Poll: Should Google Filter Auto-Completions In Instant Results?

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click for full sizeGoogle Must Censor Google Instant In Italy For Derogatory Suggestions.

A Milan Court ruled that Google must censor out the derogatory search suggestions and completions used on Google Instant. Personally, I find it a bit crazy but not everyone agrees with me, including this Italian court.

I mean, look at the image I used on this post. If Google dislikes anything, it is people calling the company evil. And the first instant completion you get from Google for [Google is...] is Google is Evil. Did Google censor that out? Not yet.

But that might change, because an Italian court doesn't want anyone to have to fight with Google over their names or company names being defamed via Google's search suggestions.

The issue is that someone was searching for a particular name and Google offered search completions for the name with con man or fraud. The individual sued forcing Google to filter out those suggestions and won, requiring Google remove any libellous search suggestions for his name. The Court of Milan upheld that ruling on March 31st.

Quoting myself there.

Personally, if I had some bad search suggestion for my name or company name, I'd be very upset. But as a searcher, maybe it would help? Google claims it is purely algorithmic and based on search volume and other metrics. So why shouldn't Google show even derogatory suggestions?

What do you think? Take my poll:

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04/06/2011 01:48 pm

Google shouldnt censor its search suggestions and autocompletions, but I think they should focus on improvements on these products... I've seen in the past very bad suggestions that resulted in a bad search experience.... Obviously these improvements should be algorithimcal and not manual at all.


04/06/2011 01:56 pm

well, it's already censored !

Simon Dann

04/06/2011 02:52 pm

it should filter depending upon your safe search status, they should also extend this status so rather than safe-search on or off, you can choose custom result filtering with all off meaning just that - no filtering what so ever. We are all adults here so taking offence at a computers suggestion based upon human interaction is just plain silly; its just like getting angry at a three year old repeating swear words that is has overheard.


04/09/2011 07:37 pm

I believe that there's far more to this question. If the suggestions did not appear, then it's quite likely that we'd end up with a wider variety of search terms. It is because the suggestions are listed, encouraging people to click one of the suggested options, that Google is creating bias in the searches.

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