Will Google Blackout Site For SOPA Wednesday?

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Google Black SOPAA Google Webmaster Help thread has about 60 posts from searchers and webmasters asking Google to join the SOPA protest by blacking out the Google search home page.

One searcher said:

Please, Google, blackout your site in conjunction with other interested parties (paypal, amazon, etc) to demonstrate the potential consequences of SOPA to the general public. You already know how important defeating, or at least getting time for discussion and revision to, SOPA is.

By blacking out your site, you will make many people angry. I, and many people like me, will help by explaining to anyone and everyone what is going on. Then we can help the general public understand what is at stake.

SOPA is draconian and backwards, if not entirely corrupt. SOPA is a treatment worse than the disease. SOPA sells out our civil liberties to protect so called intellectual property but cannot indeed protect that property. SOPA is a step too far in a misguided direction. SOPA has not been given the time it deserves to be discussed and created on behalf of the people. SOPA is being swept past us by moneyed interests in hopes that we won't notice.

Holding a blackout in conjunction with other internet services that have become integral to the daily way of life will have an exponentially more profound effect.

Do it. I'll back you up.

It is a calculated risk. How much money can Google lose by doing this on a single day vs how much Google can lose if SOPA is implemented?

What I expect Google to do is darken their logo and place a link under the logo for users to learn more about the downsides of SOPA. I do not expect them to do a complete blackout of their site like others.

But should they?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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Sadie Simpson

01/17/2012 02:27 pm

If search engine giants like Google blackout in protest of SOPA it will most definitely strengthen the case against it.  SOPA is a crime against the freedoms that our ancestors fought  for, are they just going to do nothing but change their logo? Surely they should be doing more.

Stefan Nilsson

01/17/2012 02:45 pm

Think about all those companies using AdWords that would lose their traffic. Will not happen

Jason Frye

01/17/2012 03:35 pm

It would make more sense to have a splash page on Youtube, not to blackout Google. They'll never do the latter, but the former could be done to great affect.

Michael J. Kovis

01/17/2012 03:44 pm

People need to get the idea of what could happen if this type of legislation was to pass and become law.  In my opinion, the search engines should all just blackout, not just Google.  It is one day.  Granted, it will have a very bad downward spiral for this day, but compare that to what could happen if these bills didn't have opposition. I will be very surprised if Google doesn't do something to show their support for opposing SOPA and PIPA.

Rob May

01/17/2012 05:06 pm

Yes, they absolutely should blackout the day. Forget the money lost in 1 day - look at the money lost in days/months and years to come should this pass!!! This is exactly how it would be As a professional search marketer, I agree with this practice. I will support Google in this - and relay to as many, if not all - why it happened so they understand..  SOPA is evil.. period. 


01/17/2012 05:25 pm

I think Google should de-index the SOPA supporters for the day. To that end they should also disable their AdWords accounts at the same time. Let them feel the pinch of zero search traffic for a day.

Greedy Google

01/17/2012 05:53 pm

Google will not a lose a single dollar. But even if they did, they would manipulate search to take it from us and make that dollar back. Grreeeeeeeeedddyyyyyyyyy Bastards. Predatory Bastards.


01/17/2012 07:21 pm

no because I have an exam on Thursday and I need Google for revision, maybe on sunday would be a better option as I am all for it but the timing is wrong.

duane reeves

01/17/2012 10:24 pm

If  Google were to NOT black out in protest would that not just be a admission of the same greed they are opposing ?  If Google's Corporate Greed is so great 1 days revenue is to much to lose then the entire deal is down sized to Greed VS Greed .  How can we tell the winner in a Greed VS Greed Fight

Jeff Downer Indianapolis IN

01/18/2012 01:58 am

You know, I'd rather my kids be able to do their homework.  Google has developed certain mission critical functions that need to be maintained.  Something like Facebook or  iTunes, I can see. 


01/18/2012 06:07 am

Even if google blackouts for 1 day, ppl will forget it. Coz the next day its gona come up. However many don't know what is SOPA is. But it will be bad day for SEO's, internet marketers in the world as information won't be shared and it will have drastic effect in the web.

Video Conferencing

01/18/2012 10:46 am

Yes, agreed with Megan comment, First of all we have to aware people about SOPA, most of the people yet don't know about what is it and what will gonna happen after SOPA implement, so Google have to blackout with link that will tell audience about SOPA and it's disadvantages!


01/18/2012 02:41 pm

this SOPA is bunch of crap and its only supported by old school politicians who have no clue about the web...oh and Hollywood whos been charging people an arm and leg for their crappy movies 


01/19/2012 12:41 am

google and the other sites supporting the blackout (reddit, wiki) are on a completely different scale. Google has become an essential service, unlike the other two sites. If the entirety of google goes down for one day, technology advanced countries might as well take a day off, because nothing will be done. No emails, no searches on websites, no linking, anything multimedia on android smartphones (about 1/4 of all the phones out there) would pretty much be dead. its like the hospital going for a strike, which they cant due to social obligations.

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