Google Penguin 2.1 Was A Big Hit

Oct 7, 2013 • 8:46 am | comments (245) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates

Google Penguin 2.1Late Friday afternoon, Google's Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that they unleashed Penguin 2.1.

In short, Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam, said it impacted about 1% of search queries.

Looking at the hundreds of comments on our quick post from Friday and looking at the threads out there in the webmaster and SEO communities, it seems like many many webmasters were impacted by this update.

We have threads at WebmasterWorld, Black Hat Forums, tons at Google Webmaster Help, Threadwatch and many others. Keep in mind, this was announced late Friday afternoon and the threads are just going to get worse when more people check their analytics after the weekend is over, sometime this morning.

I've seen screen shots of Google Analytics showing websites completely destroyed by this update. I've also seen screen shots of Google Analytics showing websites that recovered in a major way from previous Penguin updates. This had huge swings both ways for webmasters and SEOs. Some recovered and are back in business, while others are about to lose their businesses. Also, some it had no impact on at all. Like you all know, when one web site drops another one takes it place.

Let's start with a poll. How did Penguin 2.1 impact your site:

Please have all your friends and colleagues take this poll.

Here is the tweet from Matt again:

So let us know if you recovered or not both in the comments and in the poll above.

Google Penguin Updates:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld, Black Hat Forums, tons at Google Webmaster Help, Threadwatch and Twitter.

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Gaurav Srivastava

10/07/2013 01:05 pm

Agree with this line "when one web site drops another one takes it place."

Phil Singleton

10/07/2013 01:25 pm

I'd love to see a secondary (or revised) poll. Many of your readers manage multiple if not dozens or hundreds of websites. This one seems to be geared towards webmasters with single hard for me to answer it.


10/07/2013 02:00 pm

Hi everyone, my site has disappeared from Google key searches as of Friday, we have not dropped ranking but are completely gone. Is this possible? If we were hit i would expected to rank significantly lower i.e. we lose our Pg 1 position to say Pg 7 but my site has been removed, we are not in the top 50 pages... Has anyone else experienced this?


10/07/2013 02:04 pm

Difficult to speculate without knowing your URL.

Stephane Brault

10/07/2013 02:40 pm

What's the URL?

Steel Buildings

10/07/2013 03:57 pm

Our website was unstable but last whole week (till friday) it was on 6th position, but now it is on 26th position don't know what do do know.(confused)


10/07/2013 04:24 pm

A single person cannot manage hundreds websites and have quality, unique content on even 5% of them. I think part of the reason Panda and Penguin were born are those "webmasters" who create dozens of websites out of thin air and then complain on pages like this how they were hit...


10/07/2013 04:45 pm

Sat at home in your bedroom with your pop idol posters on the wall I would agree that you would not be able to handle more than 1 website of quality. However, and this is the big point here for you... Companies are looking after more than 1 website. More than 1 person!

Vibhu Gauba

10/07/2013 04:57 pm

Barry we are controlling over 800 websites now and we a very strange trend across these 800. The websites that we are linking for last 3-4 months are good but older ones have seen HIT. So possible again the anchor text ratios or caught for over optimization.

Phil Singleton

10/07/2013 05:12 pm

Managing a website and producing the content are totally different things. Many of us here run web design companies and we have many clients, so we have a unique vantage point in terms of trends in a smaller group of websites.

Karthick Ram

10/07/2013 05:35 pm

Can u analyse and give me suggestions


10/07/2013 05:55 pm

Buddy its a pure hit! No doubt about it. Many sites will see traffic loss on Sunday and Monday. I feel many links or link networks are hit and those associated with them will also feel the heat!


10/07/2013 06:04 pm

I'm curious, why do you report this to Barry ? Do you consider him as the spam leader or spam researcher or .... why ? How is he related to the link spam done by you ?

Barry Schwartz

10/07/2013 06:06 pm

Why do I report what?

Vibhu Gauba

10/07/2013 06:10 pm

I was not reporting to him, i was just sharing with him and what spam are you talking about mate ?


10/07/2013 06:17 pm

" controlling over 800 websites " - this is an obvious spam.


10/07/2013 06:21 pm

And how do you define "the website managing" ? What the "web design company" is doing exactly "to manage the website" ?


10/07/2013 06:24 pm

How do you define "the website managing" ? What exactly the "web design company" is doing to "manage the website" ?

Vibhu Gauba

10/07/2013 06:27 pm

Are you insane ??? I have more than 1000 clients In SEO and said 800 because 200 of them are not active presently. At one time we had 1700 active clients and you call this as SPAM...


10/07/2013 06:37 pm

You build links for these websites, right ?


10/07/2013 06:47 pm

"Managing a website and producing the content are totally different things." Then why do you hire freelancers to run the blogs from the name of your clients ?

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 06:52 pm

it may be that google has not yet taken new links into account while making this update. It takes some time for google to digest all link info.

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 06:52 pm

26th is still better its only partially hit you can get back quickly if you clean up your link profile

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 06:56 pm

I am seeing this with new penguin. Its very severe if the link profile is bad. Our and our clients websites have increased in this update


10/07/2013 06:57 pm

I'm seeing Google dance like crazy for Google New Zealand, monitoring South Africa but very little change, monitoring some Brazil SERPs as well... the most noticeable has been NZ.. perhaps it takes all Google servers a while to adjust.. give it a few days to a week for things to calm down.


10/07/2013 06:58 pm

Did I say you do ?


10/07/2013 07:01 pm

For one thing, your site is just an image gallery of products, no actual text descriptions, no product pages. Second, the images are not your own, they are watermarked by you but they are from a catalog or taken from elsewhere on the internet. So basically you don't have any text content aside from a few pages and all of your content (images) is duplicate. I'd start with site building 101 and then go to seo 101.


10/07/2013 07:23 pm

I think an interesting poll would be one that asks those webmasters who recovered with the last two Penguin updates used the disavow tool (and to what extent -- machete?)


10/07/2013 07:28 pm

I apologize, I should have read my comment before I posted -- I meant to say "I think an interesting poll would be one that asks those webmasters who recovered with the last two Penguin updates IF THEY used the disavow tool (and to what extent -- machete?)


10/07/2013 07:42 pm

Hi Ashish, Is your company called India Info Tech?


10/07/2013 07:42 pm

Totally agree with Fedor; however you could try removing lines 12 thro 27. And lines 8 & 10 get the ‘keywords’ down to one or two max. And incorporate these ‘keywords’ into your content. Having completed that submit a re-consideration request to Google.

Ashish Ahuja

10/07/2013 07:44 pm

AVA Infotech


10/07/2013 08:27 pm

Barry asked "So let us know if you recovered or not both in the comments and in the poll above.". Vibhu responded. What's your problem?

Yo Mamma

10/07/2013 08:56 pm

An interesting poll would be: Are you buying or selling Google stocks? On a personal note, I never owned them. I prefer moral stocks like those for research into cures. Evil companies that ride on the sympathies of dreamers has never interested me


10/07/2013 10:11 pm

Its funny, i was effected after every single google update, but this time... miracle- most of my websites went up double!

Marcus Levine

10/07/2013 10:12 pm

JustConsumer just shut the fck up!


10/07/2013 10:29 pm

No effect at all. Either personal or client sites.


10/07/2013 10:42 pm

Guys penguin is pointless.. Just 301 your domain to a new domain and you get your rankings back.. Google will catch up and penalize the new domain.. so just 301 to a new one.. Don't believe me? google spy cam and look at the first result. It was purchased yesterday.


10/07/2013 10:50 pm

By the way, this site was hit in penguin 2.0.. and he got a new domain and 301d to it and it lasted without penatly through the penguin 2.0 until penguin 2.1 where it got hit again and he purchased a new domain.. Google we are getting tired of this.. Fix it!


10/08/2013 01:12 am

What ? You can't pass by ? Your problems )


10/08/2013 01:20 am

Unbelievable, what a poor job MC did again. He just don't control the SERP.


10/08/2013 01:58 am

I have no problems and I would like those people who suffered from Penguin would see where their problems are coming from. If guy is writing "The websites that we are linking for last 3-4 months are good but older ones have seen HIT.", then he acknowledges that he manipulates links. If he manipulates links, them his is spammer and I'm curious, why he informs Barry about his spam activity. Furthermore, on the side note, don't you realize, that opinions of such "web design companies" cost nothing. They don't work on exactly one website to make it best of the best. They "manage" hundreds of websites, making tiny adjustments here and there. How any serious observations can be done, when there is NO actual serious work on the website ? He manages 800 websites and his observation is "So possible again the anchor text ratios or caught for over optimization." "anchor text ratios" ??? "over optimization" ??? What ???? I almost forget such words, because no one serious in this business doesn't pay attention to such stuff during the last 3 years at least. So, we have here the guy, who obviously has outdated knowledge, who has no any reliable data to make serious observations, who acknowledges, that he manipulates links, who still lives with "anchor text ratios" and "over optimization" in mind, who obviously post to promote himself to get new clients .... and what do expect from me ? That I will talk to him with respect ? Why ? P.S. This is one of the websites he proudly shows on his homepage as an example of his good work :


10/08/2013 04:38 am

Holy shit! you are right, it was placed on 1st place, even above Amazon in less than 3 days... this is the best prove that all these stupid and mediocre Google updates are totally dumb.

Anand Kumar

10/08/2013 04:44 am

I surprised, when i saw my ranking. My website keywords ranking were coming in top 10 but after updatation my keywords ranking goes down.


10/08/2013 05:02 am

I recovered. We first got dinged with the May penguin update. We fell to the bottom of the first page for all important keywords. The panda update in late July sunk us to the middle of page two for all our keywords. I worked to improve content and lowered my keyword density. Also paid a directory scammer a chunk of cash to remove 190 links. Still have about 50 questionable links but never used the disavow tool. Also cleaned up some spam comments with broken links throughout the blog. We are back on page one for all keywords. Even regained the number one spot for one of them.

Jitendra Vaswani

10/08/2013 05:08 am

Google is just playing another big game !!!

Jitendra Vaswani

10/08/2013 05:10 am

Many webmasters are seeing this drop in rankings. I think Google is testing something on their side

smart SEO

10/08/2013 05:15 am

hi anand, you need to do penguine freindly SEO then your website keyword will come in top ten.


10/08/2013 05:32 am

Really fantastic.


10/08/2013 05:37 am

My site was in top 3 for a long time, but after 10/4 all the keywords ranking disappears, i could just find news pages.


10/08/2013 06:03 am

what should i do after penguin 2.1 , lost my keywords ranking ? give me some suggestion about submission.

Soni Sharma

10/08/2013 06:06 am

There is no quick solution for penguin. Do some research on your bad links using Google's webmaster tools and disavow bad links. Use this tool carefully. do regular work on your website generate fresh content and natural links. wait till next penguin update.


10/08/2013 06:08 am

My site recovered (now page 1-2) after being hit by previous penguin updates (page 10). Awesome!!


10/08/2013 07:14 am

I got an unnatural links warning in Google Webmaster Tools, how to deal with this?


10/08/2013 08:25 am

Study NotMattCutts comment below


10/08/2013 09:10 am

but how many submission require for daily after this update


10/08/2013 09:20 am

Working on 2 different niche sites... one is health related which lose its major keywords a bit, while another one on firearms - hit badly and even worst....loosing all major keywords....not seeing anywhere on search engine

P. Williams

10/08/2013 09:56 am

Correctly Said. He is the real Spammer over here.

P. Williams

10/08/2013 09:59 am

Stay away you piece of a Shit.

P. Williams

10/08/2013 10:01 am

Just Awesome. I better learn some of your secret methodologies.


10/08/2013 10:35 am

Hi NoMattCutts Excellent work with the 301's, are you avoiding the manual reviews with this tactic?

Sundar Rawat

10/08/2013 10:49 am

That looks for fine for a website which is bascally made for lead generation only. For brands and business website, it doesn't look good.

P. Williams

10/08/2013 10:50 am

He told you that he hires freelancers?Can't you just shut your mouth and sit still?You got a disease called "ArgueMania JustConsumera".

P. Williams

10/08/2013 10:53 am


Sundar Rawat

10/08/2013 10:55 am

My all websites are fine and stable in terms of traffic and ranking. Few keywords are gone down by 3-4 rank and few are come up by 3-4 rank... so taking them as stable.

Gaurav Agarwal ( )

10/08/2013 11:04 am

Matt cutts announces on 5th oct and gives link of 24th April 2012 ?? am confused.


10/08/2013 11:08 am

After getting hammered with penguin 1 & 1.1 for no effin reason. I had links from huffington post, msn money central etc. I worked on my site the whole time, focusing on UX, conversions. I had finally got my traffic up to 50%, and my sales up to 100%. Matter of fact last month was the highest sales I have had since 2008. I woke up Saturday morning & saw friday's traffic was up 30%, I checked seroundtable , and saw penguin had been released. I woke up this morning, and feel vindicated. I am back at 100%.


10/08/2013 11:27 am

My site was badly hit on the very first April 2012 update, it had over 700 ref domains, these included spam directories and old blog posts that owners either didnt respond or refused to remove, i was able to get rid of %90 of the domains, the remaining %10 i disavowed, a manual penalty was revoked a while back and after this update my site went from page 48 to page 4 for the main keyword it used to rank for.


10/08/2013 11:30 am

He provided general infos about penguin updates. Not especially about THIS penguin. This could be the reason why....

Patti Paz

10/08/2013 11:33 am

When did you get the Unnatural Link Notice??

Patti Paz

10/08/2013 11:33 am

What did you do to recovery?


10/08/2013 12:00 pm

if you check in deep, you will find that Google penalize those site also which have paid link networks. This is one of the catching criteria.ill find others and will let u know friends.


10/08/2013 12:09 pm

My site disappeared totally from search engine keyword results


10/08/2013 12:11 pm

can u give me your site details and keyword details. Also provide me backlink data. so i will give u instant suggestion

Alok Patel

10/08/2013 12:36 pm

It has already decrease our website ranking. I think we need to focus on content marketing and get rank all. I hope that would works.

Jitendra Vaswani

10/08/2013 12:54 pm

Yes Alok this is the only way to get ranked on Google SERP.


10/08/2013 12:56 pm

Matt always not telling the truth. We trust more the webmaster here

Jitendra Vaswani

10/08/2013 01:12 pm

did u perform spamming ?

Bruce Simmons

10/08/2013 02:32 pm

By all guesstimates, this "less than 1%" actually comes out to be impacting about 61M Google searches a day. And how often do they always say that? With most changes! This will add up fast!!! Oh, wait. It already has been adding up for the small, independent webmaster. I am only guessing, but it all seems like a design to push everyone to their G+ product. I could be wrong, but things seem to be adding up like that for me, from outside the garden, looking in.


10/08/2013 02:33 pm

I been playing this game for over 15 years now, some of my client sites sites with a history of over a decade, never been hit before got completely smacked down Its time to unite:

Tom Binga

10/08/2013 02:46 pm

One of my sites got SMOKED. Even after publishing blog articles daily, being active on social media, and getting a high number of social shares organically. Unreal.


10/08/2013 02:49 pm

Tom same here. One site has been sitting on page 1 for many many keywords. We never build any links to it, but recently got more active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest... Site is now hammered down completely and nowhere to be found. Should we be scared now that someone shares our content?


10/08/2013 02:51 pm

My website was on the first page for many keywords, but after this update I lost 95% traffic and my keywords are now on 8th pages. Can you plz quickly write article about how to recover from this new update specially new like us which is new to blogging.

Yo Mamma

10/08/2013 03:21 pm

More than a year later people ask the same question about Panda then Penguin. You asking a week later for recovery? See you in a decade

Yo Mamma

10/08/2013 03:22 pm

You can't be paying Google $2000 a day like many big operations


10/08/2013 03:23 pm

That's not my website. However i've been watching that site for a while and yes he's made it through a few penguin updates and manual spam reports. i'd appreciate if you spam reported him :)

Yo Mamma

10/08/2013 03:23 pm

Alok, its about being self absorbed into Google and its adsense campaign for ranking

Yo Mamma

10/08/2013 03:24 pm

He woke up


10/08/2013 03:26 pm

How exactly would I do this. I have a magento go store and a custom domain?

Courtney Miller

10/08/2013 04:19 pm

Get a new domain

Stephane Brault

10/08/2013 04:31 pm

And what is that site?


10/08/2013 07:04 pm

I have seen some website still exist at same place(top 3) after latest & previous penguin and panda updates so the main point is, now in which area we should focus as content, paid links, reciprocal links, blog & article posting or something else.

Daniel Sanchez

10/08/2013 07:23 pm

I was just talking to a friend who has 2 websites and he linked from website1 to website2 with just 1 link at the top of the site (site-wide) but didn’t include rel=”nofollow” because it’s his site and it wasn’t untrusted content, it’s not spammy, he made sure the anchor text was the company name and not exact match, it’s not a paid link because both sites are his, and he wasn’t prioritizing crawls or any of the many reasons you might want to rel=”nofollow” but still he got a message through his webmaster dashboard saying that he was penalized site-wide because he was either selling links or participating in link schemes in order to manipulate PageRank. Google needs to chill and get off their high horse...


10/08/2013 09:24 pm

Hey, I have been doing some personal research around this and set up a case study for this exact reason just after the last update check my case study here

Gary Lee

10/08/2013 09:38 pm

Is it rolled out in the UK? Got revoked in June, been waiting for the refresh, ranks dropped on Friday, should have seen the refresh recover some rankings not destroy them. Total BS.

Gary Lee

10/08/2013 09:46 pm

what country? UK US CA? Congrats :)


10/08/2013 10:00 pm

There's your first problem, you're doing a blog. Just like millions of others with the same idea. You content is thin and doesn't look original at all. Compare your site with a successful tech/gaming blogs and you'll get an idea as to why it will never work. Google wants useful, original content, not a bunch of regurgitated information about a phone taken from the spec sheet. I'm pretty sure the manufacturer will always rank higher than you for that information.


10/08/2013 10:15 pm

As far as I know, been hearing quite a lot of chatter over there....So Yes, Unfortunately to your question .

Gary Lee

10/08/2013 10:40 pm

Thanks for your reply, I have also been under that impression. I talk with John Mueller in hangouts along with Barry Schwartz and I am surprised to see my site tank despite doing what John told me. 3 years of Panda and Penguin BS and I am worse off than ever before. Despite having no penalties or warnings in WMT. What a total slap in the face. Results above us are total crap. I should have started a new site after Penguin was introduced and re-branded the company. Thanks for wasting my time Google, I guess you got the last laugh. Well done.


10/08/2013 11:07 pm

I know it's been hectic lately and Google has been slapping site owners left and right. The irony of it all, is that sites who have followed Google's guide lines and applied correct SEO practice, have been hit (not all) and in some cases been sent off completely off the radar. Maybe you should have started a new site and re-branded your company but its ridiculous having to go through such lengths in order to avoid being slapped by Google, We can't be playing hide and seek with Google, its completely unethical with whats going on lately. They might had the last laugh for now but we shall have the last laugh once they are left with no one using their SE.

Gary Lee

10/08/2013 11:43 pm

Their brand will continue to get damaged by random things like the tax evasion in the UK. I do however think that Google should be made responsible to remove dirt bags like Lysis from their webmaster forum. They are a representative of Google having been upgraded to Top Contributor where her sole aim is not to help anyone but to abuse as many people as possible. There are others that have been very abusive as well. One used Nazi quotes and was later banned after it becoming a big public deal. If you Google claim they want people to clean up the mess they made, having Top Contributors like that are a clear indication that they are not being truthful. Barry linked right to the example above for Google Webmaster Help. Very unprofessional Google


10/09/2013 12:30 am

Yeah, go tell the world to stop using Google.

Daniel Sanchez

10/09/2013 12:30 am

Yeah, go tell the world to stop using Google and let me know how that went.


10/09/2013 02:28 am

We have 20,000 products online, get a new domain is the last choice.


10/09/2013 02:29 am

Thanks for comment, yes you are right my many posts are weak. I thought if I regularly write Google will love me, but that's not true. Other problem is I got many backlinks from nonrelated sites, that's why I penalized from both panda and penguin. Other problem is in phone review I just wrote specs. But the good things for me is my some articles are really unique and also rewarded by Google, yes with this update that pages also affected, but if I correct these weak posts and bad backlinks problem then Google will reconsider me. Thanks for your valuable comment, in the last 6 months you only review my site and show me where I am.


10/09/2013 02:30 am

We just do article submit, press submit and social media product publish. We don't know why we receive the unnatural link notice.


10/09/2013 02:31 am

We got it on Oct 6.


10/09/2013 03:03 am

My site was dropped to 0 traffic after penguin 2.1. I delete some bad links but it is still not recovered. Can someone send me an email and give me some suggestion.

Johnny U

10/09/2013 03:13 am

Maybe I can make money from writing fiction, or work as a publicist for google. Whats the difference? My website is just about dead, need to find work somewhere.


10/09/2013 03:16 am

Looks like you already know what the problems are. You have a lot of competition so providing your readers with something different is important. Good luck on your blog.

Ohio Real Estate GUys

10/09/2013 04:02 am

I believe our website took a hit as well but we seem to be recovering after removing some old links that were either not working for one reason or another or removed but still had link on website directing spiders to a non existent url.

Reginald Chan Xin Yon

10/09/2013 04:14 am

I don't see much changes THOUGH I expect and suspect I am one of those unlucky ones to get hit. Haha. Traffic reduced a little but impression got hit pretty bad. Hmm...


10/09/2013 04:48 am

What is Google's target with penguin 2.1?


10/09/2013 04:50 am

My site is down after this update. This is not a game, is business. Google playing with our business.


10/09/2013 05:23 am

Karthick I'm hope you don't take this in the wrong way the copy is written with poor grammar. I just hired and seo for our site and just had a heated debate. In a conversation he mentioned the word "wordsmith'. I explained that is the direction we are trying to go with our copy. I have seen a dramatic improvement with our site on this update and I think much has to with the unique content I've written. Google tells you it's panda update or it's penguin update. I say horseshit. From my experience with our niche site the two work hand-in-hand. Use unique sentences that pop with words and phrases that our highly unique from your competition. Give unique perspectives about your business and certainly clean up the grammar. I just one guy but I feel this is what google is looking for.

Jitendra Vaswani

10/09/2013 05:29 am

Check ur backlink profile , It will help you to track backlinks, use disavow tool

Jitendra Vaswani

10/09/2013 05:30 am

Congo Bro !!

Jitendra Vaswani

10/09/2013 05:34 am

Sundar you are lucky in that case

Jitendra Vaswani

10/09/2013 05:35 am

Soni nice tips shared here. Disavow is best tool that can be used after a hit

Sundar Rawat

10/09/2013 05:42 am

Yeah, thanks but its not about the luck. Its all about the working for back-links according to 'Google Guidelines'.

Sundar Rawat

10/09/2013 05:44 am

You are lucky if you get this notification. Many people don't get this notification after affecting. Identify the unnatural links and get them disavowed in GWT. That is best way to get rid over this.... You will have to send reconsideration request to Google against this working too.


10/09/2013 05:45 am

On a side note, I really feel overseas SEO's are going to continue to struggle with English websites in this environment. English is tough and lest your SEO has a thesaurus at his side and knows how to use it, I think outsourcing overseas will not pay dividends going forward.

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 06:08 am

Disawov all Bad Backlinks and then submit a reconsideration request to google

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 06:09 am

Yes UK as well, Whats your WEB URL , Lemme know I can help in case you want.

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 06:12 am

Daniel, No one is clear and just making all wild guesses as to why for what reasons their site is getting slapped by google despite of having natural links only, For so many results only Social Media Links are on top.

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 06:13 am

Alok, Which sites are you talking about ? Share the URLs and keywords plz, Will analyse them and get back with my findings and study.

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 06:20 am

Is there a way to tell you privately, DON'T want to be seen creating a spammy link!

Soni Sharma

10/09/2013 06:27 am

Just submit it once and update URLs in sitemap file. that's it no need to submit it daily.

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 06:39 am

Message me

Alok Pandit

10/09/2013 06:46 am

Nathon, please share your view about "" , I am seeing it's ranking for "managed it services" keyword stable at top 5 since last 1 yr almost.


10/09/2013 06:47 am

And from a user's perspective, the actual search results are terrible. I just tried searching for flameless candles to buy locally and all that came up were US sites (I'm in Australia). Surely google will see that their output is crap now?


10/09/2013 06:58 am

has anyone experience when you type to the address bar its not redirecting to country domain? Or is it just me?

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 07:08 am

When Google removed Interflora, the first result was an out of date coupon site for their brand name.THEY DONT CARE.

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 07:10 am

My business has had trouble for 2+ years, tell anyone on Google forums and they will be rude. Google does not care how many lives they effect.

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 07:15 am

Would love to but this site leaves me scratching my head on how to do so. I click your name and a popup window shows with your comments. That's it. Seems Google wants me to not create links but will follow TEXT that it recognizes as a link so I am unable to be cryptic. And this site forces people to create links even if they are nofollowed because they don't want us to communicate between each other. What the hell is wrong with the online world right now. Thanks for trying Nathon but the world is against us on this one.

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 07:16 am

Hit the sites that will make them the most money. Adwords from small business makes up almost all of its revenue.

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 08:01 am

Hey Gary, Don't Worry, Just try typing in my name on Facebook, You can message me their in private :)

Nathon Jacob

10/09/2013 08:03 am

Hey Bruce, Yes we all are making our guess that google is doing all this to promote Paid Ads ( Google Adwords ) or other Google products ? Why are we guys unable to get a logical reason from google on what is going to work for ranking our website to the top , So that we all do that and be in the league.

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 08:13 am

Done :) Thanks for your time. btw.. (Your message will go to Nathon's Other folder because you aren't connected to him on Facebook) LOL

Gary Lee

10/09/2013 08:15 am

Many sites hit. My impressions totally tanked, traffic not so much as they were already on page 5 or worse, now they are on page 10.


10/09/2013 09:32 am

Wow, great update! I hope useless websites with stolen, copied or lame content will follow to nirvana. These worthless sites makes me sick.

Laura Phillips

10/09/2013 09:33 am

Your link is broken...


10/09/2013 10:27 am

This game is getting boring now... seriously! You guys may have normal websites and are getting penalised... I work as a webmaster/SEO for an escort agency and I'm about to loose my job now.... from 5-6k visits a day in september last year we went to 300 visits a day now!!!!! thats very very scary. Every F....king google update I loose more and more... Competitors that have 10-20 links and never had a blog post are ranking higher than big ones that has 1000's links and fresh blog posts every day! How can I recover from penalties? I can't! Master Google doesn't want people to recover, it only wants to push people to spend money on adwords! It is now affecting people that has been around for many many years so they really feel when they loose positions and consequently loose money and as result they will rush to get a adwords account running ASAP! This is a bs joke!!!! I removed more than 5k links about (75% of my links) and asked for a reconsideration request... the answer was: you don't seem to be following the guidelines... great, who will link to a escort agency website? Time to move on against google, but the thing is that the average user loves google more and more because its "cool" and always lunching new cool projects for "free"... I really had enough!

Planetary Bargains

10/09/2013 11:23 am

Our traffic is down currently, hopefully when the dust settles we will still have a viable business, I am running out of people to lay off...

Planetary Bargains

10/09/2013 11:29 am

They could make more money from diversified shareholding of the fortune 500 companies they support. Imagine the power of buying shares in say Amazon, and they taking all of the little guys traffic and funneling it up there....then you could sell your shares and move it elsewhere... Heck, you could double your money every few months !

Planetary Bargains

10/09/2013 11:41 am

Assimilate into the Borg

Pradeep Kumar

10/09/2013 11:43 am

right douglasapuc

Krishna Ramya

10/09/2013 02:19 pm

You can try this free ebook to recover which is available at warrior forum :-

Krishna Ramya

10/09/2013 02:20 pm

You can check the step by step guide which I just mentioned below.


10/09/2013 04:40 pm

I think my site is one of the few that has benefited (Search Queries doubled since Penguin 2.1 launched on Friday). I run a simple business and don't participate in any spammy links. I'm just constantly adding more products and content. It's tedious and my traffic has always been extremely slower to grow than I'd like, but that seems to be how it works these days. I'm sorry to those who have lost business legitimately, but I'm also not sorry to those that have gamed the system from deceptive practices.

Fionn Downhill

10/09/2013 04:50 pm

Does anybody use the Link Research Tools or Majestic? I am seeing sites which were doing well with what they categorize as suspicious links tanked in this update. Before it was typically toxic now it seems what thesee tools call suspicious have been hammered. Some of the suspicious I take with a pinch of salt as they are tags, cagegories etc. Anybody seeing this trend in their analysis of the sites hit?

Steve Kaplan

10/09/2013 05:05 pm

Gotta love the ole' ~1% PR nonsense, as if even a .5% aggregate of the websites indexed by Google today that ARE affected couldn't hypothetically affect an enormous % of all page 1 results.


10/09/2013 06:35 pm

google not cares about search quality, unique content, authorship, copyrights, etc. They with one small change destroying billion websites and later tell us - write good content... (again and again). But good content not helps, google soon will ban site for use of word "hello" or "welcome" on your pages.


10/09/2013 06:38 pm

there is no such thing as google guidelines. Because they are claims to be worldwide search engine (search engine not need any guidelines, it just index the web), but they show us billion rules only to penalize our sites in any moment.


10/09/2013 10:13 pm

well said xoxo....


10/10/2013 03:07 am

It seems that removing links is not useful at all


10/10/2013 05:32 am

No, I cant confirm that. But there's a new tool (in closed beta) which detects linking domains that have been hit by Penguin or Panda updates. From my experience using this tool it is clear that: the higher the ratio of backlinks from Penguin victims, the more likely the site was hit by Penguin 2.1 itself. There seems to be some critical threshold for "Penguin linking domains" in a site's backlink portfolio.


10/10/2013 06:03 am

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try to do this.


10/10/2013 09:37 am

if you are hit by penguin a recon is useless. Google has introduced the manual actions viewer, if there is no manual action you simply cant submit a recon request. My site recovered from penguin 2.1 - disavow works, no recon, no delete of links.


10/10/2013 10:08 am

It also seems the 'Title Rank' feature in LRT is a good way of seeing if a linking domain has a penalty or is deemed low quality.


10/10/2013 10:13 am

Received an email via a contact form from a site that suffered a drop but not total wipe out from someone at Google saying they could help traffic! Thought this was spam but the address was, upon replying i found out the person was part of the google adwords team, just a coincidence that they are on a big push after an algo update?! Maybe they have a list of all sites/affiliates who have been hit by this update and are emailing them to start using Adwords! This seems evil but one would not be surprised ha


10/10/2013 10:29 am

Did the WMT show that Link as bad? Else its just an assumption to claim that its THAT link. If both sites belong to him he should make it clear that both sites are run by the same company/owner. Else it can be seen as manipulation. Make it very clear that you own them and they are connected.


10/10/2013 11:22 am

What google gives, google also takes away. Enjoy the traffic but don´t build your business around it. Make sure you diversify your traffic so when google decides it does not like you anymore you will only lose that small portion of traffic. Don´t think for 1 second you are immune from the google chop. Many businesses who thought this are now bankrupt because of it.


10/10/2013 01:42 pm

I absolutely agree with this. Sometimes I wish that someone could compete with Google but no-one even dares anymore in our days.

Daniel L Sanchez

10/10/2013 02:09 pm

It's the only link on the whole site that doesn't have rel="nofollow" and there are no other outbound links, what do you think?


10/10/2013 09:30 pm

our website, is also lost a lot of traffic with this update along as the previous one. the funniest thing: we never did anything to website, in matter of buying links or ... screw you google! I only wish that some competition will appear. The throne is already too big for you, you are way to much fooling around, so that is not funny anymore.....

Sam Jetta

10/10/2013 10:45 pm

I tried this back with the first 2 versions of Penguin and within 2 weeks the new domain was penalized. Not sure how you made it last from update to update, but I'm not 100% sure that will work with most sites. Just sharing so people know it's a possibility

Sam Jetta

10/10/2013 10:51 pm

Here's a question that I haven't seen asked. If your site was hit by this penguin update, can you still create new content on that domain and have it rank? Or is the entire domain poisoned by the algo filter and it will not be possible to rank any new phrases until the site is fixed enough to get out of the filter. And another spin on that would be, if your page targeting "blue widgets" lost it's 1st page rankings, can you create a new page on your site, with new content and rank again for "blue widgets"? I haven't heard much on this after any of the penguin updates really.


10/10/2013 11:17 pm

Your backlink profile is spammy, i would speak to your seo company.

Larry Diesbach

10/11/2013 12:43 am

that's a damn good question!

Larry Diesbach

10/11/2013 12:47 am

We went from Page 1 to page ???????????????? Can not even find us. And the kicker, is that all the recent links were from citation sites for our new location. Just wrong if you ask me thanks for telling me in am in the 1% :( not the 1% I wanted to be in... was the site , what's weird is newer sites that are for same business both on page 1 oddly enough with there citations. I guess rather than piss and moan I just move on.

Fionn Downhill

10/11/2013 02:47 am

Interesting I signed up for your beta. I am having trouble getting a current client to understand the impact of their previous linking strategy. Need as much data as I can get to help them understand the game is up.

Fionn Downhill

10/11/2013 02:49 am

I have one that went up. Was hit by Penguin 1 and 2. Changed a lot of links, anchor text, wrote to webmasters etch finally did a disavow. Traffic up about 10% now but now where it was pre-penguin 1. However that makes sense as the site has a lot less links now. These days its a win when a site doesn't go down!!. I


10/11/2013 06:45 am

Thanks. You will be notified once the tool is in beta, might take another 2-4 weeks.


10/11/2013 06:47 am

I think the Penguin filter acts site wide. So even new content pages will be penalized ... You should get rid of any harmful backlinks. See my post further below.


10/11/2013 08:42 am

I partially agree/disagree. I have a 301 in place that redirects my root into a subdirectory with a blog installed. Anything in this folder isnt hardly getting any ratings. I noticed my dmca page and contact page and archives rank higher than individual posts. The other side of this is that the static 'old' site that resides in the root and in various other trees of sub directory's havent been hit at all and are still rnking 1 in the targeted keywords... Bad links and bad link juice flow did this imo..

Vibhu Gauba

10/11/2013 09:02 am

Guys 70% of the website that got hit during the update have recovered for us. !!!! Best day of my life. Really happy for my clients today


10/11/2013 09:25 am

I hope that happens for my clients too. Good news :)

Daniel Sanchez

10/11/2013 11:26 am

Just because 95% of "SEM Experts" in this amazingly overcrowded SEM world are oblivious to what's going on with their websites doesn't mean EVERYONE makes a "wild guess" on what's going on. Just because you're looking at data doesn't mean you're actually seeing the data. Pay close enough attention in the right spots with the right tools and the data is there.


10/11/2013 12:22 pm

Are you sure you dont have a manual penalty? These can act also locally / on directory level.


10/11/2013 12:57 pm

A good example for so many users who complain and dont know their own mistakes that they made...


10/11/2013 01:22 pm

What have You done? :)


10/11/2013 07:13 pm

We had a SEO group manage our website. We paid a lot to have 12k links added to our site per their recommendations. This was over a year ago in 2012. We ended up getting blacklisted under Panda. Surely you would think a management group would have an idea when you add that many in one month that Panda would BL us. I am just finding these things out. I am just a farmer of Emus but now I have to become a bit more shrewd in my understanding to avoid these things. Is there anything I could do to get us off that black list from Panda? What should I tell those people that managed our SEO?


10/11/2013 10:28 pm

yeah, your website does not have much content, and the design is kinda of.. bad honestly I am surprised you where ever on page one. What keywords are you targeting? And are you doing your SEO inhouse or paying an agency?


10/12/2013 01:37 am

Absolutely true!! Just to encourage Adwords, Google is deliberately doing all this. Google has made its pocket very big by slapping everyone just for nothing.

Linda Mark

10/12/2013 05:47 am

Today all my keyword drop to page 20 , so sad!

DJ Kaas Media

10/12/2013 08:57 am

I got hit Sept 4th by some google update. Today i noticed a BIG positive shifting in the SERP's. I'm back at the first and second page again (from page 50 and beyond). Things i did were disavowing a bunch of spammy anchor text links and sites and I started putting more effort in posts (i post music video's). SO what it was I don`t know, but something worked..

DJ Kaas Media

10/12/2013 09:03 am

My site recovered too today.. At least it is back at the first and second page in SERP's


10/12/2013 09:04 am

Google does not care about good content, they do not care about quality, all they care for is money, and they make it over the backs of Small Business owners. Google has direct benefit in making the quality of the ads stand out above the top 10 search results, and that is exactly what they are doing. They hammer down on small business owners, knowing they dont have a voice and allow the big guys to rank.. It is time for webmasters to understand that there are other traffic sources, and for google users to understand the ethics and morals of the Google company. Switch to duckduckgo, iquick or any other searchengine: we dont need Google, Google needs us. Its time to understand this!

DJ Kaas Media

10/12/2013 09:05 am

yes I don`t have a manual penalty, nothing in the Google Webmaster to be found, no messages etc. But today my site recovered (since sept 4th 2013). Ok I don`t want to cheer to early but I`m back in the SERP's


10/12/2013 09:36 am

You want to start a revolution against Google?

Mazhar Aziz

10/12/2013 11:33 am

my website was totally hit and don't appear in Google after the 4th October update. here is the URL:


10/12/2013 03:39 pm

Google is the asswhole on the block ......they dont care about quality sites that have without their approval others linking to them and for that our site is now missing in action in the googles 7th pages or 10 pages ...


10/12/2013 03:40 pm

i cant wait for bing to take over the search one day so we dont have to use google only this is uncalled for my organic search is now all gone ....legit site


10/12/2013 03:43 pm

Why not just call it the grim reaper rather than the penguin ...far from a penguin like a killer whale

DJ Kaas Media

10/12/2013 08:26 pm

no link buying? even though it was on minor scale?

David Kinston

10/13/2013 02:01 am

I need everyone's reply for comment: It seems like 'homepage' rankings are gone. Just about every search I do is only giving me results from sub-pages of sites, not the homepage. So it seems as if this update was weeding out homepage rankings (to kill off spam) because usually homepage rankings are the ones with the most artificially made backlinks. Can anyone else confirm this?


10/13/2013 07:36 am

Aren;t you the man who manages 1000 sites or something. 1.) Did you recoiver 70% of the sites or 70% of ONE site? 2.) Are you lying?

Vibhu Gauba

10/13/2013 08:02 am

Mate when i said 70% it clearly meant 7 out of 10 sites that were hit have got back to normal

Mike Pannell (Dallas Realtor)

10/13/2013 11:50 am

What sucks is I have removed over 60% of the links that have been flagged as bad by looking at every links and even using some of these tools and i still get affected.. Now the hit wasn't as bad as it has been in the past but you can still tell i was hit a bit.. i think i a am with everyone else here also that the disavow tool doesn't do anything.. At the time i started the removal process i loaded all bad links into the disavow tool and I just left them and i even added to the list from time to time. As i posted about I gotten over 60% removed and still nothing and still getting hit..

Shafqat Jilani

10/13/2013 11:59 am

There is no harm in staring a revolution for common interest and shared benefits. If Google, after reaching amazing heights with the support of webmasters and users, can start looking forward without them, there must be some new alternatives to protect small business owners from the effects of this monopolistic business outlook of Google.

paul hughes

10/13/2013 05:23 pm

We have been destroyed in 5 days. Can't find us on keyword searches on the 1st 16 pages of google (when I got bored). We were numbered 1-3 in natural listings prior to 2.1 and 2.0 didnt affect us at all. Having to pay more on PPC to be found. Not a clue how to remedy this issue, it may as well be written in Chinese. We will go out of business.

Nick M

10/13/2013 10:01 pm

We were hit pretty hard for our main keywords but some of our specific pages still pop up on page 1. It seems like we really only lost ranking on the keywords we had focused our link building efforts on. Based on that I think they only penalize you for the keywords that appear to be spammy. Other good content can still rank well.


10/13/2013 10:53 pm

Jack, I would sack that group immediately. No real seo worth their salt would blast a site 12k links in a month. Your're best bet is to have someone analyse those links and then work from there. Your site can bounce back, no doubt, it's just a case of pruning those bad links and adding new, more google friendly links. Hope that helps

Spencer Turner

10/14/2013 12:54 am

Yes you're right this is exactly what is happening, there have been a few reports of this, myself included!


10/14/2013 01:58 am

so you got 700/1000(that you said you manage) sites out of penalty, You have got to be a sensation now lol


10/14/2013 03:08 am

I have another site with zero backlinks ranking on the 2nd page this is just nuts .....i hope google gets their act together ...noting last for every noting ....


10/14/2013 05:56 am

ah wait. you dont have 1000 penalized sites... umm... ok... How many penalized and how many recovered? Anyth you did specifically. Are you suggesting G relaxed something?


10/14/2013 08:48 am

Thanks, I will try it too.


10/14/2013 08:49 am

Hi, there is no msg received from google.

PM Fiorini

10/14/2013 10:34 am

Your site is *never* going to bounce back. Ignore what these stupid SEO's are telling you. Removing backlinks, etc., will do nothing but cost you more money and aggrevation. The best way out of your dilemma is to start a new site and go from there. I.e., go white hat. You be surprised how well your site will rank with just a few good links.


10/14/2013 04:20 pm

One of my site has been hit about 5 weeks ago. The site lost 70% of traffic. Since then I had to dig through of it's backlink profile and disavow more than one thousand domains and some links, also removed signature links from forums I 'm registered in. I also updated my disavow list every other day with new domains and corrections. I started to see the first clear traffic increase 4 days ago and still increasing day by day. Maybe the disavow tool is worked and after the oct. 4th. update my site starts to get out of penalty? I hope so.


10/15/2013 02:46 am

It seems over the top to me that Google would include Yellow Pages searches in my client's backlink count (e.g. Also, using SEOprofiler to check backlinks is now showing in their profile too. Random.


10/15/2013 11:07 am

google working so hard to lower quality of serp for 99%


10/16/2013 12:45 am

I have to wonder if there is really any meaning behind these updates at all, they almost seem like they target random groupings of sites. From day one until now I have never done anything but write content for and to my target audience. I really don't do much of any SEO, just write. I was all but destroyed in the first few Penguin updates and finally have seen some recovery with this last one. Never changed a thing that I was doing.


10/16/2013 01:01 am

so, how did you do it?? can you share a simple advice to us who also got hit badly by the update? thanks!

Lucy Smith

10/16/2013 10:02 am

As I know, many websites include mine were impacted. I lost my original traffic suddenly .Bullshit !Matt Cutts said it impacted about 1% of search queries.What can I do now ? Help me.


10/16/2013 04:04 pm

Nobody in the world can't help us, my visitors build naturally backlinks for my website, after each google update I lost traffic. My website is the best in my niche, I have high-quality fresh content. My website is disappear from results for the most relevante keywords. I see a lot of happy India spammers around. I have over 20 websites, all in different niches, different promotion strategies and all of those websites are in 1%, LOL give me a break. This is 99% impact!


10/17/2013 02:36 pm

im not sure if revolution is the correct word. a large part of Google's success in the USA are the 27 million small business owners supporting google. The early years of google were win for everyone: small business owners, search users, and google themselves... Google gave everyone equal opportunity, and simply returned the best search results for its users. Google thrived on that, economy thrived on that and small business thrived on that positive energy and fair return Google has left its roots completely and turned into an evil organisation that makes money over the backs of small business owners. what do you think will happen if 27 million small business owners, their employees, and their families turn their back on google.. Its time people open their eyes.


10/21/2013 11:24 am

My website lost 80% of the traffic due to this update. My traffic was mainly from a question answers pages where the question's anchor text and url after the domain name are similar, Now google has completely destroyed my search traffic and I have to start from zero. Seems I need to restructure those urls, I think it is applicable to Lucy Smith too

Zenfly Media

10/21/2013 06:38 pm

I have lost about 40% of traffic and the same in adsense earnings. I wish Google would tell you that you have been punished by their algorithms... AHhhh! Thanks for the information.


10/23/2013 04:43 am

My website went from page one to not findable on Google search by the end of the first week of October. A few days after that occurred, I received a call from a rep from the AdWords department of Google encouraging me to increase my use of AdWords. Sounds like an old fashioned shakedown to me.

DJ Kaas Media

10/24/2013 02:18 pm

disavow a bunch of spammy backlinks and i think that might have been it ..

Randy Milanovic

10/28/2013 12:23 am

My top ranking keywords improved from 93 to just under 200 on page one. More than 100 in the top 3 and 40+ #1. I keep an eye on competitor rankings and have seen them drop dramatically. Kinda fun. While I enjoy the improvements, I have to wonder if they mean all that much any more. I have seen an increase in traffic and form conversions by roughly 30%, so all good there. As an author and avid guest blogger, I have to wonder what's happening to non-authors... anyone have thoughts on that?

Alok Pandit

10/28/2013 10:46 am

Nathon, I would be grateful if you give few time to "" and help in finding pillar to hold my keywords ranking.

Alok Pandit

10/28/2013 10:53 am

Randy, Congrats for your keywords. can you please share what did you do for site and what should I do for my website ranking. still struggling after penguin update. I would be grateful if u share some key ideas.

Alok Pandit

10/28/2013 10:59 am

Does Disavow tool really remove all spammy backlinks ?? How much time it took to remove your links.

DJ Kaas Media

10/28/2013 11:09 am

I am not sure how long because i think that before the disavow tool kicked in other sites that hadnt disavowed any links also recovered for a couple of days on October 12. But ive also read that one site that didnt disavow any links got a major set back after 3 days again, so i would say/guess it will take somewhere between 10-13 days. The disavowed links still appear in the WMT backlinks

Tarun Suri

10/29/2013 07:40 am

Agree with your points we should start using different search engines & leave google!


10/30/2013 10:59 am

Here i wrote about penguin 2.1 recovery:


11/02/2013 09:50 am

I have seen my rankings drop losing around 75% of organic traffic. At the same time my Adwords daily spend has increased by about 50% without having changed anything, I think this speaks volumes for the real reason behind these frequent updates by Google.


11/04/2013 03:44 am

Hello, On Sept 30 I saw my traffic from my Google local listing take a dive & it has been down since that date. Has anyone else noticed lower traffic with local listing & around this new Penguin update?


11/07/2013 03:55 pm

Hello, Our website hit by penguine and still drop the user. we have 5% user of my old website. now i started another one I requested you to all of expert and Admin guide me how to protect our website from this type of update.


11/07/2013 03:58 pm

Please let me know how i protect our website penalty by google I already suffer my two website which was badly effected.

Randy Milanovic

11/08/2013 01:53 pm

All you need to do is stop what you just did. You used a business name, not personal. You dropped a link (twice) - that is link spamming. Stop all that and start engaging. Write about your topics in helpful ways. You don't need a new website, you need a new approach that is free of the junk.


11/08/2013 09:27 pm

My small business has been decimated. It previously ranked for totally relevant searches that for that reason drove sales. Suddenly Google just drops my site and kills off my livelihood for no good reason. Penguin is an almighty #FAIL it has not got rid of spammy sites, it has just made valuable content impossible for anyone to find. Google needs to wake up to what it is doing to peoples lives, they should have a system whereby innocent victims of such algorithmic changes, could do something about it. Google YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!I have worked 7 days a week for last two years, serving my customers, building up a good business, only to have google pull the rug from under my feet. I am furious at the injustice of it, when I see irelevant websites showing up where mine used to be, and all you hear from Google is how pleased with themselves they are about their attempts to get rid of webspam. WELL GET THIS GOOGLE>>YOU ARE FAILING! YOU ARE REMOVING RELEVANT GOOD WEBSITES, DECENT BUSINESSES THAT ARE NOT GUILTY OF WEBSPAM HAVE BEEN DROPPED OUT THE SEARCH RESULTS. REAL PEOPLE< REAL LIVES RUINED AND YOU OFFER ZERO SUPPORT>>>>EVIL!!!


11/09/2013 08:23 pm

You are wrong, they are not failing. Their objective is to make money. There is no better way for them to make money then by lowering the quality of the natural results (so people will click thei laser targetted ads) and by giving small business owners the tools to kill eachother for the traffic that is left. They are doing a very good job at that


11/09/2013 08:25 pm

And YES they ARE EVIL Check and see the many resons why.


11/12/2013 09:43 am

My website saw a slight increase after this update, or I should say it recovered from previous updates. I did absolutely nothing, no disavowing or other stupid tricks Google is introducing. So I don't think we can really do anything about these updates, just do nothing, if Google wants your website go up/down you can't stop that. Just avoid advanced SEO and other tools, why working on rules that will soon change again?


11/18/2013 03:19 pm

You are correct Randy! Of all of the comments on here yours is the most realistic & professional. And I am not surprised at the success that you speak of. I think the comments section of this website could well be a collection of the '1%'ers' myself included.. Although the methods you describe are not without their own risk or downsides. Mainly they are a lot slower & have a lot lower rate of conversions in the short term. The methods you describe are essentially going back to traditional forms of advertising, market research, targeted engagements of markets/customers.. Which is all great, but then takes SEO away from the little guy. (which was who Google claimed to support at one point). I think you are forgetting to mention that the campaign you describe would mean a small business or a one man band would in effect have to start blogging & engaging their audience full time rather than spending the time actually doing their profession. (If they already have a base of customers they want to build on) Or alternatively they would then have to employ someone to implement such a campaign which amounts to a significant expenditure for most part with an almost guarantee of NO returns in the short term. So the obvious conclusion is that Google is slowly killing off link building in most of it's forms. And Matt Cutts is using the old 'bait & switch' with us all while they put their new ranking system in place. And it's worth mentioning we have gotten to this point through the hot & cold signals google have been sending to SEO's & business anyway. What I don't think Cutts or yourself have realised or factored in is that this now puts an extended ROI on SEO, it slows down the process, making it cost more if outsourced. And as we are not dealing with any increased traffic it means were talking about more work for the same rewards. (otherwise take the paid route) And in regards to your comment to futuremobile.. Yea he didn't use his name (but does he really have to?) And as the writer chose to include his comment on this post, didn't that mean that the writer made a choice that is was valuable? What gets me is that in Googles eyes most people here would be considered spammers, when did it get like this? When these are all actual business operating in their own niches. Were actually back to the stage where I am seeing gumtree/more directory pages ranking above actual business. The traditional definition of spam was the generation of irrelevant repetitive & useless branding to impress results. Today's definition of spam is purely subjective to how you produce content regardless if it is actually useful or if people are using it.. Goggle won the war against spam years ago. So now they go after legitimate business who are branding. It seems to me that the next obvious step will be for them to try to gain control over content, much like with Squidoo where they will start to refuse/penalise websites because they currently want a specific type of content. In which case you will see yourself joining us in the 1%'ers club! In short, my fear is that Google has become the Alice in Wonderland, Queen Of Harts. Or how did that story about the Emperors new clothes go again?...

Randy Milanovic

11/19/2013 02:16 pm

Hello Alok. Since writing my comment above, MOZ tools show 121 top 3 keywords. The good news is that there is no trickery - simply quality content. I do not spend a lot of time "optimizing" save for meta descriptions and writing to a single topic. Regular activity in social, engagement in discussions like this one and a 2x per week blogging routine have also been key.


11/20/2013 04:12 pm

In fact.. What this looks like it's adding up to is that Google want to take over SEO. Dont be surprised if all of a sudden we see a paid 'SEO' service from Google sometime in the future.

Pooja Desai

11/26/2013 07:41 am

After Google's latest updates, previous methods of link building aren't working, like social bookmarking, comment, forum profiles, etc... Therefore I started cleaning up some spammy or low-quality links. I also posted some articles on article posting websites. But I posted duplicate articles in several of them with my site's links in them. Now I really don't know whether I should remove those articles or not to recover from Google's Penguin update.


12/09/2013 12:15 am

I think what everyone needs to do to efficiently clean up their backlink profile is evaluate the content on those backlinks for Dale Chall and Flesch Kincaid readability

wzsSeaadams reedy

06/06/2014 10:35 am

Small business is going to do all this and stay in business. LOL Do we have time for all of this as we are here to save customers money with a product not spend all of our time doing all of this changing and by the way what is a good linking strategy and This whole Google knows best situation is hurting everyone except Google and the deep pocket big brands.who are selected by Google to appear in the top positions of the SERPS. You say "stay ethical and creative with your link building" That is part of the problem when websites "build links" instead of letting them accrue naturally. But now some Google expert has determined what is "natural" and what is not. I think any link not instigated by the webmaster is natural anchor text or no anchor text. You can get the idea from my rant that I have no idea what Google wants. thanks go here

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