Personalized Certificates & Public Profiles Pages For Google Partners

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Google PartnersGoogle announced that Google Partners now have two new ways to share their AdWords certification with prospects or clients.

(1) You can now get a personalized HTML certificate that you can showcase.

(2) You can now also use your sharable public profile page.

Here is a screen shot of them both, one overlaid on top of the other:

click for full size

To view the HTML version of your certificate:

  1. Sign in to your Google Partners account at
  2. Click the ‘My profile’ link in the ‘Overview’ section. 
  3. If you’re AdWords certified, click the ‘AdWords Certified’ link to open a printable, HTML version of your certificate.
  4. You can print the certificate or save it to your desktop to share with potential clients.
To share your Google Partners public profile:
  1. Select the ‘My Profile’ page link from the menu.
  2. Visit the ‘Public Profile’ section of this page. By default, your public profile page is visible only to you. 
  3. To make your profile visible to others, click the ‘Share with’ drop-down menu and select ‘Public.’ 
  4. You can now click the ‘View Profile’ link and begin sharing your page with anyone. 
  5. If you’re signed in to your Partners account, your profile's visibility status will appear at the top of the page. You may always change it from public back to private. 

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Robert Fisher

06/16/2014 11:54 am

Unfortunately, in Google's push for adwords too many companies with less than stellar records in what they sell are getting "Partnership" and claiming to walk on water. At this juncture it would appear that Google has set verification on a new road with far less reliability. Whereas before one would show their badges, you could click and check things out, everything is a bit murkier with what you are. The very existence of the word Partner is, frankly, sad. Because many of the very companies who cold call, send notices that you are not verified in Local, etc. are becoming Partners.


06/17/2014 08:25 am

What about the individuals who don't have access to MCC account and are unable to maintain $10000 budget? They are deprive of any method to show their Adword Certification.

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