Status Check: Google Panda / Farmer Rebounds & UK Migration

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Google Panda Man RescueWe have been covering the Google Panda/Farmer update in extreme detail, giving you every theory, every slight update and everything I think can possibly help webmasters stay n top of the topic.

The thing is, we still do not have any concrete information about the update and how to escape from it. There have been maybe a handful of people claiming they are no longer impacted by this Google update but the reality is, it can likely mean they were never impacted by this specific update.

Then we are wondering when it will migrate over to the UK. We had some rumors of Panda hitting the UK. But now I see even more people saying they were hit by the Panda update in Google UK. We have two WebmasterWorld threads about it coming to the UK. But some webmasters are saying it has not yet hit the UK, while others are saying it has.

At this point, I am still unsure who to believe. I do not believe any of those hit by the Panda update were able to come out of it to-date. I also do not believe it is in the UK just yet. Why? Well, like I said before, I really expect to see a large number of webmasters claim their sites were freed from the Panda update prior to Google pushing this out the the UK. And since I have not seen more than five people claim they are no longer impacted by Panda, it is hard for me to believe some who are saying Panda hit the UK when others are saying it has not.

I do expect it to happen really soon but when, only Google knows.

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03/28/2011 01:58 pm

@Rusty Brick Totally with you on this. There has to be some real chaos going on over Google. Matt "Like Clockwork" Cutts hasn't made a new blog post in over a month. Zero blog posts for March? Guess he doesn't want to start moderating 10,000 F-words out of his comments section until Panda is fixed.


03/28/2011 02:49 pm

Yes, the google panda is all around UK. All our rankings seems to be dropping with great percentage. I can't believe that some of my competitors are also hit by it & they are no longer in the ranking for the keyword they were before.

RFK Solutions Ltd

03/28/2011 03:27 pm

I am not sure if Panda has hit UK yet, dont think so. but something defenetly been happening over last week, seeing some of my websites and client websites jumping up and down alot in the SERPS.


03/28/2011 07:05 pm

I'm seeing a significant lift in our UK Google traffic since Friday. If this is Panda related, then it just adds more confusion for me, since the same site was hammered by Panda in the US. Google traffic was down 50% in the US, and is still at those levels, but it appears to be up 100% in the UK.


03/28/2011 11:19 pm

Far as I can tell, based on my own observations, and from closely following many others, there's been no recovery from Panda US, and Panda UK hasn't happened yet (although it's possible that a few people might be part of a test rollout in the UK, so that could explain a few people seeing it).


03/28/2011 11:29 pm

Also, as time passes and waters settle, it may be revealed that the Panda/Farmer update mostly only impacted sites that saw relatively high amounts of traffic already and/or had been authorities in their niche for a number of years. The algorithm seems to have not harmed many young or lower traffic-yielding sites' ranks. Once this algo update rolls into the UK, this will become more apparent as more market data will be assessed.


03/29/2011 03:20 am

The WebmasterWorld thread has some new information this evening . Some members are reporting step-wise improvements that they can track back to site changes. For me, the takeaway is that Panda is not the kind of thing that you are either "in" or "out" of, like a penalty. Instead it is a complex quality metric, as advertised - and it will be with us in some form or other going forward.

Tony Heywood

03/29/2011 10:09 am

I haven't seen any impact negative or positive in my rankings yet or in the general quality of the results. I am try to build a resource here for articles and blog posts. Please send me any that you have.


03/29/2011 10:31 am

Panda has defintly been rolled out to the UK, massive changes compared to a week ago!

Alicia King

03/29/2011 12:01 pm

Monitoring Panda UK from a US location, and I haven't seen a bit of change in the SERPs yet. My guess is that Google is rolling this out one data centre at a time in the UK, and that it hasn't completed yet. My traffic hasn't changed one way or the other, and I'd expected several of those same sites that were hit in the US to drop from the rankings. (ezinearticles, buzzle, etc) and they haven't budged. The fact that some webmasters say "yes" and others "no" lends credence to my suspicion (that it's one data centre at a time).

Mark Hammersley

03/29/2011 10:08 pm

Something big has definitely happened in the UK for the sites I look after, some big losers some big winners. Its a bit scary really.

Sudhir Panda

03/30/2011 07:56 am

Google Panda? Besides non-humans or animals, seems like they have stolen my surname? -

RFK Solutions Ltd

03/30/2011 10:22 am

Hi Mark What evidence are you seeing of this?


03/30/2011 03:25 pm

Seeing exactly the same. US traffic down 35% due to Panda, but UK traffic just rose by about 20% (as of Friday). This is really weird - if it's not UK Panda, what are they doing rolling out another algo change so soon after Panda?


03/30/2011 03:28 pm

Unlike many site owners who've resorted to crying and gnashing their teeth and cursing Google over the past few weeks, I spent the time auditing and reassessing my site and making what I think are great improvements for my users. Unfortunately, despite moving mountains here, I have seen no changes to my traffic. Today, most of my visitors appear irrelevant (from foreign sources). Also, I am receiving traffic from scrapers! Can you imagine that. I wrote a 1500 word analytical article yesterday, complete with authoritative citations and today, foreign aggregators with link backs to this article are ranking several places higher for all conceivable phrase combinations. This algorithm is simple not delivering and continuing to devalue many white hat, legitimate, authoritative webmasters. Very sad.

Andy Francos

04/12/2011 09:08 am

Well as everyone may be aware, Google rolled out the Google Panda update on a global scale yestersday: Which of course includes the UK: Will report back with anything I find.

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