Google Panda Goes Into Hiding: No More Official Confirmations

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Google Panda hidingOn Friday I reported at Search Engine Land that Google will no longer give us confirmations or more details on future Panda updates.

Why? Google no longer plans to push out manual Panda refreshes, all future ones should be part of Google's rolling updates. So Google told us at Search Engine Land:

I don't expect us to tweet about or confirm current or future Panda updates because they'll be incorporated into our indexing process and thus be more gradual.

Honestly, I prefer it that way. There is so much stress for me to get Google to respond and give confirmations on these updates. I feel it on both ends. You guys, the SEOs and Webmasters want the confirmation. Google is not always eager to give them to me.

So now, with Panda, I won't have to worry about it anymore.

For Webmasters not knowing is never good but if it is part of Google's rolling updates, if you believe that, then there is nothing they can do to really help you there.

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Daniel Carlyon

03/18/2013 01:40 pm

"So now, with Panda, I won't have to worry about it anymore." Although maybe this now gives room for a new set of updates? A new black and white animal to manually penalise and focus on something else? I guess we'll have to wait and see.


03/18/2013 02:33 pm

Hopefully now your digest will be always useful, as it is today ) Thanks )


03/18/2013 03:04 pm

They'll have the Skunk Updates where they penalize websites using HTML.

Marie Haynes

03/18/2013 06:08 pm

I don't like the fact that Google is no longer announcing Panda updates. I think the announcements were good for improving the quality of the web. Previously, if a site's traffic tanked on the date of the panda update, the site owner would know that Panda hit them and hopefully, would end up working very hard to improve the quality of the site. Now, if the Panda dates aren't known, how is the site owner to know what improvements they need to make?

Dario Petkovic

03/18/2013 09:34 pm

I reckon we're better off not knowing as it only ruins SEOs weekends

Dan Reed

03/18/2013 10:29 pm

I think Google is viewing this as a sign of constant progression rather than SEO-plasters here and there. Your right, this is just another step by Google to make Internet Marketing harder but one that should seperate the ordinary sites from the remerkable sites.

Brennan Lukav

03/18/2013 11:55 pm

very true, we can go online and find out by the chatter, if we are warned there will be an update we just sit their waiting for it.


03/19/2013 01:12 am

Marie, but you're veterinarian, aren't you ? How is this related to IT ? I can't even imagine your path from veterinarian to SEO. Just curious. I saw a lot of people who could type into the CMS forms and because of that pretended to be writers. Sure later they became SEOs. Here was one guy with the magic balls. The path to SEO is also understandable. But from veterinarian to SEO .... WoW ! How ? And the most important WHY ? If you don't like to be veterinarian why mention this on the website related to SEO ? If you like to be veterinarian, why are you wasting your time with SEO ?


03/19/2013 01:13 am

At first I thought this was a good thing. It sounded like they would integrate Panda into the algorithm as a result we may have quicker recovery from Panda events. but after thinking about it I realized Google will just run Panda as they do now they just won't tell us about it. Obviously in their drive to become a closed system, they got sick of having to announce Panda updates. Penguin will be next. Quite frankly the days of Google actually trying to help us webmasters make a better web are gone. Google now wants to be the web and webmasters are just an annoying legacy of a bygone era, as far Larry et al is concerned.

Marie Haynes

03/19/2013 01:19 am

What a strange comment! Do we know each other? I have a very interesting story and I love telling it....but this probably isn't the place.


03/19/2013 01:23 am

Alan, all your theories are based on the assumption, that there is such thing as recovery. But there is no recovery. Panda is a major change of the algo. The authority of the websites started from scratch (or close to it). Assume there is no recovery. Try to look on everything from such angle.


03/19/2013 01:30 am

The whole SEO world is strange ... self proclaimed writers, magic balls sellers, now veterinarian ) Why isn't this the place ? DISQUS allows such conversations )

Moin Shaikh

03/19/2013 02:35 am

Then why did matt announced that they might be pushing another panda update withing days? At one front they are pre-announcing updates and then they are saying they won't say anything. THIS IS REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUS.


03/19/2013 02:46 am

I agree with some of that but other bits I don't. Panda is supposed to be about content. Although what constitutes good content these days is anyone's guess. Other than Google's because they make the rules so they know the rule.

VamC Krish

03/19/2013 05:05 am

Alan, "Quite frankly the days of Google actually trying to help us webmasters make a better web are gone" - yes, I do feel the same.

VamC Krish

03/19/2013 05:13 am

I was just wondering, after the panda update on Jan 22nd 2013, did any one got their website rankings better? If the website contains quality and genuine content, its rankings should improve. I haven't seen, some body saying "Hey after panda update, my website rankings have improved".

Praveen Sharma

03/19/2013 05:19 am

What kind of image it is? Looks like a female Panda in Love. :)

Denis Smith

03/19/2013 06:35 am

Please Google give us a break! thank you.

Mussoud Subhani

03/19/2013 08:03 am

Vamc i am disagreed with you. Actually in my opinion web masters are also serving the Google by obeying its guidelines to promote it as still Google is the powerful search engine providing the best and relevant results for better user experience. Secondly google has always confirmed about new up dates so i do not think that their may be any mystery they want to create to make angry the webmasters and thus would not afford to make them to transfer their intentions to follow the other search engines guidelines to make them gigantic as google itself.


03/19/2013 08:54 am

Agree. Google loved Webmasters and treated them as a partners and friends while they were building its AdSense empire, but once Google found more resources and ways to make money to the point of not depending anymore economically from AdSense, started to treat Webmasters like shi*t, as enemies, now Google just wants to get rid of Webmasters, Google wants to be the entire Web, they want to provide all the content for searchers, even if they have to steal it, as they actually are doing with Google Images, Wikipedia Weather sites, etc, they don't want people making clicks on AdSenseAds anymore, they want people making clicks on its AdWordsAds at all costs. Panda and Penguin are created in a way that they can increase the CTR of AdWordsAds, not to show quality sites or better search results to the user, if the 3, 5 or 10 first sites positions for a 'x' query have better CTR on AdwordsAds than 3, 5 or 10 quality sites, they don't care about the user, these Panda or Penguin updates (or virus for websites), in other words will adjust SERPs showing these sites in an order that they increase the CTR of AdWordsAds. Another way is simply benefiting the big brands that spend a lot of money on AdWords to be on 1st place. It is very common that you get for a query the same website or brand in any the first 3 ads paid positions and on 1st position in the organic results, the common user is going to click on the ad of course if he sees the same search result repeated below, so, spending a fortune on AdWords will also help you to climb on SERPs. I'm just saying, that is my impression.

Robert Fisher

03/19/2013 11:19 am

Hey Marie, I rarely have time for the forum here, but saw the comment from Anti-SEO. First, I thought this was SEO not IT, but what do I know from either: Former Marine, RN, Business owner (several), now an SEO guy with a marketing firm. What next an SEO that was born an SEO, never worked at a McDonald's, and went on to ... something else? I realize it ain't about Panda, Anti-SEO but, really - go after the person because you don't want to talk about the issues or because you cannot articulate without the in your face. Yeah, I don't know anything about SEO either. But, ask our large group of successful clients what a broad background brings to marketing and SEO and they might say a lot. BTW Marie, wonder if Anti-SEO is a cat person? Just askin'


03/19/2013 12:21 pm

Well, as clearly stated below, Marie doesn't know me. How you suppose she can reply you ? And by the way, re " I thought this was SEO not IT" ... SEO = Search Engine Optimisation IT = Internet Technologies See relations ? Also, thank you for your proposal. I would like to ask your large group of successful clients. Please provide the list.


03/19/2013 12:37 pm

It's easy. The same as in all modern media ... Dostoevsky is bad content, because just a few people would like to read it. Anything in "Harlem shake" style is good content, because it attracts millions of people. You want Google to change this and you're angry when it can't. I also would Google to change this, but I understand that this is impossible. Google also understands, that this is impossible. Just see how publishing, music or movie industry works. Don't expect Google to change the world and everything will be more clear for you.

Jane Williams

03/19/2013 01:24 pm

Actually it is a least one site who benefit from this update... traffic increased with almost 50%, from about 400 vistors/day to about 600/day. Although was hit from several Panda and Penguin updates during 2011-2012 (traffic successively drop from 1500 vistors/day oct 2011 to a low 300/day jan 2013). I did a lot of changes and cleaning in content, even used the disavow tool amongst other things (actually google removed incoming links form a lot of sites, more than 200 from a list of 600), now I'm waiting for Pinguin update...

Marie Haynes

03/19/2013 01:34 pm

Thanks Robert. I think that the vast majority of people who are in SEO had a different career prior to being in SEO. I think what Anti-SEO took issue with is the fact that on my "About" page of my website I talk about the fact that I am a veterinarian *and also* an SEO. The reason for this is that I am soon about to launch a new business geared primarily at offering internet marketing services to veterinarians. Who better to do that then an SEO who formerly was a veterinarian? And no, I'm not just some person who read a few SEO articles and thinks I can do it. I have been successfully ranking sites for several years now. It got to the point where I was enjoying SEO more than I was enjoying my full time career. However, an interesting thing happened in my life. I recently had a baby. When I was pregnant I was put on bed rest. In that time I started to develop an interest in Panda, Penguin and Unnatural Links Penalties. I became obsessed with figuring these things out and looked at hundreds of sites for people for free and then people started to pay me to consult with them. It grew to the point where my consulting is paying the bills and my veterinary SEO launch has been delayed. As such, my company website currently deals primarily with Google Penalty and traffic drop issues, but my about page still says that I am a veterinarian and an internet marketer. I can see how that can look a little weird.


03/19/2013 01:45 pm

Hiding a knife under a wrapper does not mean it will not harm you. So, no official panda confirmation means that you will likely to be killed without warning.


03/19/2013 02:45 pm

Good to see someone has seen some positive signs, we were pounded by the Penguin so I guess we need to wait for the Penguin refresh to see any positive movement b/c we have yet to see any movement with this Panda update...


03/19/2013 04:35 pm

That is where you are wrong I don't want Google to change I want Google to stop changing.

Robert Fisher

03/20/2013 03:53 am

Ahhh, Dear Anti-SEO. You said to Marie: "How is this related to IT?" your comment to me is at best obfuscation. But that was never the issue, was it? The issue is you cannot engage in discourse without put-downs or personal attacks and you hide behind a pseudonym to do it. Given that Marie is a reasonable person who I have seen assist others with SEO on forums, I did not believe she deserved that from you and, frankly, see it as rather dull. A reasonable person with a small amount of life experience understands the easiest position to argue is one of "the other guy is wrong." Up to the point you are required to produce facts supporting that. So long as you produce no facts in argument and simply seek to put others down you feel safe, but all see that you have no argument. In fact, they wonder what you do have. Frankly, a child's argument, of "I am right, I am right," would seem more effective. I understand that there are those who simply cannot speak in civil discourse nor possess the grammar or spelling to communicate in writing in a way that is clear, concise, and cogent; however, to simply reduce your argument to pointing out the other person wore two different socks while discussing professional opinions is at best, immature. So you are left with two choices: take your best shot at a put down or come up with an argument that supports your views and help enlighten us all. I do not know all about SEO as you appear to, so why don't you take a true shot at teaching as opposed to putting down and trying to be a bully. Yes, its fine here, but I doubt you would ever do it in person. Do you sincerely believe circular arguments and "Don't expect Google to change the world for you." are answers to anything? Really? How many clients do you have? Just askin? Goodnight,


03/20/2013 05:07 am

I am extremely pleased with the last update. On March 6 I saw a boost with their regular algorithm change and saw a huge boost on Monday with Panda. I have recovered from two Panda penalties and am working on a few more to get it up pre-Panda.


03/20/2013 05:21 am

Marie - He went to your profile and visited the website you have listed there where you say you're a veterinarian. I would love to hear your story, however. Not sure if my profile includes any contact information, but send it on if you can.


03/20/2013 05:28 am

My site wasn't affected with the January 22nd one. It was with the one in December, however. I have improved pre-December with the algorithm update on March 6 and the Panda update this past Monday.


03/20/2013 05:31 am

Fortunately I didn't pay to get any unnatural links to my site. Just in case I put the "nofollow" code on all external links on my site. Because of this, Penguin hasn't hurt me. Panda is another story...

Shaukat Ali

03/20/2013 11:37 am

" So now, with Panda, I won't have to worry about it anymore." just chill guys no more Panda shocks


03/20/2013 12:40 pm

Clients ? What clients ? I don't sell empty promises to the people with luck of knowledge, pretending I can help them. If you call this business then I call this fraud. Have to remind you, that I agreed with your proposal to "ask your large group of successful clients". Still waiting for the list. Or was it another empty promise ?

Marie Haynes

03/20/2013 01:48 pm

Sure Ken! Shoot me an email via the contact form on the site that my disqus profile is connected to and I'll tell you some of my story. :)


03/22/2013 11:51 am

Haha brilliant! Or the Zebra updates where they penalise anyone caught trying to earn a living

Christopher Skyi

03/22/2013 11:58 pm

What constitutes good content is the best content out there for a given query. Google has to rank order webpages for a given query, right? The guys at the top, all else being more or less equal, have the best content. You're being compared against your competitors. If your content is significantly poorer than theirs, all else being equal, they will rank higher. That's Panda -- putting the highest possible content from all available options in front of users. Note that sites with great content are probably handling the other parts of their marketing with equal care. Sites with poor quality content are probably cutting corners elsewhere, so that makes the ranking difference between the sites with poor quality content and high quality content even greater. Google doesn't make the rules anymore than them some single entity called "the market" makes the rules -- we are the market. Google's users collectively make the rules (i.e., human quality testers, testing the algorithm in the real world).


03/23/2013 04:43 am

This comment made me laugh. Content doesn't matter. If you are an authority site with shit content you will still rank. Look at HuffPo stealing the verge's keywords. Verge spent $5000 on an article. HUffPo summarized it for $20 (4 lines) and pushed the verge down. After that about another 3 sites did the same thing all with 4 line "summary posts" stealing The Verge's position deliberately. Christopher you need to do some investigation before you post your personal opinions.

Christopher Skyi

03/23/2013 11:12 am

The biggest thing that distinguishes winners from losers is that winners come out on top of change. Losers just complain -- and spend their time leaving rude comments apparently.

aj martin

03/31/2013 10:45 pm

Google is ultimately responsible for filling the web with crap. Local plumber cant just have a one page web site with basic information and few photos. Nope. Now he has to blog 3 times a week and create "fresh content" that doesnt have too many keywords and cant have a keyword in the domain name and cant have keywords in image tags and has to have a google+ fb twitter pinterest likes pluses and who knows whats next. Really silly what we have let Google do to the web yet nobody has the guts to say enough. The create "really great content" has spawned a massive flood of "content marketers" who wake up every day and fill the web with more useless crap. Why because Google demands it. Google by the way creates NO CONTENT they merely live off user generated content model and play God as to what stays or goes. Enough.

Tomar Aakash

04/04/2013 01:56 pm

Who cares! at least I don't! :)

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