Google's New Privacy Policy Is Easier But Scarier

Jan 25, 2012 • 8:53 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google News & Finances

Google Privacy PolicyGoogle announced they are updating their privacy policy, switching from more than 60 different privacy policies to one single privacy policy across all their products.

Google said this "new, simpler policy will make it easier for people to understand our privacy practices." But yet, it is scaring a lot of people. Why?

Well, watch the video, around 1 minute and ten seconds in:

Google will be able to tell you when you will be late for a meeting based on your calendar, location, local traffic and weather conditions.

Now, I find that to be cool. But the privacy folks?

Danny Sullivan posted his detailed thoughts on the change.

A WebmasterWorld thread suggesting that to use the Google services they will make you sign in and if you sign in to every property, Google will be able to track your every move, likes, dislikes, searches, etc. Honestly, I doubt they will require you to sign in to do a search but it doesn't mean they won't cookie you and track you to YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, your Android phone and so on.

In any event, see the updated privacy policy page over here.

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Nick Stamoulis

01/25/2012 03:07 pm

It's the price you're going to pay to use Google's services and products.  They are no longer "free" if you consider that you are giving up personal information.  

Anthony - Rethink Marketing

01/25/2012 04:14 pm

Well done Google. Privacy policies are not the easiest reads at the best of times, but when you take into account the interoperability of multiple properties as is the case with companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon & Apple it is almost impossible to work out what they can do with your information. Well done Google on amalgamating all your policies together.


01/29/2012 04:05 pm

One should appreciate Google’s effort to make its new Privacy Policy public. But the new policy has created more apprehensions among the internet users.

Divine One

02/04/2012 04:12 pm

What the f**k. This is a bad idea. So Google will now think for you.Only display profitable(not relevant) ads they are getting paid the most for. Sad nobody has taken them on to take back the market.

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