Google Gives Insights Into Search Quality: SEOs Learn Nothing

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Google released a video of a "look under the hood of search" and an explanation of "How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm."

Truth is, although the video is very sharing and really fun to watch, it does not give us any additional insights into what we already know. Here is the video:

The good thing is that, we already know a lot. The bad thing is, the only thing I learned from this, was as Matt Cutts said, "at 52 seconds in, you can see Matt's wrestler mask (long story), a waving cat from Japan, and an Eika Kerzen candle (also a long story)."

Anyway, watch the video. If you have any thing to share, do so.

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Ian Williams

08/26/2011 03:02 pm

2:02 - In a room full of Macbook Pros, one man gets the ThinkPad.


08/26/2011 03:06 pm

Susan Moskwa said it best, this smacks of propaganda. Adios Google, it only gets worse from now on.  The truth is out, you're just another lying, cheating corporation.

Nathan Jackson

08/26/2011 03:07 pm

Reminded me of an apple launch video...quick cuts to people with quick snippets of speech. Quite interesting seeing the process though.

Michael Martinez

08/26/2011 05:14 pm

20,000+ experiments a year -- we didn't know that before. Massive numbers of trends charts spread across their Googleplex -- we didn't know that before. They identify "motivating searches" -- we didn't know that before. Raters evaluate new ideas first -- we didn't know that before. They assign a search analyst to each proposed change -- we didn't know that before. They call one of their interface features "full place replacement" -- we didn't know that before. I think there is a lot of interesting stuff we didn't know before in this video.

Barry Schwartz

08/26/2011 05:31 pm

Did you see the Churchill Club interview?

Barry Schwartz

08/26/2011 07:19 pm

Did you watch the Churchill video?


08/26/2011 09:08 pm

Why is John Malkovich working at Google? Is the economy that bad?

Joe Youngblood

08/26/2011 09:32 pm

 they did that video just for the FTC. I love Amit's statement at the end about a "Choice" of search, he forgot to mention that Chrome users do not have that choice.

toddler converse

08/30/2011 12:59 pm

I seriously don't understand too and in this case, I've been finding lots of articles to explain the essence of the video but to no avail. Let's just wait and see for what's coming.

Michael Martinez

08/30/2011 06:28 pm

Yes, but "we" (in my mind) includes more than just those of us who have time to watch hour-long videos.  A lot of the stuff in the video sort of floated past me anyway (I watched it at the end of a long day).

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