70% Said Google's Penguin 2.1 Update Hurt Them

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Google Penguin UpdateAbout six-months ago, Google unleashed a major update to Penguin, the Penguin 2.1 update.

The earlier feedback from that update was that is was a big impact to webmasters and mostly SEOs who used links in an aggressive manner.

So I posted a poll asking you how you did with the update. Being that six-months later there has been no reports of a new Penguin refresh or update, I figured I post the poll results today.

We had over 2,800 responses to the poll, and 70% said they saw a drop in Google referrer traffic after the update. So 70% seemed to have been negatively impacted by it. While only 7%, or just about 200 people, reported their sites recovered from a previous Penguin update with Penguin 2.1. 6% said they saw an increase in traffic, where one site goes down, another benefits. And 17% said they saw no change at all before or after.

Here is the pie chart:

google penguin 2.1 poll

Again, we are still waiting for a Penguin refresh for over six-months. I think we are due one soon.

Google Penguin Updates:

Disclaimer: Please see my poll disclaimer post before coming to any conclusions on these results.

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Note: I am offline today and this post was pre-scheduled to be automatically posted. So if I am delayed in responding to issues or comments, I apologize in advance.

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04/16/2014 01:13 pm

Well this is very strange. We all know that for every site which drops down, another replaces it - right? It's not like Google say "we don't like any of the sites on P1 so we'll just remove P1 from the results and start at P2". The maximum number of people who should be able to make this claim is surely 50%? I guess the real result is: "20% of people tell lies" :P


04/16/2014 01:18 pm



04/16/2014 01:21 pm

Well, that makes perfect sense :)

Internet Man

04/16/2014 01:59 pm

I think this poll indicates that 70% of the people who participated in it are spammers


04/16/2014 02:02 pm

the report is irrelevant. 70% from what? from people searching and reading about seo? The are thousand of people who do not care about SEO or link building that were no affected by all...and not included in your report...so the report is irrelevant.


04/16/2014 02:16 pm

As Barry says here, his polls are reader polls, not scientific polls. The result of his poll just says that 70% of the readers of Search Engine Roundtable saw a drop in rankings; we don't know whether that drop is real or just perceived.


04/16/2014 04:23 pm

I looked over my numbers and seen no hits with penguin 2.0 or 2.1 but I did take a hit with panda in June.


04/17/2014 05:17 am

Is really awesome where, two of my site http://elcartel.info/ certain increased traffic. http://colombianostv.com/ certain increased traffic.


04/17/2014 07:35 am

my blog two months old! is getting now 800+ daily visits! :) Good For me! and daily increasing!

Jayesh Modi

04/17/2014 08:16 am

After penguin 2.1 my website traffic & keyword ranking is also down.


04/17/2014 09:22 am

All this proves Barry is that 70% of your visitors are dirty spammers. So, are you a dirty spammer? (Disclaimer: Spammer as classified by Matt Cutts - In other circles spammer might mean Struggling Small Business).


04/17/2014 09:24 am

My guess Sweetha is that your sites are going to have a lot more issues about to hit home if you keep up with the link dropping thinking it is some kind of valid link acquisition strategy.


04/17/2014 09:41 am


Peter Watson

04/17/2014 11:09 am

The real pole should be taken by the webmasters who rank on page one in Google for major search terms.

Barry Schwartz

04/17/2014 11:34 am

She has been banned but I suspect will come back in other life forms.

Robert Fisher

04/17/2014 03:33 pm

Barry, I think people who work for agencies are likely to report the negative as taking the poll and trying to weigh all sites they handle. We handle quite a few and what we saw was clients who had sites that had been up a long time and who had engaged SEO firms say 1 to 4 years before 2.0, were hit really badly. Other sites were not really affected to a measurable degree. I do find it odd that so many of the directory sites, etc. seemed to be so unaffected or improved by Penguin and its offspring. I am neutral on the Google hating/loving issue and I would say less than 10% of sites overall were negatively affected within the sphere of sites we handle for our firm or our clients. Props on the steady updates. You have a tough job, take a lot of ridicule, and handle it very professionally on the whole.

Junaid Jaffery

04/18/2014 09:07 am

After hummingbird and algorithm updates its becoming tough to sustain clients and their rankings... it always evolving and dont know where it will end and when..

Ciule I.

04/18/2014 11:21 pm

Same here, everything is down from 16k/day to 5k/day . will revert back to this traffic?

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