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Google Webmaster ToolsTwo of my favorite Google Search Quality folks, Kaspar Szymanski and Uli Lutz, put together an article on the Google Webmaster Central blog named Backlinks and reconsideration requests.

The article is basically an FAQ on when to use the reconsideration request specific around bad and low quality links.

Here are the questions but to get the answers, go to the story:

  • When should I file a reconsideration request?
  • Should I file a reconsideration request if I think my site is affected by an algorithmic change?
  • How can I assess the quality of a site’s backlinks?
  • How do I clean a bad backlink profile?
  • How much information do I need to provide?
  • How long does it take to process reconsideration requests?
  • What are the possible outcomes of a reconsideration request?
  • Where can I get more guidance?

Kaspar added on Google+ that they are "working on translating this post to Chinese, Japanese, French, Polish, Portuguese, German and Italian."

Forum discussion at Google+.

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Emma North

06/21/2013 01:17 pm

This is a great Google resource for backlink analysis and the like. I'm loving the increasing transparency Google is exhibiting when it comes to link penalties now, especially in giving example links with unnatural link warnings now. Thanks for sharing this!


06/21/2013 01:42 pm

it some kind of joke?

Emma North

06/21/2013 01:46 pm

Not at all; there's a definite shift from generic unnatural link warnings that offer no insight to the problem to this, and example URL's in WMT warnings:

Stephen Moyers

06/22/2013 06:17 am

This will be really helpful for all webmaster who are having these common questions. I agree that Google is being more and more transparent for what webmaster should exactly do and how to recover from penalties and file reconsideration request. Cheers! Stephen.


06/22/2013 12:18 pm

the dumbest ass comments from wannabe "SEO"s like Stephen Moyers and Emma "Cheesecake" North. STFU, no one needs your generic "advice." Google wants you to buy adwords ads and wants users to click on ads.End of the story.

John Doe

06/25/2013 02:22 am

Barry, has seroundtable recovered from the manual penalty? According to semrush live-view it went actually down a little. True?

Barry Schwartz

06/25/2013 02:24 am

I saw no increase in traffic to show I was penalized or not. :)

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