01:34 pm

America is made up of immigrants. Spanish, Jewish (Google founder), Italian.... so this while voice activation 'sounds' excuse the pun, great, its not. A good technique for someone with an other than American accent, is to block your nose when speaking into these devices. Try it! An American voice is like most others with a stuffy nose

Ben Guest

07/10/2014 03:59 pm

AI is going to doom us all.


07/11/2014 11:03 am

Its better than most I've tried before in the past. Picks up 95%+ of words first time for me, and I've got unusual accent. It could be better yes and I'm sure it will improve over time to be able to pick up other accents better. Voice analysis is something that people have been trying to crack for years, its not something Google is going to be able to get perfect first time.

Yo Mamma

07/11/2014 02:55 pm

Lockey, you said it "Voice analysis is something that people have been trying to crack for years" but "its not something Google is going to be able to get perfect first time" is not true. They've been trying for years You see when people like Gates and now G$$GLE founder focus more on money rather than product, this is what happens - NOTHING Things do not move along, they stagnate. This voice recognition thing is a joke - Has been for 20 years When a PC can slice a loaf of bread, I say there is progress


07/11/2014 03:12 pm

...? Your reply makes no sense as usual. Do you have ANY ideas of the difficulties involved in recognising speech? Its just that difficult. Its nothing to do with money, if it was just that simple then someone else would have done it better and sold it to make more money. Its really really hard, in fact its regarded as one of the greatest programming problems of this century.

Yo Mamma

07/11/2014 04:32 pm

Well, Lockey, you give Goofle more credit than they have due. This is a usual theme with you. What does Goofle do for you? In the spirit of open source and international interest in projects, things get done. When money hungry whores step into projects, they shut down. Sorry you have always worshiped money Lockey, so you will never grasp what I refer to


07/14/2014 09:36 am

Anybody who knows me will laugh at your comments hard. I'm not one who gives a shit about money. As per normal you are simply ignoring the realities of the issues to suit your own personal agenda. What a surprise. Perhaps you should actually look into the facts of an issue before making yourself look like an idiot.


07/18/2014 08:51 am

thanks for note, but we not need to use anything from google. their search engine and spyware are enough to prevent them in all other areas.

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