Google Vince 2.0 = Google Panda 2.5.x?

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Matt Cutts Vince VideoOne of the senior members at WebmasterWorld started a thread suggesting that the last group of Google Panda updates were more "Vince" update like than Panda update like.

Vince was an update that seemed to push big brands to the front of the results. Panda was more about demotion versus Vince which was more about promotion, or at least that is what SEOs and Webmasters feel.

The senior member, potentialgeek, said:

Vince and Panda work together. Vince promotes authority/trusted sites; Panda demotes thin/shallow sites.

Vince 2.0 I believe gave more authority to sites that Vince 1.0 liked. The dial got turned up. After 2.0, Vince in my sector let the top two authority sites for widgets get many top rankings for related keyword search phrases; e.g., red widgets; blue widgets; white widgets, etc., etc. Before Vince they had no rankings for those phrases. After Vince 1.0 they got top 5; after Vince 2.0, top 1-2.

Technically, these updates are still likely Panda related but they can have characteristics of Vince.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Paul Martin

11/01/2011 12:54 pm

10 points to who spots the typo first... ;-)

Gavin Potts

11/01/2011 01:10 pm

...And a promotion to whoever spots it.

Vivek Parmar

11/01/2011 01:27 pm

it means the authority sites moved up now in SERP? What about the newly started site? After reading this I do not think that anyone likes to start a new project..?


11/01/2011 01:54 pm

We have a new project in the hopper now (new domain, etc.) and can imagine how this will impact our project. We should win on the web with quality of content and quality of product, not necessarily brand equity / authority sites. This is a disincentive to start-ups to stay original and more incentive for larger companies to "copycat" rather than acquire. Bad move. 

Jeff Yablon

11/01/2011 02:18 pm

second demotion s/b PROmotion

Barry Schwartz

11/01/2011 02:34 pm

fixed, sorry, so tired and been without power, heat, etc since saturday - east coast snow storms. wrote this on a leased line late last night.

Google Search Team

11/01/2011 04:09 pm

Dear webmasters, on behalf of the Google Search team we would like to tell you that it is nonsense, we do not promote our advertisers. It's just a coincidence that brands are almost always on top ten and that brands buy adwords on Google all the time. You do not have to advertise on Google to become a brand in order to rank, you can read our instructions on how to build quality sites and you may recover. If you do not recover in a year or two, just wait longer. Merry Christmas and be generous to your family this plentiful year. We are. Matt Cutts Amit Singhal and the Google team sharing $2 Billion in stock grants this year thanks to record profits, er top search quality.


11/01/2011 04:32 pm

From my recent observations I can tell that not only brands and/or authorities sites get better rankings now, but also that Panda tolerates things that do not do with small businesses or new sites. That is fact!

Matt Cutts

11/01/2011 04:53 pm

You must improve your AdwordsRank (TM) and then you don't have to worry about anything. No brands or famous sites were hurt by Panda for more than a few days. The more money you spend with us in AdWords, the more we trust you and you show that you are serious about your site. It's all about trust. Questioning our motives is ridiculous. Google pays me millions of dollars a year to be honest with you webmasters. Matt Cutts


11/01/2011 05:50 pm

Panda is actually branda and Vince is her husband. .. It doesn't matter really. The solution for peasants like us is to work hard in finding other sources of traffic and consider Google organic traffic (and other search engines)  as an extra bonus - Nothing to rely on unless you become an authority if at all. A good Internet business must not put its eggs on one basket (Google or whatever) and must have legs and hands in many web places. That is how you build a respectful long term business. My sites get these days ~ 1 Million visits, I care more to growing the 15% of traffic than the 85% that are coming from Search Engines. Wish me luck Barry & Shana Tova from Israel


11/01/2011 09:05 pm

Good luck!


11/02/2011 12:17 am

Mazel Tov. Any suggestions on getting non-Google traffic?


11/02/2011 04:42 am

Google Vince 2.0 had a great impact on the search engine results.  Google demanded it as a minor update; however, many of the top brands were seeing favorable results.

Jagadeesh M Nambiar

11/02/2011 12:00 pm

Looks like these are under staging. In Middle East region copy sites lists high and brand site lists down in organic search. The brand site I mention even spends on Google Adwords.

Web Design Bangalore

11/02/2011 01:30 pm

Really Panda is actually branda....


11/03/2011 06:57 am

Whatever the name, the news is good. 


11/03/2011 07:25 am

Thanks, Here's a shortlist, not in the right order of importance, just what came to my mind: Newsletter, Youtube, Amazon, Forums, Slideshare, Direct ,facebook ,Twitter, Stamble, Dig, 5minutes, LinkedIn, suite101, any blogs etc.


11/03/2011 07:31 am

It is a waste of time badmouthing Google because tomorrow a new Google will grow (say Google Moogle) and you'll have to  face its new way of working. The best way is to think  - diversity and flexibility.

Rakhi Chowdhary

11/03/2011 08:52 am

Simple put great post line in the post itself says all "Vince promotes authority/trusted sites; Panda demotes thin/shallow sites. " Any idea about next Google Panda 2.5.x update, will this filter and remove another set of low quality sites?? Also, I would like to say that inspite of small flaws and pitfalls which Google keeps trying to overcome with these updates, algorithm change Google search quality is unbeatable and remains trust worthy. Yep! I would like to mention about the unwanted results coming in organic result has increase with recent changes in Google algorithm, it was rarest earlier but frequent these days.  

Waterproof Digital Camera

11/06/2011 11:56 am

I love the panda update, because after this update there is less spam, I think.


01/19/2012 12:13 pm

Go panda go panda go

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