Google: Links From Your IP Address Is Normal

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Google Webmaster Tools LinksA Google Webmaster Help thread has complaints from one webmaster that the Google link tool in Google Webmaster Tools shows links from an IP address.

It is not uncommon to see IP addresses in Google Webmaster Tools link report, but is it normal?

Google's JohnMu said it is normal to see your server's IP address in the link report. John said:

I'm sorry about the confusion this is causing -- this is a bug in the way we show the data in Webmaster Tools. In short, these links are from your site's IP address, which we incorrectly show (with the "0" and the last two octals swapped). These links would not be a reason for any changes in crawling, indexing, or ranking that your site might be seeing - it's completely normal to have "links" from your server's IP address.

So do not panic if your links to your web site are from your IP address, it is normal.

Of course, I'd prefer to see most of my links coming from sites off of my server.

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Michael Martinez

12/05/2011 05:06 pm

"Of course, I'd prefer to see most of my links coming from sites off of my server." I am sure most people agree with you but large content sites that have thousands of pages (or millions) will likely be among their largest linking resources and may provide themselves with the majority of their own links.  People should not be afraid to see that develop.  It's natural.

Mikhail Tuknov

12/05/2011 11:51 pm

I agree with Michael on this one!


12/06/2011 07:48 am

I am yet to see what a site's incoming links portfolio with millions of pages look like. :P

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