Updated: Stronger Reports Of A Google Update

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Google Update BrewingMonday I reported some weaker signs of a Google update but things settled down a bit but is now spiking higher this morning.

The WebmasterWorld thread sparked up again with a lot more feedback and chatter from webmasters about Google changes. Also, I am hearing a lot of reports on Twitter as well.

A senior member at WebmasterWorld wrote today:

I'm seeing quite dramatic changes in SERPs today, I suspect quite a major update of some sort is crunching... too early to tell if it's Panda.

Some suspect EMD, some think Panda, but it is hard to tell if it is anything at this point.

Currently, all the automated monitoring tools don't show anything but they haven't updated with Monday's results. So keep an eye out for the tools including MozCast, SERPs.com and SERP Metrics.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Update - No Update: Google has informed me that there was no update. Here is their comment:

It's not Panda. We asked around a little bit and didn't uncover any other likely suspects, but remember that Google launches over 500 algorithmic changes per year, so there are always small changes rolling out.

Update #2: Google a few days later announced a Panda refresh:

Previous story: Google's Issues With Most Web Directories: Little Content


Krystian Szastok

01/17/2013 01:52 pm

I don't think EMD - looks more like Penguin refresh so far... but I'm basing this on a very small sample of sites.


01/17/2013 02:02 pm

I'd agree. Lot of flux in the UK SERPs in particular.

Joseph Gendron

01/17/2013 02:09 pm

I made this statement on Warriorforum last week... Definite penguin update... I think it now affects more site wide than before.

Gabriel Sita

01/17/2013 02:16 pm

Lets hope its just a small update and not a big one, a big Panda update...

Ollie Smith

01/17/2013 02:50 pm

Seeing major drops in the UK

Robert Kirk

01/17/2013 02:53 pm

im seeing some big changes in the UK serps today - some of our clients have seen nice jump a few a little drop


01/17/2013 03:01 pm

Definitely an update, can't say whether it is panda, penguin, emd. I saw a major boost in the SERPs for my clients followed by a minor drop afterwards, somewhat strange.

Gyan Singh

01/17/2013 05:20 pm

May be it is Google dance! Anyway, Enjoying working as a Internet marketing for Google, No worry about algorithm updates done by Google even enjoying more... hahaha :)

Kevin Gerding

01/17/2013 05:44 pm

I saw a drop over the weekend, but came back a little stronger with traffic. This is definitely a Panda or Penguin related event in my opinion.

Junaid khawaja

01/17/2013 05:54 pm

It's not an EMD because one of my keyword that was on top in Google Australia is on the same place now.. but all of the other keywords are down by 50 to 70 ranks in Australia & US Google.

Mukesh Kumar

01/17/2013 06:13 pm

Seo Is Just Like a heart attack , it can come any time . Google dont show mercy on good sites as well.

Sunil Kumar

01/17/2013 06:18 pm

Google is dancing and dancing any time,,no one knows when, how and what?

Seo Hop

01/17/2013 06:29 pm

i have a live reference from this update today check it out http://www.seo-hop.com/panda-penguin-google-update-january-17-2013-uk/ guy called me earlier

junaid khawaja

01/17/2013 06:37 pm

One of My Client's EMD keyword is still ruling Google Australia means it's not EMD update... but afterall, it's frustrating!

Ravi Ranjan

01/17/2013 06:39 pm

ohhhh really?

Ravi Ranjan

01/17/2013 06:41 pm

Yes, i have also noticed same


01/17/2013 06:52 pm

Looks like EMD cause my site is affected in US Arizona


01/17/2013 07:29 pm

Very frustrating, cause this has affected the bread and butter for some people


01/17/2013 08:30 pm

Just about all my sites have taken a major plunge on the UK SERPs during 17 January. Heres hoping its a dance......


01/17/2013 08:33 pm

I noticed a little increase of G traffic since last Thursday-Friday, but just about a 5-10%. I'm still too far of the 80% Google took me on April 19-25 last year with no warning or any kinf of penalty applied. Too much hard work for nothing.

Ben Austin

01/17/2013 09:15 pm

its not EMD as i have an EMD - seo.org.uk that has shot up to page 2 for its EMD.

Fahad Siddiqui

01/17/2013 10:49 pm

Agreed! its a major change from the whole past year, one of our website got higher in results from US but from Canada it is worse...

Victor O

01/17/2013 11:01 pm

There have been a few changes in search results the past few days. I have been monitoring some keywords and websites. There is definitely an update which is already affecting some websites, but it does not look like a serious update.


01/17/2013 11:06 pm

I've seen a slight drop for one keyword on one site but the reset have been untouched, however, the majority of my traffic comes from google's main site.

Daniel Houghton

01/17/2013 11:30 pm

The flux I see in Switzerland seems to be connected to offpage signals. Penguin therefore first thought. On first sight the guys who are losing out have been doing excessive linkbuilding with non-branded anchor texts and an unnatural ratio of deeplinks vs. links to homepage.


01/18/2013 01:12 am

Yep we have seen a few drop in rankings our selves for our domains so definitely a google dance happening in Australia.


01/18/2013 02:59 am

My homepage keyword is still there, but my category keywords are down by 5~10 in Australia. And it is old website.


01/18/2013 03:21 am

yes its a major update. lots of shuffle in ranking, seeing old sites being hammered and new sites getting a push. may due to the amount of links they have generated over 5 or 10 years and got hit by Penguin update. and new sites are surfacing because of new links they have and not get that much signals to penalized but get a boost. once they will be in top 1 - 2 years they will tank again


01/18/2013 05:01 am

There is no update so far officially announced by Google this week.

Muhammad Imran

01/18/2013 05:04 am

That's true. Don't what's going on Google UK but it's big reality that all of my rankings have been fluctuating again.

Guy E

01/18/2013 05:09 am

Google's apparent "no update" is BS. Sure; I accept they make many algorithmic changes throughout the year - however this was a fairly substantial update with SERPs dancing quite hard all around the world - it wasn't a minor update...

Mohd Amir Hasan

01/18/2013 05:20 am

Yeah Google has updated in India too as on Thursday 16 Jan-13 Morning till evening My all Projects keyword was dancing in Google.com. Me and my team also done some analysis on that, also we compare from Google USA but that was fine. According to our analysis Seo's who only worked on home page lost their ranking.

Govind Singh

01/18/2013 05:32 am

but ranking are down very dramatically ranks goes down now 500

Govind Singh

01/18/2013 05:34 am

I Seen In india my mostly keywords are drop...


01/18/2013 05:58 am

I am also finding major changes in my keywords ranking. Not getting any information what algorithm changes has happened. Waiting for an article or discussion about it. :(

Wojciech Tyluś

01/18/2013 06:21 am

In response Google, it does not follow that there was an algorithm update, Google said only that it was Panda. In Poland, the SERP's crazy! Google why?

Biswa Mohanty

01/18/2013 06:31 am

all uk rankings gone, never mind they will be back soon, I hope

Selvam T

01/18/2013 06:35 am

One of my client site keywords are pushed down in google.com and as well as google.com.au. For the past 2 years my client site keywords are in top in both global and in australia. But recently i face this big problem. I felt bad on checking the site keywords daily. In fact i posted a request in GWT for site consideration. They replied there is nothing problem with the site. Now don't know what work should i do for my client site in order to retain the keywords back to the original position. Almost 80 keywords are down. My site was last cached on january 3rd 2013. But till now it is not cached. I checked many of my competitor websites also, they show the same cache dates. Waiting for google to show me my site keywords back into original position. I don't know what to do to convince my client for this big issue. Hope everyone would be waitinf for their site keywords returning to the same position. Google has to take major action on this.

Firdaus Ansari

01/18/2013 07:02 am

Same here. I also lost my keywords ranking. It is really irritating I hope it will resolve soon :(

font mania

01/18/2013 07:10 am

What Updates to going on google. My client site keywords are pushed down. Please tell me any one.

font mania

01/18/2013 07:11 am

I confushed for google updates....


01/18/2013 07:16 am

Is there any official announce any update by google. if yes then provide me link.

Amit Kumar

01/18/2013 07:17 am

It’s not EMD because some exact match still there in top serps. It’s may be a penguin update.


01/18/2013 07:18 am

I agree it is due to Google dance and hopefully ranking will automatically improve soon.

Rahul Mishra

01/18/2013 07:23 am

It's all monopoly by Google.

Bilal Abbasi

01/18/2013 08:07 am

It seems Penguin update not just refresh because i haven't seen any major change in exact match domain SERP's but there is huge shift SERP's of old sites that are getting more link signals.

Manish Vats

01/18/2013 09:39 am

our clients ranking is gone after last evening 17 Jan. 2013.. now what should be?


01/18/2013 09:39 am

all my keywords went down by 100 positions... :(


01/18/2013 09:41 am

Hope it will come in top, never mind


01/18/2013 09:43 am

Just don't make any changes yet. Wait for a while and your keywords may come back to top

Manish Vats

01/18/2013 09:50 am

confirm me that, do all old websites with high PR and good linking base are going down now??

Selvam T

01/18/2013 10:00 am

Yes, i was also working for one UK client. The keyword which is ranking in 3rd position moved to 2nd page today because of this recent google algorithm update. I hope it will be back since i had spend more time on working to that site.


01/18/2013 10:11 am

What i have seen is sites ranging from PR4+ have tanked. These sites were stable for several years and were unhurt by any panda or penguin update. but with this update they have lost their rankings(not completely) but substantially that will hamper their business for sure.


01/18/2013 10:23 am

All my UK based site rank fall down badly... i have 7 website UK based for SEO, ranking gone 1st position to not in hundred. Definitely its major update by Google.

Manoj Sharma

01/18/2013 10:35 am

without any update, how rank may go down? i think, google is going wrong direction...pr-4 website and no balck hat work then how it can go from first 4 position to 3rd page?

Powder White ❄

01/18/2013 11:12 am

Dropped an average of 5 places on a sample of 140 keywords, my top 10 keywords gone from average position of 2 to 8, UK site, have seen increases every week for last 5 months until 17th Jan 2013... what update is this?

Powder White ❄

01/18/2013 11:17 am

I have PR4 site and have experienced exactly what guest says

रवि वत्स

01/18/2013 11:17 am

I am also finding major changes in my keywords ranking. Not getting any information what algorithm changes has happened

vijina jairaj

01/18/2013 11:38 am

the same for me


01/18/2013 12:00 pm

Welcome to the club.

Powder White ❄

01/18/2013 12:01 pm

Bilal, what you said does apply to the status of my site


01/18/2013 12:02 pm

I don't blame them. It is entirely possible they say there is no update (although there is) because they don't know what they are doing.


01/18/2013 12:40 pm

Yes, bilal it seems like penguin update and targeting old sites that have good amount of links

Saurabh Saha

01/18/2013 01:07 pm

yeah! I've also noticed some amazing changes on my indexed page count at google search. Hope this time, I will not get any harm

John Slimak

01/18/2013 01:13 pm

Victor is correct. Small update has been made but total effect will take some time to determine how deep. It’s not a EMD update – we have watched EMD’s get hit last month with no return in 2013 yet. Wild part Google still has the EMD ranking #1for PPC. Hmm not good enough for page one Organic ranking yet good enough for ppc.

Iulian Ghisoiu

01/18/2013 01:35 pm

Maybe this update is related to links from web directories. So the question is, did you check your backlink profile? What is the procent of directory links from total ? I monitorised a large number of websites and this is my conclusion at this moment.


01/18/2013 02:03 pm

EMD update does not "attack" EMDs. It filters out the "low quality" ones.

Mike Kalil

01/18/2013 02:35 pm

Because one site is enough to prove that.


01/18/2013 03:10 pm

www.tilesandbathroomsonline.co.uk has 80% links from directory and ranking in top 10 in Google.co.uk .. this site never ranked for any tile keywords in last 7 years and nowadays ranking for many Keywords!! Not EMD ..HOw. seee... www.bathroomtiles.co.uk ranking on 7 for bathroom tiles on Google.co.uk


01/18/2013 03:11 pm

It seems Google is unable to handle the search results!!

Libelty SEO

01/18/2013 03:17 pm

I've seen sites that worked on inner pages fluctuate in the rankings just like ones that only worked on the home page.

Libelty SEO

01/18/2013 03:19 pm

Some PR4 sites are still in #1 positions so that's not it.


01/18/2013 03:41 pm

Seriously Rahul, seems Google has come up with update disaster after almost every fortnight, collapsing portals every time in different ways. :(

John Britsios

01/18/2013 04:08 pm

IMO, it looks like an algo refresh or update is coming and they are just doing some testing.


01/18/2013 04:44 pm

There has been a change... I see it across all rank reports. Google must be doubling down on their filters. Even competitive sites that have been ranked for a long time that we have also been tracking have slipped. Also, I think the manual reviewers are playing a roll on this one.


01/18/2013 04:59 pm

This is minus PR4 update. You have to change PR to recover. Get tons of spammy links, your PR will go down to 3 and you'll recover.

sunil kumar

01/18/2013 05:04 pm

Now Dancing Google SERP...i think it is EMD update by Google...

Dawn Fitton

01/18/2013 05:05 pm

I have been monitoring every few hours across over 50 sites for the past few days. I normally check rankings daily only but I have data going back at least a year. This past 48 hours has seen a huge amount of volatility across many of the sites I track. Started to see a huge change just after midnight on 17th. Some ridiculously high rankings and dramatic increases for over 100 terms and others the reverse. Yesterday it was changing like peaks and troughs every time I ran the reports. Today it seems more settled, with some sites coming back up and some pages getting re-indexed, but not many. Those which had shot up were shooting back down again. It's mad though because it looks like high authority sites are doing well as you may expect them to do in a fair SERP, but also seeing pretty grey / borderline black hat sites only recently registered hitting top spot for competitive terms. Bonkers


01/18/2013 05:07 pm

It strongly depends from what part of Arizona your site is located. If it's close to Tucson, then no doubt EMD. Move it closer to Lake Powell and see what happenes there.


01/18/2013 05:11 pm

Sure, particularly from Arizona.


01/18/2013 05:13 pm

Take it over. Don't hesitate.


01/18/2013 05:17 pm

Obviously these sites are not in Arizona.


01/18/2013 05:56 pm

also "low quality" for googlebot but high quality for human sites.


01/18/2013 05:57 pm

because they can ;(

shiv sagar Tiwari

01/18/2013 06:03 pm

It seems some big changes are implemented by Google on today for UK serps. because all those sites over i was working for UK serps are affected.

Jim Christian

01/18/2013 07:42 pm

Aside from all this.... Have a great weekend Barry! Thanks for the hard work.


01/18/2013 10:05 pm

Yep down 10 spots or so on most of my keywords, up a few spots on others.. not good news at the minute.. my backlink profile in terms of anchor text was pretty good though IMO, but i have to admit a lot of my links were from spammy platforms like wikis, guestbooks, social bookmarks, image comments, directories and some article directories.. so maybe it's that they're using the data they collected from the disavow tool and penalizing me for that.. maybe. My site is a pr5 EMD with unique content..

Peter Watson

01/18/2013 11:13 pm

But which? Panda, Penguin, EMD?


01/18/2013 11:47 pm

Its crazy what happened today. My major keywords went down from #5 to #40 on google.de. but on google.com its from #3 to #2. But I need .de :-(. I think? i have a good backlink structure. So who can help me, why I have lost so much on .de


01/18/2013 11:57 pm

Hi Barry, Any chance that Google will disclose this update publicly?


01/19/2013 12:11 am

Sorry to hear that Biswa. I've noticed my UK rankings have shifted significantly too. Some worse, some better. The effected sites had spun content/low quality backlinks aimed at them.


01/19/2013 12:12 am

Search "Used Volvo Alternators" with quotes. I'm in Los Angeles and the first two results are from sites in the UK. Results 4 and 5 are angelfire.com spam sites with disabled content. What gives, Google????


01/19/2013 01:36 am

Also it's responsible for the recession. Google sucks. Altavista forever.

Vipin Sharma

01/19/2013 06:48 am

There was sumthing went within last 2 days for sure... my friends called me regularly for checking what had happened, many of my fren lost ranking from the first page, even my customers ranking had some drop and gain.... EMD shouldn't have effected this, because website which lost their rank were no where close to a domain with keywords. PENGUIN should have done something again..


01/19/2013 07:36 am

yes same thing is happening with me

Andy Morley

01/19/2013 10:40 am

I have to agree here.. i have seen site drop which have a lot of directory links. The others aren't effected. The difficult thing now is to get these directory links removed.

Andy Morley

01/19/2013 10:42 am

I have seen no evidence of EMD update either... I think they have simply devalued a ton of Directory links... I see sites dropping with a lot of directory back links.

Andy Morley

01/19/2013 10:45 am

Hi Ollie... Out of interest these sites which have dropped, do they have a lot of directory links? Im trying to sift through this thread to find out what has happened, but everybody seems to have conflicting reports.. I am seeing drops for sites with a lot of directory links... nothing to do with EMD's

Andy Morley

01/19/2013 10:46 am

Penguin hitting directories in my opinion.

Joseph Gendron

01/19/2013 12:25 pm

Was just a dance... everything went back to the same place as of this morning... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDAmPIq29ro

Chittaranjan Sarangi

01/19/2013 02:32 pm

Yes Biswa you are right. I have seen some dramatically changes in ranking for UK websites..


01/19/2013 05:11 pm

google likes to make big updates at weekend, to not give webmasters relax at this time.


01/19/2013 05:47 pm

their filters not how to promote good unique content, but how to penalize all sites for main keywords.


01/19/2013 05:57 pm

there has a major change in serach results. I see more gumtree and even facebook now in search related to my keyword which is MAN AND VAN. i say, major major change.


01/19/2013 07:18 pm

welcome to the "better, more precise" search...


01/19/2013 07:19 pm

"good" is a very wide, relative term. what you think is good, someone else think is bad.

Libelty SEO

01/19/2013 07:57 pm

I checked your SEO site... wasn't ranking well before this update... nor is it now..

Libelty SEO

01/19/2013 07:58 pm

I'm not sure about that... depends on the site

Bruno Babic

01/19/2013 08:57 pm

Hi Barry, I appreciate your efforts to kindly share all your observations on the latest Google updates that have raised so much dust among online marketers. Being a bit of a hustler who always likes to follow my top passions in life, I strongly believe that delivering passion-rich content that's doing any kind of business online with a great passion is always the best way to go because at the end of the day passion always sells as easy as sex if you like. Thank you. Bruno Babic

Dario Petkovic

01/19/2013 11:54 pm

There is no doubt that the big G has done something to their algorithm, it's like they've brought back EMD rankings. Here is the example. Go to google.com.au and type employment lawyers. #2 result is a PR0 employmentlawyers dot com dot au. That's just BS ps. I suppose my blog www.dariopetkovic.com will rank better for the EMD :s

Dario Petkovic

01/19/2013 11:55 pm

best of luck buddy, I share your pain


01/20/2013 05:34 am

Hey Barry ever thought that the people at Google might be lying to you?


01/20/2013 07:44 am

The new update has to do with anchor texts, if you have too many short anchor texts that's bad. Your anchor texts have to be more than 4 words long now, google did that to get rid of spam comments and especially Keywordluv ;) If you have a anchored text on a page without pagerank it just doesn't count anymore, google only counts the one on pr 0+ ( note the difference between pr n/a and 0 ) their chase of seo people is stupid, someone who is putting links with "blue table" is more likely to sell blue tables, so he has relevant content... my site is still penalised 2 years after a negative seo, i'm so disgusted ( started my training to become a baker btw, yay analog life ) please if someone from google reads this, lift the penalty on http://www.macgamesandmore.com because it's a real site with unique content, 10 years of blogging destroyed by a competitor. this site has a lot of sentimental value.


01/20/2013 07:45 am

even linkedin, blogspot etc are ranking now.

Ollie Smith

01/20/2013 11:42 am

I think maybe a localized UK test


01/20/2013 12:36 pm

it is not EMD, it is penguin refresh

Ollie Smith

01/20/2013 12:36 pm

I feel bad for you


01/20/2013 12:36 pm

yes you are right on this, UK got hit the most.


01/20/2013 12:36 pm

same here, my EMD is not effected at all.


01/20/2013 02:19 pm

It is not Penguin. It is Arizona refresh. Remember Florida? Feel the direction.

Pete Arkwright

01/20/2013 11:32 pm

For the past 2 years my sites have risen in the rankings with each update.

legend xu

01/21/2013 03:10 am

Can you show me your site?

Manish Vats

01/21/2013 03:47 am

Google updated and refresh the database of back link as i know that. Now one question is, how we can get ranking again and with which strategics? Same process which we are followed ya any other way.. Linking should be strong or not? Currently SEO guys make a good PR back link as well as followed the good content after that ranking is went down now what should be?

Manish Vats

01/21/2013 04:32 am

Google updated and refresh the database of back link as i know that. Now one question is, how we can get ranking again and with which strategics? Same process which we are followed ya any other way.. Linking should be strong or not? Currently SEO guys make a good PR back link as well as followed the good content after that ranking is went down now what should be?

Bilal Abbasi

01/21/2013 04:37 am

Yah may be if conditions apply to your site.....

Aadi Chauhan

01/21/2013 05:32 am

What Do u think?


01/21/2013 05:47 am

its gone what were in top 20 are now no where in top 200

Manish Vats

01/21/2013 05:59 am

now what is the processor for work?


01/21/2013 06:04 am

I dont know if its EMD PANDA or PENGUIN but i have seen strange things wherein for one of the very competitive keywords i was ranking number 1 but today number 10 and the top 5 slots have been capture by pages which doesnt even have single backlink


01/21/2013 06:44 am

My client site 12 keywords are pushed down from 1st page to NA.

Olivia Brown

01/21/2013 06:59 am

many of my site's and my friend's site's keywords have fell down dramatically.....direct out of 100!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is annoying

Nayan Mewada

01/21/2013 07:02 am

IT is not only the case with the .uk websites. my website has also dropped for most of the keywords in India without any major Implementation. ALso i have noticed that Google.co.in is currently listing URL from the same website in sequence. eliminating the chance for most of the websites to rank on first few pages. Kinldy find the attached image for ready reference.

Nayan Mewada

01/21/2013 07:08 am

good one

Austin Mark

01/21/2013 08:36 am

Yes sarangi you are right. Any hope the ranking back again?

wyan davidson

01/21/2013 09:35 am

What Google update done no one can find what the actual update...!!! All guys are wondering about Google update but no one can find it, all gives opinions as per them past experience about EMD, Panda & Penguin etc. No one can understand till Google not declare about 17th Jan 2013 update I think Google also don't know what happen its, otherwise they should declare about 17th Jan 2013 Google update


01/21/2013 10:48 am

Just 1 page has been hit badly on my site - that page has a high bounce rate, any thoughts??

SEO mnj

01/21/2013 12:07 pm

SEO going to end now days google is sick :(

Manjeet dagar

01/21/2013 12:44 pm

Yes my co.in & co.uk rankings are affected. Some keywords are gone above 100, but some website improves


01/21/2013 01:21 pm

don't worry! we get rank very soon.

SEO Expert | SEO

01/21/2013 02:03 pm

i don't know what's going in G's mind.When they started G,they need G but once now they have been settled on top,they are refusing the backlinks and SEOs.

Libelty SEO

01/21/2013 03:34 pm

I hear this everytime there's an update... not going to happen


01/21/2013 04:24 pm

Hey yeah you are right just from one of my colleague keywords went out of 100 which were ranking on top 10 earlier this week its really frustrating need to know the reason why and what happened till then will be really afraid of my sites traffic hope this is not some major update fingers crossed :(

Seo Hop

01/21/2013 04:28 pm

ha you must be looking at the wrong site then bud. i don't even have time to do off page work on my site because I am too busy with my client's sites. my site ranks fine for barely any optimization performed

Gex Inc.

01/21/2013 06:26 pm

Nayan, we keep seing the same thing for spanish lenguage as well check this out: > http://www.mundocatalogo.es/catalogo-conforama-google.jpg

Alex Alexi

01/21/2013 08:55 pm

Everybody hopes to get back the lost rankings! As far as I read THERE IS NOT EVEN ONE positive improvement or massive going UP! That is frustrating and very, very annoying as a lot of us have put HUGE EFFORTS to rank. And now what???? Wait. Hope... Again... I am tired.... :-(

cory josue

01/22/2013 01:35 am

This is annoying! I just wish that Google will release a statement already to clear everything...

Mr Gia Sư

01/22/2013 03:23 am

lets me check my website at http://giasungoaithuong.net/

Olivia Brown

01/22/2013 05:45 am

I heard something like Zebra update Here: http://www.webmarketinggroup.co.uk/Blog/google-to-announce-zebra-update-1805.aspx What is is? Is it true?


01/22/2013 06:49 am

My website has been gone! Huh!

Dario Petkovic

01/22/2013 06:53 am

From a limited number of sites under my control I can see slight improvements, at least it hasn't gone worse


01/22/2013 07:21 am

Yes, seeing lot of keywords rich domains jumping in top 10 results from nowhere.


01/22/2013 07:23 am

that's the reason Google is not declaring any update as lot of webmasters from UK and India are hurt by this update whereas very few in USA. So, Google doesn't care about people outside USA...

Nayan Mewada

01/22/2013 11:01 am

I have also seen most of the .uk results on Google.co.in, I guess there is some issue with the indexing algorithm, Hope Google solves it soon.


01/22/2013 11:10 am

why you all think in negative way.... its a google algorithm update... I think it will be stable soon, I have faced this type of radical changes last year September... Hope all ranks will be come up soon... :)

Michael Price

01/22/2013 01:20 pm

Im seeing very similar - rankings dropped and being replaced by sites with minimal links plus an increase in EM and PM domains??

Siva Chidambaram

01/22/2013 02:17 pm

me too...same thing 4 to 5 keywords went to from 3 page to 14th, 15th, some disappeared.....on last week 17th...

Daniel Carlyon

01/22/2013 02:39 pm

SEO will never end. It will just diversify and evolve, for as long as search engines exist then search engine optimisation will exist, in one form or another.


01/22/2013 03:15 pm

I was hit in the USA.. It wasn't my whole site but select pages

Ranu Jain Gupta

01/22/2013 04:21 pm

Phewww....a sigh of relief! My site's rankings are rolling back but not yet fully recovered. This update might be a comprehensive effect of many things. It is definitely not an EMD update because all the exact match domains got benefited. It is not even a Google Dance because I have not heard anyone saying "my site ranks have improved" after this update. Either rankings have dropped drastically or they are same as earlier. So what kind of update is this and why?


01/22/2013 04:58 pm

I am working with 4-5 websites, I have lost ranking from first page to 3rd and fourth one for some important keywords. all of those keywords were in top five but one keyword is still in top three positions and one is on the top of the page. On the other hand for other websites I have lost ranking from 2nd position to 6-10 position for four of my important keywords. It is hard to understand what is all that happening. I think I need a strong link building.

Bill Ross

01/22/2013 08:15 pm

Wonder what the percentage is for the number of times an update is called out online, then denied by Google, then one rolls out a few days to a week later. Coincidence?


01/23/2013 01:13 am

why is it that people responding either can't write properly, or just plain don't make sense?

Dario Petkovic

01/23/2013 04:06 am

Google is certainly making mistakes. Here is what they did last with one of my client's Places listing (they admitted to an error), see here http://www.dariopetkovic.com/google-places-error-pending-being-reviewed/

SEO Workers

01/23/2013 06:35 am

Could it be that I was right? New Panda Refresh Rolling Out https://twitter.com/google/status/293780801001230336

Gaurav kumar

01/23/2013 07:40 am

Hye friends now i am aware about that google has updated a 24 update But can any one tell me that what this update all about and what new terms it takes with it , i am aware about that new panda has been updated , but what it updates i don;t come to know from anywhere . One more question is there when wither panda or penguine is updating it any new update so Is it affect the websites after full updation or in the process of updation ?

Nitin Vaghela

01/23/2013 07:47 am

Every time we work hard and Google launches new update and all SEO work gone. Google is think that it is the God of Internet world. But change is rules of God and day by day Google refusing value of G Brand. So in future one day come that in other search engine we are finding site of Google:)


01/23/2013 08:35 am

That's what i am saying. 17 Jan, 2013 update had major impact on people outside USA like UK and India. Whereas 22 Jan update is a worldwide update including more of USA.


01/23/2013 09:34 am

Google profits surge 7 percent http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-505124_162-57565268/google-profits-surge-7-percent/

Wendy Bauer Piersall

01/23/2013 03:52 pm

Same here. :'(

Steven Green

01/24/2013 06:21 pm

There were definately some changes. Couldn't have been exact match I have loads and none of them were affected. I did however have a lead gen site that took a pounding from hero to zero. Although only one of my 50 odd sites took a knock

Steven Green

01/24/2013 06:21 pm

Oh these were all .co.za domain names.


01/25/2013 02:01 pm

I am also having 10+++ UK based website and all have lost their ranking... As everyone knows that after penguin update google asked to focus on content based work.. So we started the same and its still giving us a punishment..... I think this is happened by mistakenly and ranking will come back soon.. If it did not come then we will have to put a request to google.. through google webmaster tool... Even I know google does not care for anyone.. He is a boss and he does what he thinks... But he should do everything in our favor . Because we are getting something by doing something.. Google is not giving us result in free.......

Bennix Baygas

01/28/2013 05:47 pm

Same here!my traffic drops to almost 50%.lols

Nick Ker

01/29/2013 05:33 pm

For what it is worth, it sure looks like a penguin refresh or some other keyword anchor text link related change. I am working for a few sites that have quite a few keyword-rich links that have been there for a long time. It seems like Google finally caught up with them. While Google said this was a Panda update, none of the sites I have been looking at have any obvious content problems. Still digging through the details, but it also looks like many of the links are also from "the usual suspects" - article marketing and low quality directories. Hard to say if it is the type of link, the keyword anchors or both.

Adam Lancaster

01/30/2013 11:40 pm

Yep seen strong suggest of brans scewing for 'online jewellery' in Australia. My client has owned the top for months on end and BANG Jan 17th... Now it's all well known brands and sites in the top positions.


02/06/2013 04:45 am

Google will eat SEO guys jobs

Mohammed Imran

02/12/2013 10:06 am

yes google is annoying now , i have one keyword with search only 300+ , and i am working on it since last three months , but its not coming up than 3rd page. Its really disaster by google.


03/07/2013 06:29 am

Google is playing with websites....

Hid bulbs

04/27/2013 02:29 pm

wow wonder comment its like and good

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