Google: Links In Press Releases Are Unnatural Links & Should Be Nofollowed

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press releasesYesterday we reported about the link schemes Google update and later on I had the opportunity to ask Google's John Mueller specific questions about this update and what it means.

My main concern was how specific the example was given on this one:

Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

My questions were:

(1) Just the optimized anchor text within these press releases have to be nofollowed?

(2) Do you have to nofollow basic URL links (i.e. not optimized keyword anchor text) in these releases?

(3) Why is Google calling out press releases here?

So in the video, you can watch it, it last about ten minute (with one question not related in between), I ask these questions to John, as do others in the live hangout.

John Mueller from Google makes it clear that Google wants all links in these press releases to be nofollowed. He did say having a URL at the end should be okay but when he was grilled about it again, he said it is best to nofollow the links. John even said press releases should be treated as advertisements and thus links in those releases should be nofollowed.

I asked John why all of a sudden the change in policy for press releases and John said that it is because SEOs were using these more and more in a way to promote their site [artificially in the Google search results] and Google needed to clarify their stance on them.

John did make it clear that press releases are still a great way to promote your services and products. In fact, the links you get indirectly from a press release, i.e. those people who find your press release and then write a story on their own and link to you, do not have to be nofollowed. But the links within press releases should be nofollowed.

It is clear that John was part of the overall discussion at Google about this new link scheme guideline change, although he wasn't around for the final draft review.

My advice, if you are doing press releases, make sure not to stuff keyword rich anchor text links in those releases. Try to have all links nofollowed but especially any keyword rich anchor text. Do the press releases because the press reads them and they will hopefully pick up on your offering and write about it on their site with links to you that are followed naturally and without pay.

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07/30/2013 01:47 pm

This actually makes more sense than a lot of the changes GOOG makes. the short phrase "it's advertising, that's why" covers it. Given GOOG's previous stance on advertorials, they're being consistent: "advertising is not content". OTOH: it's not right to have to tell Google "hey, this is advertising" with the consequence of failing to do so being that something ELSE of yours will be penalized unless you do. Sort of like the idea of proving a negative. Uggh


07/30/2013 01:58 pm

Sounds like Google is working to eliminate self-manufactured backlinks -- if so, that's a good thing.

Greg Jarboe

07/30/2013 02:00 pm

This has been Google's policy since 2005, when Matt Cutts wrote a blog post that links in press releases would pass PageRank. It's best to using links in press releases to generate traffic to your website. That works -- if your news is compelling!


07/30/2013 02:16 pm

Just wondering if the title is correct, what about this blog then?

Barry Schwartz

07/30/2013 02:18 pm

What is your point?

Oleg Korneitchouk

07/30/2013 02:20 pm

I think this rule makes sense and follows their other recent policy changes - any link that you create yourself should be nofollowed (guest posts, advertorials, press releases, article directories, etc). However, how much control do people have over the link attributes in press releases? I'm not sure all wire services have the option to set a link to nofollow and it wouldn't be fair for webmasters to get penalized for it.

Barry Schwartz

07/30/2013 02:22 pm

Yea, I know, I covered what he wrote in 2005. But clearly it didn't make a difference, so Google is stepping things up now.


07/30/2013 02:28 pm

tons of optimised anchor texts, tons of links in various press releases etc. or what google says, it does not apply to them at all?

Barry Schwartz

07/30/2013 02:29 pm

This is on Google's own site. They said on third party sites where you pay for it to be placed.


07/30/2013 02:52 pm

Lol, thats typical google style of solving problems. Why does google make this again our business? Why is that not up to the provider? What if I provide press releases to the PR publisher with nofollow link and the they turn this into dofollow and spread it across their networks or the publishing platform does this?

Barry Ricks

07/30/2013 03:00 pm

Sometimes I think people get a little link happy and try to put them everywhere. Stop spamming them and start creating content that's worth linking to. I have said this before and I hate to be a broken record, but sometimes things need to be said multiple times in order to sink in. Links are good, but don't spam them everywhere. Thanks Barry for the update.


07/30/2013 03:55 pm

thanks for clarifying!

Ashley Stanf

07/30/2013 04:22 pm

Thanks Google, I'll just go create some press releases and point the anchor text to my competitors!!!!! Soon there will be no SEO, just negative SEO. Google, you are a f*king retard!!!


07/30/2013 04:33 pm

...says the person who uses no less than eight exclamation points.

Karl-Heinz Müller

07/30/2013 04:45 pm

My question: Does Google penalize sites that have links with no follow in press releases or do they ignore now these links? So, the sites down due to this update: Is it because they were pushed with press release links before and have lost this effect or because they are now penalized?

Mukesh Kumar

07/30/2013 05:02 pm

i have a solutions for all these fu****g problems , either switch to bing , duckduckgo or start giving money to google.


07/30/2013 05:18 pm

Very soon will new google penalty. If you eat eggs in the morning - we will ban your site! Honest corporation of evEl, google penalties Inc.

boulder dash

07/30/2013 05:19 pm

yes, google in 2012 get a negative brain penalty


07/30/2013 05:22 pm

nobody pay for press-releases promotion/links. People pay for distribution service. It same as yahoo directory rules, you pay not for listing, but pay for review.


07/30/2013 06:04 pm

It's about time these spamming strategies get penalties. Press releases have been abused for too long. Press releases are for the press to know there's something newsworthy, the press is not going to post your press release on their website with your link, they write an article and it's up to them what they post. I'm shocked this Baruch guy doesn't know what a press release is, I guess to him it's like an article that gets posted all over the internet, that's not what it is and people need to understand the true nature of a press release. People always find a way to abuse something, arg!


07/30/2013 06:11 pm

Here's a prime example: There is simply no reason for those anchor texts other than to manipulate search results. Google is spot on to penalise this sort of thing.

suresh kumar

07/30/2013 06:24 pm

That's kind of disappointing but everyone know the reason in it.....


07/30/2013 07:10 pm

Awesome information! I also wanted to ask how accurate is Google in distinguishing press release links vs. non-press release links? I know there are some schema tags that specifically mark the page as a press release, but normally, how does Google determine this? Is it based on the history of the URL/domain or are there some other factors they check?


07/30/2013 07:32 pm

no, just google penalize any site if here is external good anchor texts. Except whitelisted sites of internet coalition and google own services like youtube, chrome, coupon sites, (google ventures or something like this).


07/30/2013 08:16 pm

why press releases? because you can buy 500 press releases for $50, text included. it''s not that much different from article writing.


07/30/2013 08:38 pm

My Question:use press releases or not..please reply...


07/30/2013 08:45 pm

Press releases are for the press to know there's something newsworthy, the press is not going to post your press release on their website with your link.Press release will dig your link hereafter.Avoid Press release and concentrate on Original Contents Mr.Kalai.


07/30/2013 10:01 pm

It is funny though that they make these changes now. What happens to all the sites that benefited from this before this change? Are they all going to penalized? What happens to all the links built from guesting posting in mass? To me it looks like Google is reenforcing the status quo and making it easy for the big sites to stay at the top. The little guys have no chance of building up links if every way is considered against the rules now.

Fredrik Eriksson

07/30/2013 10:25 pm

This image is getting more and more true.


07/30/2013 10:29 pm

Funny thing is that when I did press release I had my anchor text with general words such as "here" and "this" this in it and then an editor from the PR site emailed me asking me why I am using a generic anchor text because it won't "benefit" me and asked whether I was doing it on purpose. The guy literally thought I was some rookie that had no clue about what was going on. I then changed my anchor text just to shut him up. This was no bullshit PR site either but I don't want to rat on anyone so I will keep the name to myself. Now imagine how many people that guy email that literally had no clue. Point of the story, why is Google holding site owners accountable? And why not enforce a rule from the very beginning.


07/30/2013 11:50 pm

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Graham Ginsberg

07/31/2013 01:34 am

I'm really going to make my backlink myself. I know I can do it I am determined Almost there Just about to hit the ENTER button There Did it! Yay, I am so not popular with Google

Graham Ginsberg

07/31/2013 01:36 am

Google has penalized sentences with more than one period. They are unnatural

Graham Ginsberg

07/31/2013 01:37 am

You can't do that because Google knows that your competition will benefit from your unnatural efforts. Google is smaaart that way

Graham Ginsberg

07/31/2013 01:39 am

Only if you have bacon with your eggs. 50% of the founders are Jewish

Praveen Sharma

07/31/2013 06:33 am

Few days back, Matt Cutts said they don't count press release links for rankings, now they want these links to be no-followed. If you don't count, why you need these to be no-followed. Just ignore these links.


07/31/2013 07:37 am

ya parveen i also saw that Matt said that we do not count PR for Ranking but now I saw this post I do not understand this post


07/31/2013 08:10 am

Its all because links rank you higher in google and its nothing google can do about it lol. Bottom line is, if you do no idiot bulk moves, google (their algo) allows you to get unfair advantages with links like from press releases over your competitors that do not get those links (in certain markets, on certain keyword terms).

Praveen Sharma

07/31/2013 08:13 am

And Matt claimed that they don't count those links, where they have no control over those (as per you). :-)

MOS SEO Services

07/31/2013 09:39 am

Love the Hangout snapshot above. Google's linking rules are becoming more confusing.

Vinnie Curto

07/31/2013 11:08 am

Google is a bunch of self-righteous academics who would rather rely on fear mongering the webmasters of small businesses than improving their algorithm independently.


07/31/2013 11:12 am

How do you no follow a link in a press release? Its not as if I can go into the source code and amend it myself.

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

07/31/2013 11:34 am

Why they hate SEOs in such manner?I exactly can't their motive behind this because after every 10-15 days,they are restricating some SEO activities.

Mutt Cutts Lies - Paid Liar

07/31/2013 12:02 pm

Matt Cutts lies, just Barry and other "analysts" never call him on that. They're too busy counting the money they make from parroting Google's talking points as "insiders"


07/31/2013 12:05 pm

"Point of the story, why is Google holding site owners accountable?" Due diligence on the part of the site owner (in actions taken personally and actions taken at the site owners behalf through a third party) is expected. Pleading innocence from ignorance -as the guy from the PR site and those who follow his advice unwittingly could surely attempt- is no excuse for violating the guidelines/gaining leniency before/during/after a penalization. "And why not enforce a rule from the very beginning." Because not all contingencies can be accounted for and cracks in the foundation need to be repaired. I would imagine that the web spam team has limited time and resources with which to operate. Tackling the big problems in any sort of systematic way leaves room for other problems to grow as the rats abandon one sinking ship for the next rickety yacht passing by.


07/31/2013 12:06 pm

Alright, that was pretty funny.


07/31/2013 12:50 pm

Actually a recent post on ViperChill says that everything the big G preaches is the TOTAL opposite of what really works. I don't know if it is true because I haven't tried building spammy links myself but according to Glen, it really does. This thing about google is what deters me from creating niche sites - websites that need to rank high in google in order earn money. I just build sites that doesn't rely on search traffic.

Amith Ghee

07/31/2013 01:04 pm

So What about already distributed news, where we are not able to edit the links? Don't tell me about disavow, its already not working properly.

Amith Ghe

07/31/2013 01:07 pm

I was expecting bing will increase the quality of searches, but they are still confuse about algo... Now i hope on duckduckgo....


07/31/2013 01:22 pm

We've been saying this for years. WireNews+Co, founded 12+ years ago, has always said that press releases are not press releases unless they're distributed to journalists. So-called press releases posted with the expectation that they will be re-distributed to other websites are advertisements. We publish press releases to more than 350,000 journalists and unfortunately, sometimes, our client's media is indexed by other websites; but that's not our main goal. If you want to publish press releases visit us.


07/31/2013 01:22 pm

After the death of article directories, people target Press releases and Guest blogging as a top strategies to build links and some black hat webmasters build volume of links by poor content or unnatural link patterns by automated tools. Now Google stop Press release, next Guest blogging, blog commenting etc and what will be the ways to build links? am much confused by Google's updates.

Amith Ghee

07/31/2013 01:50 pm

Guest blogging already stopped by google, Google thing its also spamming..

Durant Imboden

07/31/2013 03:02 pm

Google is simply saying that press releases should be press releases. If you want to send out a press release, why not e-mail it to journalists who might be interested? Real editors and reporters don't go looking for press releases on "press release sites."


07/31/2013 03:16 pm

It is spamming if the guest post was only done for the link.


07/31/2013 03:18 pm

Clearly your definition of "SEO activities" is spammy techniques, as that is all Google really seeks to restrict.


07/31/2013 03:24 pm

Does anyone know of an update on 1 July 2013? I have a small site going through cloudflare that is indexed, does appear in searches, but has no hits all month!


07/31/2013 03:27 pm

the graph is clear enough. Its a teeny weeny site


07/31/2013 03:45 pm

I personally have no issue with this idea as they say they are a paid form of advertising so makes sense, but how can they penalize sites for doing something that was acceptable when it was done and now cant be undone. Changing their policy on keyword spamming ect great easy fix for any webmaster to make the adjustments to conform to their guidelines. But when it comes to links from sites you have no control over, how are you supposed to undo work you did 7 years ago just to0 conform to Google new guidelines? We already got hit with a penalty for unnatural links and spent the last 4 months trying to clean up the link profile to get a successful reconsideration request which still has not happened. Now they add to it by doing this.


07/31/2013 03:51 pm

I think this was always going to happen. I think the quality and content of the press release is the most important thing. If it is newsworthy the include a nofollowed link. If not then you should not be publishing etc.

The Dark Coon

07/31/2013 04:18 pm

Wonder what Randfish is going to twist on this, death of content marketing? They have no clue no how to police press release's.


07/31/2013 04:19 pm

No its not a death of Content Marketing.Already its Dead.But not Official..


07/31/2013 04:32 pm

25% traffic loss on 30th June according to google ..May be Ur site has got a heavy loss on Traffic..??Did u check the Backlinks.?

The Dark Coon

07/31/2013 04:32 pm

Back to paid footer links? Google misses their mark on earning expectations, so now this to drive more adwords revenue- Adwords are just paid links. Most people see the top adwords slots as natural search these days...


07/31/2013 05:24 pm

Well someone like me that follows what goes on in the SEO world should be held accountable (to some degree) but holding someone that has no clue accountable isn't right especially when it's due to a faulty algo. Many small (offline) businesses have no clue about how Google works and many don't even care because Google isn't a main priority for them. That's not ignorance IMO. These are ridiculous guidelines to follow. These guidelines also change constantly. In reality, if Google penalizes those sites, they are hurting their searchers more than they are hurting the site owners. When I published the press release, I published it because I needed exposure. As a result I went with the best PR site that I could find for my budget. Now if you think I'll pass on a site that works just because of how links are embedded, I'm sorry, but it's not happening. If Google can't control the link juice that is passed through press release sites, they should hold the sites hosting the content accountable because they have more control over what gets published. After all they are the ones receiving payment for the press releases and they are the ones allowing keyword rich anchor text. They are also schooling people on how to do things in hopes of earning more. You're using the excuse "limited resources" when talking about a company that makes billions of dollars every quarter? Get real. In addition to this, someone can even submit a press release on your behalf with optimized anchor text. You really need to start looking at things realistically.


07/31/2013 06:16 pm

I keep getting censored by Disqus when trying to respond. In short: For me "Press release sites" work very well. Keep in mind that press releases are not only published on the PR site but also in Google news, Yahoo news and many other popular sites - well as long as the pr site is popular. I think many news reporters check such sites.


07/31/2013 06:33 pm

Ya i agree with u Sestuff, and most reporters use!!

Durant Imboden

07/31/2013 07:05 pm

Well, I'm sure that most reporters won't mind if links in press releases include the attribute rel="nofollow". Why should they?


07/31/2013 09:31 pm

I work at an ecommerce company and they don't even understand most of this. The majority of people have no clue like you said what a nofollow tag is. This should be a Google problem not a problem for website owners. Anything else is just ridiculous.


07/31/2013 09:34 pm

There is no way they can identify them if they are quality links. That is the stupid thing about changes like this. Google is using scare tactics with rules they could never enforce. And they are giving the upper hand to big sites that can pay to build quality links that Google cannot detect.

OnesieMan - Guest

08/01/2013 01:41 am

All they're saying is they will devalue links (actually John Mueller gives great indications that he is not very "au fait" with what the webspam team is doing - great PR yourself Googs - "although he wasn't around for the final draft review" - damn right he hasn't got much of a clue on the final outcome). It's unfortunate that you were once given overly valued kudos for such links, but the world moves on. If you're still relying on links from 7 years ago that smells to me like a stagnant site. They are not punishing press release links - period. They are devaluing them. It's been on the cards for a while - as will other manipulative link schemes in the near future, I believe, including tiered linking (Matt Cutts' downstream comments) and re-positioning/redirecting of high PR expired domains. They have (belatedly, albeit) come around to the fact that PRs are being manipulated for Pagerank and are acting on it. Anybody with a legitimate business that has not relied on manipulating link juice will be OK. It does kind of suck how they change the goal posts but again I'll come back to stagnation and the fact that you cannot let your business stagnate - move your own goal posts (including DON'T RELY ON GOOGLE SEARCH FOR YOUR BUSINESS).

guest X

08/01/2013 01:55 am

Webmasters are generally a bunch of guys who thought they could earn passive income by manipulating the search engines and get a lot of traffic for their/client sites. Rather than improve their marketing modus operandi independently, they would rather spout off in SEO forums that are full of spammers, manipulators and crybabies.

guest X

08/01/2013 01:57 am

"don't count links" = nofollow What's the problem?????

guest X

08/01/2013 02:02 am

Press releases have historically never been about casting votes of confidence (read: pass Pagerank). They are about getting news "out there". All the crybaby hysterics about "woe is me, my press releases should be nofollow, or my existing press releases that have been passing pagerank to me for the last 7 - 10 years are suddenly going to be devalued is farcical. Grow up spammers and create something worthwhile online.

guest X

08/01/2013 02:03 am

Spot on!

Vinnie Curto

08/01/2013 02:04 am

Maybe, but I just find the whole no-follow thing incredibly annoying. And, I like Praveen's point below. Just a few weeks ago, press release links didn't give any ranking benefit anyway, but now they're supposed to be no-followed.

lez bennet

08/01/2013 02:19 am

So you want to be on Google's front page? You need to PAY SONNY BOY PAY

Praveen Sharma

08/01/2013 04:14 am

The problem is, they don't want to count, also need webmasters to tag those links as nofollow.


08/01/2013 04:37 am

I doubt they would and to tell you the truth I wouldn't really care either. When I did my press release I did it for exposure. Thanks to my press release a popular news site that covers the news for my niche wrote a story on my site. Hey, so I ended up getting a natural dofollow link anyway LOL. I also gained new users as a result of my other press releases. I was actually surprised that my press releases attracted average internet users were looking for what my site had to offer. I think the links within the PR offer the least benefit. Heck I would have never paid 300 bucks just for that link.

jitendra vaswani

08/01/2013 05:47 am

Google is threatening us more , what to do now

Nikhil Chandra

08/01/2013 06:07 am

I think the recent experiment on Matt Cutts blog with a gibberish anchor text has done too much to peeve the guys at Google :-) So now what they'll do is treat the links from press release as advertisement. That's good actually as recently I have witnessed a huge spurt in press release submission which is actually not press release but self promotion with paid links on anchor text of choice. Many SEO company indulged in this and talked about their “great” services and achievements with choicest of anchor text referring back to their site. Press releases on PRWEB are great example of this kind of blatant self promotion. They ought to be flagged and I commend Google for the same. But having said that I’d appreciate if Google doesn’t treat free press releases without anchor text as same as the paid press releases with many anchor text hyperlinks. And also a hyperlink with or without anchor in the boilerplate should not be treated as advertisement but Google treating these boilerplate links under the purview of Penguin would be more appreciable.

Nikhil Chandra

08/01/2013 06:09 am

Do quality SEO, focus on good content than more content and focus on good links than more links. The days of black hat SEO is now past

jitendra vaswani

08/01/2013 06:35 am

Yeah I agree nikhil with u, content should we what more focus on it.

fanboys r us

08/01/2013 09:03 am

I like the way FANBOYS come on spouting about spammers and worthwhile content as if worthwhile content is judged by previous press releases. Listen mattie fanboy.. everyone who has ever gained a link in google for the sake of the link (not the method the link was gained but for the sake of the link) IS A SPAMMER!!!!! In the eyes of google. That means you fanboy. Yes, you the high and mighty fanboy. You too are a spammer!


08/01/2013 11:47 am

At no point did I say we rely on 7 year old links. What I said is we are under a penalty from links we built 7 years ago when it was acceptable, and have no control over them to get rid of them so its somewhat unfair. Particulay when we have contacted all the sites and asked them to remove links we have made a disavow list and submitted multiple requests for reconsideration all to no success. I also at no point did I say we rely on Google natural rankings, if we did then it would have been the end long ago. Don't get where you got these assumptions from to be honest. We spend over 1/4 a mill on adwords per year and millions per year on other marketing. End of the day we are suffering a penalty and losing out on natural traffic because Google have changed the rules and don't take into consideration its them who have changed the rules for something we have no control over. Even now if we get rid of the penalty whats saying a competitor makes a load of spammy links point to our site and we are back in a penalty for something we have no control over. Who says our business is stagnant?


08/01/2013 11:49 am

Totally agree I think Press releases only ever existed to build links to be honest, its something we have never done luckily, though I think its unfair the way they change their rules and don't say from now on, its you must go undo something which was acceptable years ago because we changed our rules.

SEO Expert - Rahul Trivedi

08/01/2013 01:23 pm

James,, do you really know what are the activities of SEO and why they are done? Do you really think all the SEO techniques are spammy? i don't think so...


08/01/2013 01:32 pm

No, there are non-spammy techniques such as keyword research and implementation, usability, content that people want to visit again and again and want to share without being prompted or tricked, properly formed titles, headings and URLs. Now please tell me what you think an SEO does ...

The Dark Coon

08/01/2013 10:33 pm

Last time I checked the first amendment allows us to post whatever we want, google now determines our constitutional rights. Who are you to say that person or company A is putting out a press release that is spammy, we have the right to voice our opinions. Last time I checked a monthly press release was considered the purist of white hat methods. Unless you know how wear every hat your going to never know the real rules.

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:07 am

Dear sir there are constitutional rights I agree and then there are fundamental duties to. You have the right to say anything but it doesn't mean you have the right to abuse anyone. Same is the case with press release. I pray beseech thee to let me know why you need 5 links on different anchor text pointing back to your website instead of one in the bottom so that interested person could visit your site. And I also ask thee why you need to hyperlink on the competitive keyword in very first sentence of your press release if you want the readers to read all of your press release. Surely you didn’t say everything you wanted in just one sentence. I believe you writing those words meant your readers to go through it. Didn’t you sir? You have the right to inform but not to abuse the link juice and anchor text benefits for your site SERP. I pray thee look at these links and tell me if this is right or not and then we’ll talk.

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:49 am

Completely agree with you!

The Dark Coon

08/02/2013 06:49 am

Links are protected under the bill of rights and considered free speech, who are you to judge otherwise. We have freedom of press and the powers to be have suppressed that.

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:51 am

Create quality content they generate natural link. As does my site. And have you considered that you could rank without link. For some of my post I rank higher than Justin Cutroni :-) It's all about content and using title tags, html tags and keyword in a proper manner. I never use more than 3 targeted keywords in my posts but do use it in title, url and first sentence and its enough to do wonders. Try that

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:53 am

Dear dear! Haven't you heard that you sow what you reap.

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:55 am

The thing is that you didn't read the Google's SEO Guide for Beginners that is why you think they hate SEOs. Google love SEOs and Google loves me :-) Because I do what is right to do not what is for a short time right to rank high. Not all is fair in love and war :-)

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 06:56 am

Awesome reply! Amen

Nikhil Chandra

08/02/2013 10:31 am

I didn't say don't use the links at all. I just said don't do it to manipulate search engine ranking. And about the rights and free speech, Google too has the right to demote or penalize your links in anyway that it wants. Why don't you get out of Google and try Bing, Yahoo or Yandex or even Baidu which may have more respect for your bill of rights and free speech :-)


08/02/2013 01:10 pm

Hahaha! Well said Nikhil


08/06/2013 12:24 pm

google is unnatural search engine and must be penalized!

Jitendra Vaswani

08/07/2013 06:16 am

I agree with you Durant.

Rahul Trivedi

08/09/2013 06:34 am

Oh so you are following all guidelines? good. I think you will win prize for it

Nikhil Chandra

08/09/2013 06:44 am

I have :-) All the site I work on comes on the top of Google result :-)

David Urmann

08/14/2013 04:16 pm

Disagree. If you write a good press release it will often get picked up and rewritten by a real journalist. A lot of editors and bloggers scan these things especially for topics they are following. However if you dont have any real news you shouldnt expect any pickup.

David Urmann

08/14/2013 04:17 pm

Its good thing if they are rel="nofollow" will make it easier to sort the spam for the real news.


08/15/2013 04:32 am

Are you a Cutts fanboy Chandra?

Nikhil Chandra

08/17/2013 08:05 am

You remind me of a funny yet right thing I once heard (or probably read) "Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you an automobile" Saying what is right make me just as big a fanboy of Cutts as shooting the bad guy in a movie makes him dead :-)

Martin Sansone

08/29/2013 05:59 pm

I'd also like to add... if you feel offended about free speech over Google informing the world of how they (private company Google) treat links in their (private company Google) own search result algorithm. Then by all means - carry on spamming the heck out of the content in a press release. It won't hurt anybody except the company whose website such backlinks are being created for. There is no recourse (nor should there be) for a lawsuit or anything else for any person who shouts FREE SPEECH when it comes to how a company provides a free service to those who choose to use it.

Martin Sansone

08/29/2013 06:02 pm

@ The Dark Coon - quote: "Most people see the top adwords slots as natural search these days..." not according to all of my research data.


08/31/2013 03:58 pm

Google is not a private company they are a publicly traded corporation - aka a person (corporate personhood) per the Supreme Court.

Martin Sansone

08/31/2013 04:47 pm

@MBA Semantics! Currently corporations maybe aka 'person' - people also decide what they want to provide for free within general lawful conduct. My point above is still valid.

Andy Ciordia

09/05/2013 04:27 pm

They should just scrap links as a measure of authority all together. Then we won't have to worry about this. It's like folding a piece of paper, you can only fold it so many times before you just can't fold it anymore. Are we there yet with link restrictions?

09/10/2013 03:31 pm

Move them to a different site and call them an "article" instead of a press release. Problem solved.


11/26/2013 10:17 pm

Sadly, press releases still work. There are a few firms in our area that can’t write any kind of original content, they simply write press releases about anything (like a new infographic), none of which is “news” and the sites they write PRs for rank well, with PRs being the only links they have. sad, but true.

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