Google's Matt Cutts Wants You To Send Him Examples Scraper Sites

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google scraperMatt Cutts, Google's head spam guy, posted on Twitter that he wants you to submit reports and examples of scraper sites or URLs that are outranking the original source.

He made a Google Doc form where you can submit the report over here. The form asks you the source URL, i.e. the original source of the content, the URL of the page stealing the content, the search results page where it is being outranked, and just an agree link.

You should keep in mind, in January 2011, Google came out with an algorithm specifically designed to prevent scrapers from ranking well, i.e. the scraper algorithm.

The best example thus far was posted by +JonDunn with a tip from Dan Barker:

google scraper example


Anyway, I assume this means Google is going to use this data to improve or create a new algorithm in the future.

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02/28/2014 02:10 pm

@danbarker - Just made my day! haha


02/28/2014 02:10 pm



02/28/2014 02:19 pm

@Dan Barker, you are a boss! Google is right now the biggest scrapper of all.


02/28/2014 02:38 pm

hahahah @dan barker so funny


02/28/2014 03:47 pm

Yup. This is most likely going to be used as a training set for either a current panda algorithm, or a future algorithm.

John Revo Puno

02/28/2014 04:37 pm

Haha! Nice one, @danbarker!

Alexander Hemedinger

02/28/2014 04:43 pm

Awesome response, love it! @Dan Barker wins!

PM Fiorini

02/28/2014 05:13 pm

Dan Barker 1, Google 0.


02/28/2014 05:13 pm

Kudos to Dan Barker !!! And Matt Cutts ... well, just another proof that he is living in Google's fantasy world and is so far from reality. Such surveys make me believe, that Google can loose market share in any moment.

Andy Lighter

02/28/2014 09:25 pm

Perfect Dan - not to mention Facebook doing this now. When we type in our company name (WillScore Ranking Technology) Facebook has a page in the top three and it has ZERO content. But of course "some scrapers are more equal than other scrapers" - right Matt?


02/28/2014 11:26 pm

"do as we say, not as we do" - the words of a hypocritcal, shallow advertising-dependent company only interested in maximising their profits while pretending to be ethical and holier-than-thou whilst also avoiding paying their taxes because-they-can, and because the "little people" who DO pay their taxes have their backs - the very people who they like to talk down to and even punish given their subjagative position being traffic brokers online. So, a pretty shitty company, really. But we have to pretend otherwise. Ahhh, that's better.


02/28/2014 11:51 pm

@RachelsWritings tbh I haven't had chance to check :( too busy trying to figure out why all my sites suddenly have a manual penalty.— dan barker (@danbarker) February 28, 2014 hm ... With no signs to be a joke ... True ?

Michael LaHatte

03/01/2014 02:47 am

Honestly, Google should do their own police work... Most of us are too busy trying to figure out why our ranking is all over the place these days... Offline marketing is starting to look better and better everyday! ;)

osman musa

03/01/2014 04:23 am

goog wants traffic for itself only, so now it is displaying scraped answers to life's many questions directly inside top of results so people can hang around at the initial search result page. Why pay Adsense publishers 60% when you can have that traffic to yourself?

Mangesh Singh

03/01/2014 05:21 am

What about if scraper submit reports against original content owner?... How google deal with it...

Madhur Kumawat

03/01/2014 07:12 am

Good ques. I also want to know.


03/01/2014 09:57 am

scary! don't diss matt or he comes after you? This spam stuff seems personal

dan barker

03/01/2014 11:51 am

I can confirm the 'penalty' note to Rachel was a joke. I have a very poor sense of humour. Apologies for any confusion.


03/01/2014 12:35 pm

Even Google has yet no technology to give relevant result.. And also not capable to handle a number of scrap result in SERP.. it is Google's inability which he want to be doing by the user to inform Scraper WebSite.. Which makes no SENSE..


03/01/2014 03:00 pm

Thank you for confirmation, but don't blame your sense of humor. There were no reasons for such confirmations five years ago. So, it's more about modern Google sense of humor.

Durant Imboden

03/03/2014 03:19 am

The "police work" in this case doesn't benefit Google or the user. It benefits only the site owner whose site has been scraped. If a scraper victim doesn't care enough to share an example with Google, then we have to assume that the victim doesn't feel all that victimized.

Jitendra Vaswani

03/03/2014 05:16 am

Yeah dan Barker troll Google

Jitendra Vaswani

03/03/2014 05:17 am

Dan made our day.... Laugh riot

Gracious Store

03/03/2014 11:29 pm

Exactly! that will be a good one for google to deal with


03/03/2014 11:42 pm

Funny until you realize long term INSANE potential for abuse! Google could destroy wikipedia and others simply with an iframe:


03/05/2014 04:14 am

We have given spam reports and adsense complaints about scrapers. Why should this be different and why is google not using that data?

Think Again

03/09/2014 09:04 pm

You better go out to the shed to make sure your lawn mower hasn't been stolen. Else we'll have to assume that you don't feel all that victimized.


03/14/2014 10:32 am

Well obviously this is good news for scraper sites, #1 positions in google

Pankaj Giri

03/18/2014 11:14 am

Google is the Biggest scrapper to it self :P LOLz!!!!!!!!!!!

John Carter

03/20/2014 08:10 am

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03/25/2014 08:42 am

This is a joke. Every tech blog/news site is a scraper site. Developers and companies break news and blogs read what people have said about it and the ones that are better at spinning shit are "unique". How "unique" can you make the same news? How can you add value to news? All news has been said before. If I make up a thought that's seen as not relevant enough and the rankings go even lower. I see some of the biggest mobile covering blogs in the world arrive basically a day after everybody has written on something and their content really isn't unique compared to what else is already out there, it's not adding f all value. And where does it go? Straight to the top! Still way too much value given to links in Google.


03/25/2014 08:55 am

Go to Google and type in "example of scraper site" and you'll see two advertisements from Google about how to scrape content. That's right, Google will take money to help scraper sites exist and then Matt Cutts says a message about how much Google doesn't want scraper sites. You see this kind of thing every day in Google. I even see "date Asians" or whatever the title is with a girl in a bikini. I was emailed by Google telling me I have three days to remove a bikini picture or else I'm banned from Adsense. Yes, even Google is corrupt.


06/19/2014 10:00 am

How to report a blog that copies hundreds of my posts via RSS feed. I have sent DMCA notices but the URLs are not removed from Google search results

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