Google Panda Hail Mary Pass: Disallow Google For Six Months

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PandaWe are now one day away from the one-year anniversary of the Google Panda update and there are still many many webmasters who have not been able to rescue their sites from the Panda quality factors.

They tried everything from removing tons of "low quality" pages, to disallowing portions of their sites, to rewriting all their content, but still find themselves with horrible Google rankings, leading to horrible sales and revenues for the site.

A WebmasterWorld thread has one Panda victim saying he is out of options. He wants to throw a hail mary pass and see what happens, he has "nothing to lose" at this point he said. He added that his "site is deader than that parrot on Monty Python."

So what is his hail mary pass?

Disallow GoogleBot completely from accessing his web site for six months and see what happens when he re-allows access to it six months later.

Will it work? Who knows.

WebmasterWorld administration, Tedster, said:

It's your business and your choice. I have heard from webmasters who made this choice (this was before Panda) when it seemed like Google was just not going to forgive whatever they hadn't liked. In at least one case, moving on did bring some relief and focusing on other traffic sources returned them to profitability.

What do you think?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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Alex Genadinik

02/23/2012 05:14 pm

6 months seems like a huge gap. I am a webmaster whose site got hit by Panda. I fixed seemingly everything, but still no improvement. I am considering doing a 301 for the whole site to a whole new domain. Does anyone know how effective that might be?

Vanessa Fox

02/23/2012 05:23 pm

Typically, the way Google handles pages blocked with robots.txt is that they continue to associate any data they have about those pages but simply don't crawl/index the pages. When pages are not longer blocked by robots.txt, Google then already has that associated data (things don't get reset and Google doesn't start gathering data from scratch). Certainly it would make sense that they might crawl the pages to see if they are still similar to the version they saw before the robots.txt block to see if the associated data still applies, but I don't see how this method would help with Panda problems.


02/23/2012 06:11 pm

basically he should talk to me, I can have him out of penalty in a few months, maybe even weeks


02/23/2012 08:15 pm

I fail to see how this would help. If his site is suffering from a Panda penalty now, surely it will still suffer the same penalty in 6 months time when Google recrawls and indexes the site?


02/23/2012 10:08 pm

 My site has lost much of it's traffic since Panda also.  Read what happened to changing to  It was not because of Panda but they seemingly did everything just the way they should have with a 301 and have lost a large amount of traffic.


02/23/2012 11:55 pm

I wouldn't think it would help, but I would like to know how it turns out, you never know with SEO.


02/24/2012 06:40 am

We've gotten so desperate that we considered this same tactic. Google MASSIVELY screwed over my #1 position retail company, for no reason whatsoever.  We've been the leading retailer in our industry for over 11 years, with 90% of our traffic coming from #1 rankings on over 2,000 product pages of our site.  If a consumer searched Google for ANY of the 2500 products we sell, we ALWAYS ranked #1, guaranteed, above the manufacturer and above all other results. Brands couldn't even place above us for their own products.  Our sales were doubling annually for 9 years in a row, and now with one stupid change, they've almost shuttered our entire company.  Our #1 organic results are nowhere to be found, our annual sales for 2011 were 30% of what they were prior, and for the first time in 11 years we suffered a loss.  We've been a Google Checkout merchant since the week it was invented. We've been a Google Shopping merchant since the week it was invented. We've been a Google Adwords advertiser for 11 years. We've been a Google Adsense user for 11 years. Our entire back end is run on Google Docs.  After all of that, they fucked us over in one second, with one change, that nobody on the planet seems to be able to understand or fix for us.  It's a nightmare, with no recourse.We used to have 150k unique visitors per month, we now have 100k, but that's because I'm spending over $100k a year on ads to make up for the massive losses in organic results.  We expect to generate a huge loss again this year, entirely due to Google, and will run out of money soon.

Zonttel Systems

02/24/2012 07:39 am

Well,  its good to execute some futuristic plan. So look at your site as a consumer, do every thing you can to maintain/improve its quality. To do this effectively ask your friend to look at your site and its content and take feedback from them, analyze the feedback and take the necessary steps.  In the mean time, look for teh traffic from other organic  and refferal sources. 


02/24/2012 10:20 am

What is your domain, i like to inspect


02/24/2012 12:19 pm

Well for panda update, just concentrate with the Links specially.  Get index pages in blogs and share via G+, FB, Twitter, Stumble.  The links is the most important part in seo specially the links that are on the page - Internal links focus on them and i do assure you that clients can get better rankings.


02/24/2012 12:24 pm

I would be curious as well  Joyryde


02/24/2012 05:35 pm

Dewaldt Huysamen

02/27/2012 05:30 am

Ok now this will be interesting...

Kimberly Laura

02/27/2012 05:33 am

Am just eagerly waiting for the Panda Funeral......


03/01/2012 05:24 am

 well the funeral of organic traffic is already here.  i rank #1 - #2 for some popular terms, but because of adwords there is like 15 paid results - so barely get any organic traffic. they panda'd everyone, and now all their content farms, and adwords congest the top results welcome to google - the PAID search engine

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